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Coniston Snow Boats

Coniston-Snow-BoatHi all

how are we all coping with this wet weather? been miserable hasn’t it. Since passing my CAA PFAW drone license I haven’t had chance to fly and have a few jobs lined up ready for the new business start up in January so I better get some practice in real soon.

We’re going to be running a full marketing campaign in the new year and would appreciate all the help we can get from all my FB and Website friends, the more shares and likes we get hopefully it will generate web traffic and possible requests for quotes from potential clients.

The website is and is set to be a doorway only site, I don’t want a tell all show all site that takes hours to trawl through, I think we have a happy mix of having and impact and giving clients to information on one screen and then the opportunity to get in touch, what do you think? love to hear your opinions on it.

Shot today is from Coniston a few years ago at the end of March, yup the end of March, incredible isn’t it, we got snowed in for 3 days there. Still can’t think of much better places to be stuck can you.


Catch up soon



Castlerigg View

Castlerig-ViewHi All and happy Friday…….see it came round quick enough


Just a quick update and upload today as I’m busily getting the house ready for a view, fingers x’d we have some lovely people coming over the weekend to see if our house meets their needs and more importantly expectations, hate doing stuff like this but its a step closer to our dreams which involve the north Welsh coast, huskies etc etc etc…ONE DAY

Today’s shot is a view from the stone circle at Castlerigg, right time right place again as it lasted a matter of seconds until the cloud took hold once again and blackened the sky and game over. This is why tell my students you have to keep going over and over until it’s right for you, chasing the light is second nature to a landscape photographer, we learn more patience than the average tog and this helps when it comes to doing commercial work and especially children and pets.

anyway back to my cleaning and jobs that Jo has left me with.

Wish us luck with the viewings and have a great weekend what ever you’re doing.


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Qualified, Insured, Guided and medically covered workshops –

Old Man View


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Morning all, nearly the weekend phew!!

This shot isn’t on the website for sale but if you contact me I’ll be able to sort especially for you, it is one for my book sponsored by Go Outdoors and also my FBIPP qualification so very important to me.

Taken from part way up The Old Man of Coniston, in case you were wondering about the title, looking over Coniston Waters and onto Furness Fells and Windermere, you can just make out snow covers peaks in the distance.

It’s a great walk especially with snow down, it was a lot deeper at the top and the day after we had 24″ of snow at the base which pretty much shut everything down…apart from Stormy the Husky walks that is.


Workshops, which are guided, insured, medically covered and inc buffet lunch and some transportation to locations.



Coniston Spring – Update

Coniston-SpringMorning all

been a while since my last blog, apologies we have had so much on not only with the puppies who are doing fantastically but commercial shoots too has taken off, our time has been kept to a premium and its now catch up time now the puppies are old enough to get out for us to hit the book locations.

Most weekends will now be taken up throughout the year in order for me to get the 50+ needed to produce the book  “One Tog and his Dog” though I think I may have to change the title now we have four bundles of fluff.

Picture of Thor yesterday

Thor-on-washingHe looks like he’s 70 years old not 16 weeks, he was luck he didn’t get scooped up with the washing and thrown in the washer.

We just came back early from a shoot at Coniston yesterday, unfortunately the weather was against us and 4 soaking wet dog in a motorhome doesn’t make for the best of conditions, they did however have a great time whilst there and managed a dip in the lake.

Commercial wise I have amongst other shoots been doing quite a bit for Go Outdoors, a real honour as it’s one of my fave shops, must have spent £1000’s there over the years, we waited 3 weeks recently to get a tent shoot in, had to be a summer scene and the weather has been awful lately so it was  a last minute call up. also doing fashion in The Peaks shoots with some great models and will be doing new store opening shoots too over the coming weeks so very busy there. This shot was for the new Hi Gear Zenobia 6 tent, had to look like summer with a family enjoying themselves, we had a great day and the owner of the house where we did the shoot made a fantastic lunch, really enjoyable day.

Go-Tents-1Big camera cleaning session today as it has a load of dust in it, Canon want £200 to clean it which isn’t very nice is it? so I spent £60 on everything I need and I’ll strip it down myself and do it. Don’t get me wrong you’ll always have dust bunnies on the view finder and focus screen but at least the sensor will be spotless which is all that counts.

Anyway signing off for now will update more as it happens, have a great week


Adrian, Jo, Stormy, Thunder, Indy and Thor


Lake-Coniston Bit of blast from last year hopefully be back there real soon once the puppies are ready, it is of course Coniston with snow capped peaks. It was as you can see a particularly calm day with no breeze at all, perfect for this type of shot.

The shot below is from Castlerigg, the ancient stone circle again with snow capped peaks in the background. It’s quite an atmospheric place and I would love to camp there overnight, the day I did the shoot I met a woman who was there praying for a friend undergoing a life threatening operation that day….hope it went well for her.

RockWishing you all a great weekend.


Coniston Reeds

Happy Easter all and welcome to April too,

Can’t believe how time is passing by so very fast, I have so much on at the moment plus some excellent commissions which I am really excited about, I’ll post more info when they are confirmed.

Workshops booked for next week on Anglesey too, hope that snow stays around a little longer for me and a good catch up with friends is on the cards. Only  7 days to the Zip wire escapade at Bethesda, can’t wait, GoPro primed and ready, will post the video as soon as I can after…..

Today’s shot is of the reed bed at the north end of Coniston Water, a truly tranquil place with sublime views to the hills and the outreach of the lake. It’s a hand held shot which generally allows for the best composition as you have complete freedom of movement with your camera, though you do need a steady hand and the Image stabiliser turned on the lens active.

May get a trip out later to Blacks in The Peaks,  the waterfall is semi frozen and may be worth a shoot, if not then I’ll do it Wednesday when I have more time.

Have fun


Coniston Winter, well Spring tree

Morning all, finally made it back from Coniston, minus the van! thats stranded in a snow drift on site and we have to go back later in the week to collect again.

Apart from the obvious snow and hassles that come with it, we had a pretty productive week photography wise including a trip up The Old Man of Coniston which resulted in me walking an asthmatic back down from above the snow level, such fun….

Today’s image is of Coniston Water and a little footbridge that takes you over towards Torver from Coniston, a lovely little walk and I was lucky enough to be the first on scene with fresh snow, it does pay to be up early some days.

I had chance to try out my new gadget too while I was there and big thanks go to Mark at N E for rushing me my Hyperdrive Colorspace 1TB photographers dream backup device through, cheers mate, his site is well worth a visit and he’s a top bloke too, has almost everything you could want on it, mention me he may give you a % off.








Loads of shots to follow, will start processing them ASAP, back out in the snow shortly for a play with Stormy.