Waterstein Head – Big Country

Big Country

Firstly let me say there is a control bar at the foot of the post to turn the music on/off.

This shot so much screened the music at me, yet another 80’s classic, bit like myself lol

The image is of Waterstein Head from Neist Point , Isle of Skye…….yes I know the sun is shining! it was a force 6 gale and the rain soon came back and guess what, yup another soaking!

Its a great walk down from the head where all the photographers congregate to take the very well know shot of the lighthouse from above, but that’s not me…..this holds far more beauty and interest in it, I could stare at the face in the rock for ages.

Sometimes in the year you can see whales pass by, so me and Stormy sat there patiently waiting for a glimpse but never saw one, we did however see a beautiful Sea Eagle, what a stunning creature.

Its a beautiful  place and if you can sit in shelter of the wind and rain a tranquil one too, looking out to sea knowing there’s such an expanse of water then the Faroe Isles, Greenland and the North Pole ahead, it can be a struggle to walk back up to the car park especially if you have 2st of camera gear with you, I’ll never learn!

Just heard on the radio that the M1 is closed as a tanker has spilled  its load of Marmite…..has to be a joke there somewhere




  1. Glyn November 29, 2011 at 4:29 PM #

    Hi matey great shot this,looks hot and sunny, but will take your word you got a soaking…lol. Did you know Stein, means Stone in German…bit of info. I don’t think Bob Ross could paint a better picture….what? or sorry he’s been dead 20 years apparently..

    • Adrian November 29, 2011 at 4:45 PM #

      Lo Glyn

      Bob Ross, was that the guy with the afro? there used to be paint along with Nancy too, didnt know it meant Stone, makes sense though, thanks for the compliment, I guess natures the winner here I just pointed a camera, still a great place to be though,,,,for a while at least

      laters…hows little K?


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