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Now that’s a Leg

When it comes to doing the wedding dress hung up shot you need to arrange things so it extenuates the dress yet with a good focal point too, and what better way than with a wonderful willing bride to show her gorgeous leg. Here Elizabeth was stood to the left in her PJ shorts and top perched precariously on another chair while Wayne assisted me by holding the ceiling lampshade out of shot. It took us several attempts but I think we nailed it in the end. Very sexy shot with the dress and garter text in detail. I would say that if you have a lamp in shot, turn it on, it adds to the image and give purpose rather than just being a prop.



Below is another image of the fantastic staircase at The Met Hotel, Leeds. I could probably spend a day shooting this place, brilliant deco architecture brought tastefully into the modern.







Aerial Autumn III

Elsecar Park 03Final picture from the aerial shoot at the award winning Elsecar Park. Such a beautiful little slice of heaven , well worth a visit and it’s right next to Elsecar Heritage so you can park there go for a lovely autumn walk then visit the centre. A perfect day out.

Aerial Autumn II

Elsecar Park 02Another from yesterdays shoot at Elsecar Park, Autumn colours in their finest and what a superb award winning park to visit, go enjoy people

Aerial Autumn

Elsecar Park 01Bit of aerial work today out at the beautiful award winning Elsecar Park. Had to wait quite a while for the sun to break through the clouds but when it did ….Oh boy it was special, plenty more aerial work to follow.



Sunset Rocks

Sea-RocksYes yes I know, the title sucks, but my brain isn’t working due to lack of sleep, hate warm weather, I’m a very run warm person even in winter, must be the layers of blubber I have!

Anyway this one from Northumberland walking down onto Embleton Beach. This was a great night and the sun never fully set, we stayed on the beach past 23:00 and got locked out of the camp site, we had to do a nifty bit of fence climbing to get to our tents. Well worth it though hope you agree.



Snowdonia View From Talybont

CatleMorning All


hope you all had a wonderful relaxing weekend. We did the usual, long dog walks though Jo has a poorly foot so she had to take it real steady. I managed 2 short runs with the pack and I’m suffering for it now! NO I will never learn.

Today’s image is from Talybont on the Welsh  coast, lush beaches and gorgeous green meadows with Snowdonia as a back drop (Am I selling it to you?). This was a decent circular walk that was recommended to us by the owner at Benar Beach Caravan Park, lovely little site,  basic but clean and trouble free, we had a lovely overnight there and would certainly include it on our list of stay overs.

Managed to get all the bookings sorted for our forthcoming trip to the Outer Hebrides and Orkneys, must admit we are both really excited about going and especially taking the Husky pack too, they are going to love it.

Plenty of photography lined up whilst up there, I’m still compiling my list of shots to achieve plus Jo’s getting ready to pilot the drone so I can film sunsets on the beaches and ancient monuments.

Jo’s ma and pa are moving on to look after the place and keep things ticking over bless em.

Quick thankyou and congrats to Lisa Morgan who got married on Sunday, she bought a picture from me for her husbands best man, hope it went well and have a lovely happy healthy life together…much love.



Barnsley Hospital Rainbow Run

Rainbow-Run-Yellow-webHi all


had the marvellous privilege of being the photographer for Barnsley Hospital Charity Rainbow Run yesterday, as you can see from the images it’s not one for the faint hearted or those without a darn good washing machine!.

The organisation team were brilliant and everything went off with  issues, well done guys, a big thank you also to all the volunteers and supporters who made the day perfect and raised loads of dosh, you should all be very proud of yourselves.


I have posted a few 100 images on Facebook and BHC have shared them on their page too, if you would like any of the images without a watermark please let me know and I’ll email it to you FOC unless you feel like making a donation to the charity…..hint hint lol. seriously well done guys.



Eclipse 2015

Eclipse-WebHi all

I’m afraid the weather here in Yorkshire didn’t play fair today and we had intermittent heavy cloud which obscured the eclipse totally at times, so here is my modest effort hand held 70-200.

Seen some wonderful efforts from Norway, obviously the place to be unless you don’t like polar bears who I might add should have been left alone not hunted down and killed, they should have left guards on tent duty all night!! anyway thats just my humble opinion.


Have a great weekend


Buoy and Boat Sunset

Bouy-and-Boat-SunsetHi all


very quick update as I’m busy busty with commission work at the moment, running all over the place. I’ll post info later.


This one from a recent trip to Anglesey, beautiful sunset at Rhosneigr, love the warmth of the sun glowing through the buoy. Saying that it was freezing!!


Anyway catch up later




FBIPP – A Fellow At Last

FBIPP-Poppies Hi all

Fantastic news to give. I have been awarded the Fellowship status to the British Institute of Professional Photographers, their highest award and is attainable for distinguished and exceptional ability and creativity so I’m extremely honoured to have reached this level.

Though this may be the top level it by no means means I’ll be resting on my laurels, not that we have any growing in the garden anyway! the ‘F’ will now help me with marketing giving my clients peace of mind they are hiring the best they can in the field they require and that my work is to and surpassing the standard that will help them with their business.


I have a few people to thank for their knowledge assistance and guidance along the path to this qualification.

Firstly my mentor Russell Baston, we haven’t hit it off all along the way but his knowledge and guidance has shone through in my submission and Russell guided my final layout so major thanks indeed.

Anne Marie Farley a wonderful photographer and friend who not only gave me some great critique but passed the TV company onto me for the Barging Round Britain book with John Sergeant, a massive thanks Anne Marie x

All the usual suspects within the BIPP for putting up with my “can I do this” emails etc etc and above all Princess Jojo for putting up with my constant outings and trips away leaving her to take care of the Husky gang and house and always taking care of me along the way xxxx

If I have forgotten anyone apologies and know that you helped along the way and are very much appreciated by me.

Now on with the book, me and Chris are doing a shoot in North Yorkshire this weekend and don’t forget we are doing the wedding circuit, several bookings for this year already.