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Bend With The Breeze & Friday Shout Out

Beach-treeAh the weekend and what a week it’s been, firstly a massive thank you for the print sales 11, so special thanks to Keith and Kerry Buckley and Karen Fisher and 3 others, always very much appreciated.

The Puppy Christmas cards have hit the ground running to 16 sets sold this week, big thanks to Karen, Brian, Janet, Sarah, Debra, Sally Anne, Nichola and Kerry, again very much appreciated. SALES STILL BEEN TAKEN, email me with requirements 1 x 8 Pack £6 plus postage inc envelopes

Christmas-Card-Advert-smallThis weekend will be spent getting the kit ready for a commercial shoot next Wednesday and then we’re off to Skye for 5 shoots in 2 days, well it’s early and I mean very early Friday morning set off and then return Sunday, fortunately I have Chris with me who is now assisting me with the book and subsequent shoots.

Today’s image , well what can I say, “Bend with the breeze”, a big lesson to learn and one I have never been good at, still not that good at it which is probably why I work for myself but certainly in some areas I believe I have vastly improved my skills at going with the flow, those lessons were learned at Mountain Rescue medical and will probably be with me all my days, my Christmas cards for Mountain Rescue are on sale HERE and are well worth the money, proceeds going to help a great cause.


Have a great weekend all



Higger Tor Sunrise Mist

Higger Tor Sunrise Mist

Morning all and quite a morning it is, half the country stood still again as we’re in the grips of winter, a sprinkling of snow and unprepared motorists and walkers causing mayhem. Please spare a thought for the emergency services trying  to deal with all the call outs and spend an extra 5 minutes getting ready for your journey, it is all common sense but with hectic lives people just rush out unprepared.

Today’s shot is from Higger Tor, Sunday just gone. Freezing cold and with the most magnificent sunrise, I have a shed load more shots to process so expect quite a few from here.

I’ll be in the Peaks later sorting locations for a training workshop, remember my 1 to 1 workshops give you the ultimate in knowledge and experience plus you’ll have a great day and walk away feeling uber confident in not only photography but hill craft safety plus a decent knowledge of navigation. Full course details for the New Year group sessions to follow


Be safe



Hollins Cross Fun

Hollins Cross Fun

Had a fabulous weekend away with my big sis, her hubby Dave, Jo and Stormy of course, this shot however is of two girls we met on our walk, said I would post the pic for them, so get in touch if you want a copy girls, Free of course.

Beautiful weather made it a superb weekend and the Peaks were heaving with tourists, just how it should be, para gliding, hand gliding, spectators etc etc, great fun for all.

Then we went to The Rising Sun at Shelley for their Harvest Festival auction, 50% of the proceeds towards Woodhead Mountain Rescue, great evening, lovely people and it raised approx £650 for our team, so appreciated and a really good laugh especially the landlord father, what a character. I won a Huddersfield Giants signed ball, I’ll put it with my England One I got years ago. Nigel has a strange fascination with onions, bets not to ask but he did a lovely little speech at the end to say thank you for the locals support. Me and Jo, Bill and Penny, George,  Simon plus Nigel and his wife… several lots of



Search Dog Dodge


Another rainy Friday again!! ah well the weekend is supposed to be better and we’re off to Aysgarth to check out the falls for a shoot in a few weeks that will feature Search Dog Dodge from Woodhead Mountain Rescue.

As part of my rescue training program I had to navigate for dog handler Wayne as he instructed Dodge in a moorland search. He found his casualty withing minutes and ran back to Wayne and gave  definite eye contact and barked that he had found something human, sure enough it was Pete our lost person for the night.

After this it was my turn to be the injured casualty so I made sure he couldn’t see me and went in a zig zag across to moors and hid low down in the bracken down the side of a hill and behind a small tree. Again withing minutes I could hear his bell getting closer then he darted into my little hide away glanced at me then shot off barking to signal his find…absolutely amazing

You wouldn’t believe it but Dodge is 7 years old, he looks as fresh as a puppy and is testament to his handler of how a dog should be looked after, exercised and treated. Dodge has numerous finds under his belt and has helped in many other areas not in his patch.

A beautiful animal doing an amazing job and all he wants for reward is to play




have a great weekend