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Storm Warning

Storm-EXPLOSION  Hi all


can’t wait as I’ll be stood here tomorrow for my summer workshops programme, North Wales and Anglesey at its best, 5 minutes later there was an almighty storm, just managed to pack up in time and cover my cameras. There’s a lot to be said for heading out just before a storm, you get the most dramatic skies and nature at it most magical.

3 workshops to run up in Snowdonia and Anglesey, really looking forward to making some new friends with lots in common, Team Ashworth is coming along nicely with a steadily growing gang. Thanks guys.

If you see me and Stormy on Anglesey, do come along and say hello, Stormy gives great kisses for treats.

We have with PWCGwynedd on the 7th September a great Jet Ski event from Blackthorn Farm, really looking forward to catching up with the guys and doing the shots for the website, hope the weather delivers guys…..I’ll be the idiot stood chest deep in the sea while you fly past me!


great song attached, goes nicely with the image. Pink Floyd – Marooned






Rhosneigr-July-13-3Forgive the title but its about all I could come up with, when I open it up to full size I can just remember how majestic and glorified the scene was, it was ll to brief a moment but one now captured and it will stay with me for a long time.

Hoping you all have a great weekend



Mistical Beach

Northumberland-8Monday again, where does the weekend go?

well let me tell you  when you’re laid up with a dodgy knee it feels like 2 months, so frustrating I only hope in a couple of weeks that it will be better, still suffering from anesthetic hangover too, comes in waves of sickness not much fun!.

Jo has been awesome, I only hope I could be a tenth as good at caring if ever she was ill…..x

Still the long term looks good and really needed it doing, I just have to take it steady and let nature take its course  and not be silly, easier said than done for me.

Today’s little delight is from the Northumberland coast, this was late at night 22:15 and the sunset didn’t quit for another hour, in fact we couldn’t get the car back into the camp site and had to carry all our gear through a silent sleeping tents,……. worth every minute though I think you’ll agree.

Put some attached music with this one as I remember I had it on whilst standing in the sea doing the shot, just seems to go with it some how, its by Neal Schon, Song “Caruso” very fine guitar player from Journey and Bad English, two great bands, will have to learn this one I think. anyway controls are underneath so enjoy if you like cool guitar.


Four Crowns Tractor

beach-tractorHappy Friday all

this weeks seems to have dragged by so slowly for me, basically sitting doing physio exercises isn’t my type of fun, it has however given me time to catch up with some processing and this shot is from a few weeks ago on Anglesey, titled “Four Crowns Tractor” can you spot them?

My Leg is improving every day but it’s still early days, my Patella ligament is painful when I walk and as for going down hill, don’t ask, agony. I’m probably trying to do too much too soon, but I’m not one for sitting around and having the misfortune of turning TV on and seeing “Jeremy Kyle” for 30 seconds or as fast as I could skip the channel I’d happily rid him for the world, what a disgusting little creature he is.

Jo has suggested I write a book, “People I Hate and Why” what a great idea hey? certainly get more in it than people I like lol,  i honestly don’t think I would have the time or page space to include all those currently in my sites, sad I know but it’s not a festering hate and hate is probably too strong a word, let’s say people who I haven’t the time for….ah better and breath!

Be as well standing in the sea or up a mountain somewhere with Stormy and my camera. Speaking of Stormy she’s well overdue her season and her visits to “Echo” in Bilston, Birmingham, come on Stormy get a move on, we want puppies.

Have a great weekend all



Peaceful Sunset

Sunset-Sky Great News, Very honoured indeed, I have been asked to judge a photography competition on Anglesey in November, those qualifications do pay off you probably a lot more to do with the fact I sell more there then anywhere and I’m well known by the locals as the man who stands waist deep in the sea at sunset, or looney maybe a better term!

Update on the knee, its doing fine still very stiff and a little bloody around the scars but good all the same, my main issue is i have one hell of a anesthetic hangover as my mate Scott at PCW Gwynedd pointed out to me, so I feel like I have vertigo and a head full of cotton wool, I’m sure once this wears off I’ll feel a whole lot better.

Workshops are now booked for the 1st two weeks in September North Wales, really looking forward to these, new friends in the making.

Today’s offering is the last remnants of the sun as it sets over the horizon splashing the sky and sea with its beautiful orange glow. It only  lasts a few moments but it’s worth every rain soaked night trying to capture this for just one night. five minutes later and darkness descends and the sounds of sea are all you are left with.



Sunset Rocks

Sunset-RocksHi all

well I made it back safe and well from my knee operation, mind you its very painful but hopefully it should  heal well as long as I’m careful and be good as new, I just need to rest it and follow the physio guidelines instead of me being pig headed and going our biking or walking! Jo is keeping a close eye on me now.

I had all the debris removed from under my kneecap and I think the surgeon said ligament alignment but I could have dreamed that bit as I’d just come round from the anesthetic, either way I’m very grateful to all the staff at the Claremont hospital Sheffield for all their professionalism and care, especially the ham salad sandwiches and big jug of percolated coffee which was a fantastic pick me up.

Today’s shot is a last sunset from Anglesey I took a couple of weeks ago, I had quite an audience for this one, a few families stood on the rocks watching and laughing as I got a right soaking as the tide came in, will I ever learn? NO, anyway it was well worth it as I’m sure it will sell well.

A big thank you to Jo my long suffering wife for looking after me so well  this last few days, even taking Stormy out at 5:45 for her morning walk in torrential  rain, gotta love her for it.

Anyway, rest time, yeah right, on with more pictures


Beach N Bouy


Hot Friday or what?, still red hot weather and its the weekend so expect loads of

For some unknown reason I have a swollen neck and itching, best I can come up with is an infection, or I got bitten last night, either way it’s not good the day before surgery, I have taken antihistamine and I’ll see if I can get some antibiotics later off the Dr providing I don’t have to wait a week for an appointment that is, other than that I feel great.

looking forward to a bit of a rest actually once my knees done and its so ready for doing the pain is definitely scoring high on the man scale of pain, akin to standing on a electrical plug pins up! OK maybe not that bad but still not very nice.

I’ll report back after tomorrow with the details, fingers x’d all will be better and I can get back to training properly, it been hold me back months now.

Hope you all have a great weekend