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Over Owler Millstone Forrest

Millstone Forrest

Friday at last and this one is from a little while ago, sunshine casting rays across the remaining millstones at Over Owler, Peak District, again this is using a Lee Filter I got from the USA, takes a lot of fiddling around to get the composition right but I think its well worth it and adds to the shot.

This one if for Dave a mate whose not 100% at the mo so I hope brings a smile to his face…keep plodding on mate


have a great weekend



New Life and The Passing of Winter

New Life


todays shot is about the passing of winter as new life returns to The Peaks, down in Edale the new chutes of fern and bracken are beginning to show and blanket the hillside with beautiful colour and shapes. The shot shows how diverse nature is as it lavishly cloaks the hillside returning it to its summer coat, I’ll redo this shot in a month or so and detail just how much this area changes throughout  the seasons.

Didn’t  manage an outing yesterday so its on the cards for Thursday and hopefully Saturday long walk with Jo and Stormy.

The second shot shows the view from Carl Wark looking back up at Higger Tor, not the usual shot so I hope you like it, taken a while back now you can see just how baron this landscape can be in winter yet it still remains to be an interesting and peaceful place to just be there soaking in it ancient history.


I’ll be doing a special on Polarising and Grad Filters next week so please check it out.







Carl Wark View to Higger Tor

Roseberry Topping

Roseberry Topping

Roseberry Topping is a distinctive hill on the border between North Yorkshire and the borough of Redcar and Cleveland, England. It is situated near Great Ayton and Newton under Roseberry. Its summit has a distinctive half-cone shape with a jagged cliff, which has led to many comparisons with the much higher Matterhorn in Switzerland. It forms a symbolic image of the area and featured as the logo for the now defunct Cleveland County.

must climb up there one day soon


Carl Wark – Peaks

Carl Wark

Shot taken standing on Carl Wark, iron age hill fortress in The Peaks, love the way the snow clings to the stones as heavy storm clouds loom in from the distant Peaks
New blog going up later for Peak District Online, will post here as well

First E-Commerce Sale

Over Owler Millstone

A big thank you to Rachel from Bristol, she is the 1st to buy from my new e-commerce site, and she picked one of my favourites, Over Owler Millstone In The Peaks, a very wintry shot freezing cold and in the distance you can see the snow falling as the sun shines through the clouds. Many Thanks


Fire and Ice – Turners Sky Pt. 3

Fire and Ice - Turners Sky Pt 3

Final part of the Turners sky series, thought it best to stop on 3 for a change instead of my usual 4….OCD kicking in maybe!
my favourite of the 3 as the sun was just about up casting its amber glow and a hint of a sunburst trying to break through the mist, crisp snow still clings to the rocks, think its gone now, will check later.


got some more good news, check back later will let you know then…..ooohhhh

Fire and Ice – Turners Sky Pt. 2

Fire and Ice - Turners Sky Pt 2

Morning all, a brief update on whats happening at the moment, the website is now finished and accepting online sales through Pay pal, all shots are available in different sizes, if you need a special size please email me and I’ll be able to arrange for you. All current sizes on the web will be signed and dedications are available, again let me know what you would like.

Todays shot is part 2 of Fire and Ice – Turners Sky up on Curbar Edge in the snow with the hazy warmth of the sunrise breaking through.

Started making the image in the post larger, what do you think, will this work better?


Fire and Ice – Turners Sky

Fire and Ice - Turners sky

Winter is still with us and as this shot shows we get some dramatic skies at sunrise in The Peaks, even though it was burning through I was freezing cold and stood in a foot of snow, A big mug of Bovril sorted it out.

Thank god for Bovril…..

I’m not sponsoring Bovril before you say anything!, I just like Bovril, did I say it warms you right through especially with pepper in it, 2 shakes of course.

Have a great weekend all, and don’t forget the Bovril

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Sunrise Rocks

Sunrise and Rocks……One from Higger Tor in The Peak district, beautiful misty sunrise and detailed foreground, was freezing cold too, shot with a full square .6ND and .9 soft ND grad filter. Had to keep wiping the freezing mist off, hell of cleanup job as the lens gives out a little heat and mists up straight away.

To view full size click HERE and view in Galleries Peak District Landscapes

What a Weekend!

Mucky Pup

Well we set off on a long Dearne walk on Saturday, as usual Stormy got covered in mud and god knows what else, the area was

completely flooded and as we tried to cross over our usual sunken wooden bridge Storm fell off and got her back legs stuck in the nud

panic ensued and Jo came to her rescue she went   her knees in the icy water, while I held her and Stormy’s front end, luckily she came out with a loud pop and splash of water.

needless to say we were both soaked and poor Jo had to ring out her socks at the river bank. We all slept well Saturday night especially Stormy.

Back pout later today for more shots.

Have a bio and 8 shots to submit for a special on me for a Peak District magazine and to start my blog work for a prestigious website so I should get 1 million hits a month to my shots, cant do me any harm can it?