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Where Have I Been All This Time

Elizabeth on Stairs Close Up Lights

Hi All


a few updates to what i have been up to lately and why the absence too.

everyone that knows me knows my father Alan has dementia so it’s been taking most of my spare time up lately visiting the care home, hospital visits, you name it, it’s not something you would wish on anyone to endure or be the ones that care for the person living with dementia.

I have also been very busy with my Somewhere in Time exhibition at The Civic, Barnsley. We had a fabulous opening on the 22nd April, I made a speech,  Councillor Tim Shepherd told the story of his mothers dementia, very moving, lifelong friend entertainer, poet and all round top fella Ronnie Steel read a couple of his poems he kindly wrote for me, Grandads Boots being my favourite.  The Mayor Barnsley Councillor Linda Burgess did the official opening and shared her experiences with her own mother and dementia as well as dementia being her chosen charity this year.























We’ve also started doing a video with my friend Dan, a top videographer and together we are now producing high quality videos for business promotion, wedding, event, music, web and aerial with my PfCO CAA license.

The wedding of Elizabeth and Michael in Leeds City Centre at The Met Hotel was a fantastic success, very emotional for everybody and love was certainly in the air, I had the best time working for them, assisted with Wayne doing my lighting, it was a very long day but we gave them everything they requested plus a lot more including a fully edited video.  one day prepping, one day shoot and three days editing stills and 3 days producing/editing the video. We certainly worked hard for our clients on this one. Great result and very happy people.
























A commission shoot saw myself and Wayne heading into private woods in search of bluebells. It was to show what wildlife, flora and fauna would be devastated by the HS2 rail project close to the M1 corridor in both Derbyshire and South Yorkshire. We did about 10 miles walking with full camera kit bags but were blessed to have witnessed the most beautiful bluebell woods either of us had ever seen. Wild deer, rabbits, pheasant and numerous wild creatures and birds habit these areas of outstanding natural beauty, would be such a crime to have these destroyed just to save us time on a journey.

We have also done a shoot for the UK melodic rock band Ten, the album titled Gothica will be released on the 7th July so I can’t post any images just yet, I will say though they are some of my best work as is the alum the best of Ten’s work, stunning vocals with awesome guitars held together with the tightest of drums, bass and brilliant keyboards, I would recommend buying this at your earliest convenience, it’s going to be MASSIVE for them.

We have also been doing our Dementia Dogs visits to support groups throughout Barnsley, they are a huge success and I’ll be posting more info as things progress over the coming weeks/months, we have some great plans in the pipeline.

Until next time



Llangollen View

Llangollen-ViewHappy Friday all

and I thought I’d end this week with  a spectacular view from midway across the Pontcysyllte Aqueduct, it’s a navigable aqueduct that carries the Llangollen Canal over the valley of the River Dee in Wrexham County. I must admit too that even though I may have been in Mountain Rescue I’m not the best with heights and this had my legs wobbley, especially as the wind was really strong and forcing me towards the waters edge, also made more difficult by people walking across as the patch is really only wide enough for 2 small people and as you’ll  appreciate small I ain’t!Llangollen-Crossing





Today I managed my first little run with 4 huskies attached, could have gone a lot worse to be fair, they all calmed down after my initial screams of Oh My God Slow Down or words to that effect and thankfully my knees held fast which I am so pleased about, will have to see how I feel tomorrow. Going to try 3 times a week and see how we all get on.

Saturday is big drone test flight day, not sure Jo is as enthusiastic as I am but I’m sure she’ll come round once she sees the footage, also going to see if I can get a sunset in up in North Yorkshire.

Have fun


TPT Silkstone

TPT-silkstone Happy Friday all

as part of a commission shoot for Christmas cards I ventured out earlier in the week to scout a few locations, one of which was the Trans Pennine Trail at Silkstone and although it was a thoroughly dismal day with deep mud and fog it was great to be out and about.

The Husky gang managed to drag me through Nabbs Wood far faster than should be done on 2 legs and I very nearly finished up on my bum several times, people in the neighbouring village probably heard me cursing them. However their one redeeming grace is that when you need to go uphill you just say ‘Go’ and away you shoot up the hill, one trick that works a treat every time.

Got my copy of the book yesterday you ‘Barging Round Britain’ by John Sergeant and my name is in it , in fact reference the photographs the book it’s more like  ‘the Adrian Ashworth show’, I did 75%+ of the images used so I’m very proud. Inner and end cover shots too as well as some shots with John himself.

I’m credited in the back with 5 canals and 2 other photographers with 1 each, I feel a weekend of reading coming on, that is of course after I have watched the accompanying TV show which is aired tonight ITV 8pm for the next 8 weeks, very excited.

have a great weekend


Hoglets Playing

Baby-Hedghogs Hedgehogs  – Why can’t they just share!


I know a very bad joke, almost as bad as me saying the picture has hoglets playing on and around the mill stone, does look a little like them do doesn’t it?.

So the weekend is almost here and the snow is slowly melting, must say the pups have loved it down in the fields, wished we’d got a sledge for them to pull.

This weekend we’re doing a shoot at Edale for Mountain Rescue, full team shoot plus individuals, should be fun with the location lighting kit, pictures to follow.

Jo’s off work, and she’s never off, just shows how bad this cold bug is. She’s been up all night again, felt a bit better yesterday then it hit her again. She has her big fluffy purple onesie with the hood up that has ears on….very cute apart from the coughing.

Have a great weekend all



Cannon Hall Park

cawthorne-RaysHappy Monday all


here’s a piccy from a recent walk round Cannon Hall at Cawthorne Barnsley, a very pretty place complete with stately home, garden centre and cafe, there’s even a farm shop selling local produce of a very high quality and a farm for the kids to visit, generally a good day out for the kids and parents alike.

Snapped this shot on our way back to the car park, very foreboding sky with the hope of a ray passing through and lighting up the trees and field.

Happy days



Langsett Saturday

Langsett Sunrise

Had a great weekend with Woodhead Mountain Rescue, we had our Grin & Bear It race across the Peaks and we went up early to catch the sunrise, we weren’t disappointed . A superb sunrise followed by a superb day with funds being raised to help us continue to deliver rescue services to the needy.


Second shot is of the house or remnants of it at North America looking back down towards the reservoir, it was used for target practice during WWII and there are bullet holes in the stone all over.


North America House


A Good Seller

Cawthorne Poppy Field

Hi all


don’t know if it’s the time of year in particular when we start getting closer to November that I seem to sell more of this print then any other, I know it’s very emotive and also for me as my grandfather served in WWII and was at the D -Day landings, true heroes indeed. I usually have “Flanders Fields” in the upper left of the shot and it always brings a tear when I read it.

I’ll be donating all profits of this  shot to the poppy appeal, British Legion Barnsley Branch, so please either buy the image or donate directly to the Legion and know that your hard earned money is being used wisely to help our heroes serving to protect our futures.


Full Force

Full Force

Another from my scouting mission at Aysgarth in The Dales, this time showing the full force of the lower falls section, amazing colour water and such power too.

Surprisingly not that many people there for a Saturday, must be a Sunday location, anyway it was nice to have this section virtually to ourselves, cant wait to go back later in the year for my sunset shoot.

Its my dads 80th on Saturday so for a treat I’m taking him my uncle and brother in law to Eden Camp in North Yorkshire, he loves the war stuff, mind you so do I, went several years ago with Jo’s dad , had a great day out, its a must for all kids and adults alike.

Hope this heat gives way to some cooler weather, its not helping me and Stormy!





Golden Falls

Golden Falls

What a wonderful weekend some may say “Awesome”:-( facebook joke.

We went to Aysgarth Falls in The Yorkshire Dales so I could do a scouting shot for a shoot later in the year. Aysgarth Falls is made up essentially of 3 falls Higher, Middle and yes Lower. This shot is of the Middle Falls and I just loved the golden colour of the rich peat/iron waters contrasting against the harsh rock sides acting as compressing guides to make the waters flow even faster.

I’ll post some more shots later of the lower, the Higher is somewhat less dramatic, the Lower although a little tricky to get down onto the  rocky bank is great for a picnic and the falls are stunning, this will be the location of my October shot.

Shoot tonight at Mountain Rescue HQ, a few of the guys that missed the Queens Jubilee Medal presentation are having theirs presented and then its vehicle equipment check night.

Hope this weather holds out now, beautiful this morning



A Sunday Walk

A Sunday Walk

Well it’s Monday and the rain looks like it’s due to start again very soon, a stark contrast to a wonderful days walking up on Langsett  Moors yesterday. I was out with several other members of Woodhead Mountain Rescue, we were doing additional training in search techniques along with receiving instruction in local knowledge and navigational skills. Really enjoyable and we went to places I didn’t know existed up there.

Got my pictures ready for my Cannon Hall Exhibition, I’ll be delivering them tomorrow, I think it goes live on the 19th  but I’ll confirm later. I have 15 pictures going up and I chose them to blend well with the blue of the room they are to be exhibited in. I’ll post more details once I have seen them in situ and I’ll try and do a shot of them on the walls, would be great to get feedback if you have the time to wander round there, it is  a beautiful hall and gardens.

I have several seascapes along with some of my more well known images and a few new Peaks shots too so plenty to suit most peoples tastes I hope.

Big camera cleaning time now, been putting off for a week and they are desperate for a darn good cleaning session, dust/mud God only knows what else!