Autumn Winds

Autumn Winds

Had a fab weekend away at Clumber Park, we went down Friday afternoon and got the van set up in 30 mins then went for a lovely walk through the autumn woods, Stormy was bouncing in and out of the leaves, it’s such a beautiful time of year and the colours are breathtaking. All too quickly the light faded and we made our way back to the caravan site, we turned the heating on full and settled in for the night

Saturday saw the weather turn for the worse very strong winds forcing branches to bend to breaking point. We had two walks and this shot was taken on the first, Lime Tree Avenue is what it says 4 lines of Lime Trees cascaded with autumn leaves  for miles, gorgeous. Now I’d love to say it was a luck shot but I got Jo to throw a handful into the wind……I know but it’s the final image that counts isn’t it?

Later in the day we went to see Santa turn the lights on at Clumber Park, I photographed Lewis my great nephew with Santa (below). Now I’m not one to complain but it was very poorly done, he was late for a start as he was still doing his £3-50 robbery of children and parents for substandard gifts.  When he finally showed and pushed the button they had to use a radio to tell the guy round the back of the building to throw the switch giving it a 2 second gap…..we did laugh. The lights once on were poorly done, they could have made so much more of this as loads of kids had dragged their parents to see him….pity

Lewis Stacey my Great Nephew



  1. Alison November 28, 2011 at 10:46 AM #

    How unusual your leafy picture is and once again you’ve made me feel nostalgic about strolling through the woods with that wonderful crunching and swishing of leaves underfoot and the wind swirling around my ears. I know it sounds strange but I really do miss the wind…..the autumnal woods I could find if I went about 60 km north…but not the wind..well Spain’s just not a windy place.
    I see that in the UK Christmas is well underway. Over here we’re only just starting to see the odd Christmas tree in the shops…we’re a bit behind as usual. Haven’t you got your BIPP presentation soon? Good luck with that !
    Have a good week

    • Adrian November 28, 2011 at 4:28 PM #

      Hi Alison

      many thanks, I try to make things that little bit different and hopefully it shows in sales, I see soooooooo many shots that you can find exactly the same shot a hundred times on flickr and other sites, its so depressing to see some really talented photographers wasting their time copying others and unless its a real trophy shot, a right of passage as it were what the hell is the point.I’d rather be wrong and unique thanks….rant over lol, yes out lights will be on next week, tested them outside a few weeks ago in case they were broken and our indoor stuff will be up this weekend. We have both sets of parents well my dads friend should I say and Jo’s ma and pa plus my uncle who used to buy me a gold fish at fairs if he couldn’t win me one….. how’s that for an uncle?
      My assessment, getting nervous now, its next week at 10:30, the panel take my work in and scrutinise it for 30 mins then call you in to be interviewed etc etc, I cant do any better than I have really so hopefully all will be well but I shouldn’t be over confident, thanks for teh good wishes as well

      have fun


  2. Paul Richards November 29, 2011 at 1:37 PM #

    Hi Adrian, Long time since we spoke. Website looking even better, Not sure the Music matches the quality of the photographs but as you say it can be turned off, Maybe its me getting older.
    As you can see from Flickr I have been pushed into shooting moving objects.
    Honest opinion is, its a lot harder than stills with a lot more time spent on the computer with editing. However clients wanted some movies in their websites so I bought a mid range camera rather than using a DSLR
    Still prefer normal photography, rather than people coming up to you when you are filming, asking if you are from the Beeb!

    • Adrian November 29, 2011 at 1:46 PM #

      Hi Paul

      yes been a while. well we have to do what makes money don’t we, been trialing the music, feedback pretty good to the demographic 35-45, may adjust to provide options on taste as well as the old on/off. It can either make you turn off and go elsewhere or keep you there longer, either way it’s only on the home screen with clear buttons below… recommended some lovely music last night, Vaughan Williams Lark Ascending, made me cry…. not sure that’s good!

      Keep adding to my site and the blog is well subscribed too, I have a rather good 40+ year old female following which is fantastic and have made several really good friend from it.

      Hope the filming takes off, may be looking into some myself at some stage for a web inclusion of my OneTogAndHisDog book/web for 2012

      all the best


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