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Torvaig Sunset

Torvaig Sunset

Strike day hey, Jo’s at home with paint tins out already…God help me! she’s threatening Christmas shopping too, I need an excuse and quick. I start hydrotherapy on my back this afternoon, hope it helps as I’m really getting fed up with the pain now. We have doggy training class to look forward to tonight, Stormy is back to normal after her phantom pregnancy so she should be the little star she was before.

Got some pictures of Kye,  the dog we helped re home this morning, he’s looking gorgeous, so pleased he went with my mate Vaughan and his family,  miss him though and Stormy does.

Today’s image is from Torvaig, Isle of skye. A little village north or Portree, not a great deal there but it does boast some spectacular views to the Old Man of Storr, the Cuillin Hills, Macleods Tables, Raasay and Mainland Scotland. The shot was taken in between heavy storms and reminded me of a Scandinavian scene, the silhouetted trees giving foreground detail.

Good luck to the Public Sector workers striking today, I’m sure you’ll have much support behind you, keep up the fight, we cannot let successive governments trance this great nation into a third world country.



Waterstein Head – Big Country

Big Country

Firstly let me say there is a control bar at the foot of the post to turn the music on/off.

This shot so much screened the music at me, yet another 80’s classic, bit like myself lol

The image is of Waterstein Head from Neist Point , Isle of Skye…….yes I know the sun is shining! it was a force 6 gale and the rain soon came back and guess what, yup another soaking!

Its a great walk down from the head where all the photographers congregate to take the very well know shot of the lighthouse from above, but that’s not me…..this holds far more beauty and interest in it, I could stare at the face in the rock for ages.

Sometimes in the year you can see whales pass by, so me and Stormy sat there patiently waiting for a glimpse but never saw one, we did however see a beautiful Sea Eagle, what a stunning creature.

Its a beautiful  place and if you can sit in shelter of the wind and rain a tranquil one too, looking out to sea knowing there’s such an expanse of water then the Faroe Isles, Greenland and the North Pole ahead, it can be a struggle to walk back up to the car park especially if you have 2st of camera gear with you, I’ll never learn!

Just heard on the radio that the M1 is closed as a tanker has spilled  its load of Marmite…..has to be a joke there somewhere



Autumn Winds

Autumn Winds

Had a fab weekend away at Clumber Park, we went down Friday afternoon and got the van set up in 30 mins then went for a lovely walk through the autumn woods, Stormy was bouncing in and out of the leaves, it’s such a beautiful time of year and the colours are breathtaking. All too quickly the light faded and we made our way back to the caravan site, we turned the heating on full and settled in for the night

Saturday saw the weather turn for the worse very strong winds forcing branches to bend to breaking point. We had two walks and this shot was taken on the first, Lime Tree Avenue is what it says 4 lines of Lime Trees cascaded with autumn leaves  for miles, gorgeous. Now I’d love to say it was a luck shot but I got Jo to throw a handful into the wind……I know but it’s the final image that counts isn’t it?

Later in the day we went to see Santa turn the lights on at Clumber Park, I photographed Lewis my great nephew with Santa (below). Now I’m not one to complain but it was very poorly done, he was late for a start as he was still doing his £3-50 robbery of children and parents for substandard gifts.  When he finally showed and pushed the button they had to use a radio to tell the guy round the back of the building to throw the switch giving it a 2 second gap…..we did laugh. The lights once on were poorly done, they could have made so much more of this as loads of kids had dragged their parents to see him….pity

Lewis Stacey my Great Nephew


Sunset Rocks

Sunset Rocks

Been really busy lately so I’ll keep this short and sweet, Just completed the Christmas light, fireworks and German market shoots for Barnsley, really enjoyed myself and got to meet Bob the builder, she was very nice…..can I say that?…today was the heritage minister and lotto shoot for the regeneration of Barnsley’s fantastic Town Hall, they have done a magnificent job, looks so beautiful, very proud of my town.


Below a couple of shots from last night, looking forward to a little break now…….


have a great weekend





Barnsley Town Hall








Barnsley Fireworks

Stormy & Kye

Our husky Stormy the wolf playing with Kye who we have fostered for a few days

The Beuckle – Misty

The Beuckle

The Beuckle as it is commonly called by locals and walkers alike is a beautiful setting just off the main A82 road towards Glencoe.I love the misty swirling round caressing the mid section and revealing just the peak.


We have just rescued a Husky boy “Kye” he is a little beauty and it’s his birthday today 1 year old, looks like we have found him a great home with a friend of mine who has stepped up to the plate and would love to give him a loving home. He walks on the lead excellent and i very affectionate, really pleased for him, just about to take him on his second walkie of the day. Can you believe  his last owner only took him for a walk on a Sunday, so tragic, which is why I’m so pleased he’s going to my friend Vaughan and will have the best of life…….hows this to a gloomy Monday start, it’s about time we had some good news isnt it?


I’ll post somepictures later









Thursday morning and I think the weekend starts today for me apart from Docs at 8 and physio tonight at 7 its pretty plain sailing oh and I have a new picture to put up in an exhibition as they sold one yesterday…every little helps as the annoying advert says. Oh and the cars playing up, engine light on, bet that’s going to cost, why do they have to have fancy computers on board, it used to be if it didn’t go its because you hadn’t put enough petrol in or something daft.

Another piece of classic 80’s in with this blog, just press play at the bottom of it…brings back memories. If you have any suggestions for music please let me know and I’ll include it with the blogs.

Finally got my book through for my ABIPP looks great even if I say so myself, I just hope the panel agrees. I’ll put in online after my assessment if I’m successful…if not I’ll keep, like I can keep quiet.

And to top it all Stormy’s having a phantom pregnancy, she’s acting really weird gathering her toys and wont eat and crying….took her to the vets and its confirmed we’re having NOTHING! poor little thing, hope it doesn’t last long she was a terror at training class last night…




Harmby Falls

Harmby Falls

Beautiful sunshine casting its light and shadows across Harmby Falls near Leyburn in north Yorkshire. Tucked away down a footpath you come across this lovely little falls, well worth a visit but can be quite muddy and if you have a psychotic  husk attached to you she can pull you in the water, just ask Jo…..shouldn’t laugh!




Well what an emotional weekend, but one filled with memories of my grandfather one of the brave. News also that a you guy from Barnsley was killed in Afghanistan last Wednesday, so tragic, lets hope and pray it wasn’t in vain and some good comes from this.

I did the 11.11.11 shoot at Barnsley Cenotaph, there was a good crowd and the weather played fair for a change, then Jo, stormy and me went to the official Remembrance Service at the Cenotaph yesterday, very atmospheric and drizzley. couldn’t believe such a wonderful turn out of all ages, made me very proud to be from Barnsley, Yorkshire and an Englishman, everyone had tears in their eyes and lumps in their throats, such was the emotional sermon. Young lads of the TA and cadets accompanied by other brigades from the ambulance and fire marched past and were hand clapped all the way round the Town Hall. A wonderful thing to part of.

Today’s shot is titled “Remembrance”. It doesn’t have to be about a military remembrance it can be any loved one you miss. When I took this shot staring deep into the brilliance  of the sunrise I thanked my mum who died 10 years ago for giving me her eye for composition, I wish she could have seen what I have achieved now.

I have also tagged some music for all those 80’s lovers out there, it was one of my favourites, if you go to the bottom of the blog there are controls  you can turn it on or off from there. It’s the extended version of Cutting Crews ” died in your arms tonight”, turn it up loud and enjoy.

Starting my diet and training today, 5:45am did my cross training with Stormy staring at me for treats to be thrown to her, think she like me training, then we did our morning walky and its off to the gym for a light session at 10am , hopefully my back will hold up ok……..

Have a great Monday and week



Their Lives Gave Us Peace

Their Lives Gave Us Peace

A very special image for today and one I would like to dedicate to my grandfather Francis Stevenson who took part in the ‘D’ landings 6th June 1944, there were some 9000 casualties (estimate), he died when I was a child in the late 60’s, I can just remember him. My mother only got his war medals in the 90’s and I believe the war office is still producing them today for families of  soldiers who never received them.

It says so much about these men who fought to save out today’s that they weren’t bothered to go and get their medals. Mum said grandad didn’t talk about the war, not that it was a taboo subject, you just didn’t talk about it. Whole streets of young men went to war together and never came back, dying side by side  and for what……

We treat our freedom with such complacency today as though it’s just there! while we still have our young men fighting to protect our shores from terrorist abroad. We are protected by a media bubble that inst allowed to show the true horrors of Afghanistan and other campaigns because of health and safety and the fact someone may be eating their dinner.

We allow every nation and creed to celebrate their own religion in our country and ask only that we get along peacefully, unfortunately their are elements of society bent on destroying this peace. I don’t know the answer to this problem I just wonder what my grandfather would think of it all now, all I can do is to live now as he fought for and live my life the best I can, caring, supporting, understanding and having compassion for others, hopefully this will reflect in my day to day life and I’ll be on the right tracks to be a true man like he was.

“They shall grow not old, as those that are left grow old:
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning,
We will remember them.”

God bless them all