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Autumn Tree – Willowbank

Autumn Tree

Just got back from a little walk with Stormy down Willowbank, my heads still banging and I don’t mean in the good sense, I have a stinker of a head cold….boo hoo I hear you say! Done the chicken soup with pepper and a lemsip, now I’ll just wait it out.

Surprising what you can achieve with an iPhone isn’t it? ok so I did put a grad on it in PS afterwards but essentially its from phone. I think they have made great improvements in the camera since 4 to 4s, now makes a useful little scouting camera.

Whats that I hear, oh it’s the settee and a black and white film……think I’ll watch Rebecca again.








I was honoured to be the photographer for the launch of the Barnsley poppy appeal last Friday and captured Aubrey Martin-Wells in front of the decorated hoarding at Barnsley Town Hall, he is an inspiration to us all, such a wonderful man.


God bless


Mossyard Sunset Sunburst

Mossyard Sunset Sunburst

Friday afternoon at last, just one job left today, Mayoral shot as she launches the poppy appeal in Barnsley, really looking forward to it, such a worth while cause, I always get a lump in my throat when I think of the bravery of these lads.

Anyway this shot was taken a couple of weeks ago in Dumfries at Mossyard another of my fav places. After clambering across the rocks and finding a perch the sun played just right for a change and the shot came together.

wish I was there now


Enjoy the weekend, weathers looking decent so I’m hoping we’ll go for an outing, fancying Wharnclifee Crags, pretty near by



Dunvegan Castle

The Clan MacLeod

Another from the Isle of Skye today, Dunvegan Castle the seat of the Clan MacLeod. It is the longest continuously occupied castle in Scotland, some 800 years. Although not the most interesting appearance of a castle the gardens are spectacular and that was as far as me and Stormy were allowed in and I stayed faithful to my motto, ” If they don’t let Stormy in they don’t get my money”

The gardens are a beautiful mixture of waterfalls and formal areas with places to rest and soak in the Scottish air. I particularly like this shot as there was a break in the storm clouds and the sun  appeared all too briefly to cast its light across  the battlements and seaweed foreground.

Off to a shoot this morning, can’t wait, always like doing ceremonies, will fill you in later

Enjoy your Thursday



Sunburst Loch

This was one of my first shots on this years Scotland trip, it shows the storm clouds approaching from the north, this was to be the norm for our stay!

Everything in The Highlands seems dramatic and this is no exception, I was standing knee deep in the loch for this shot and the rain came very quickly, didn’t get chance to pack up in time and me and my gear got a soaking, the first of many. I’m not complaining but it would have been nice to see some full on sun for once…lol

At least it’s Wednesday, job on today and I have just got my Penmon lighthouse massive picture framed back from the framers, I’ll post a picture later of how this looks framed….I’m so impressed.


Have fun



Loch Leven Glass

Loch Leven Glass

A beautiful sunset over Loch Leven, Glencoe. Though there was a heavy storm approaching I was only 10m away from the caravan door so I knew I could get back without getting another soaking. The Loch was so calm, 30 minutes later it was lashing it down and the scene was gone behind a veil of fog, we got back in the caravan and sat and watched it roar across the loch straight towards us, such a beautiful scene to see.

Hospital visiting this afternoon, a friend of my uncles who has kidney and liver failure, not good at all, he visited my uncle when he was in hospital with stomach cancer and survived so were hopeful for him.

Makes you very thankful for what you have doesnt it?


have a great day



Dunvegan Castle Waterfall – Skye

Monday again!!

I didnt sleep last night so I am determined to have a relaxing day apart from setting my cameras up ready for a shoot this Wed and Thu and having a riverbank walk with Stormy and got to call a couple of clients about jobs and I have to collect a parcel from Rotherham and check on delivery of my portfolio to BIPP and sort 4 prints for posting to customers and and oh I have had enough already and it’s only 7am!

Anyway this shot is from Skye, Dunvegan Castle gardens. A beautiful walk round this historic birth place and stronghold of the Clan MacLeod. I must admit it was quite expensive to get in and we couldn’t go in the castle itself so the gardens were our only option…there are quite a few water features there and this is the main one, a stunning cascade of water, I could stand and stare for hours such is my attraction to water.

Ah well on with my restful day! bet I get a call at 8am……………………have fun


Sunset Moon Two

Sunset Moon Two

Hey hey, it’s Friday at last, this week seemed to drag, glad I have the weekend to enjoy some fresh air hopefully at the coast or at least a walk on the moors.

Completed a shoot yesterday for the local authority Eco Vision, a couple of pensioners who have been helping to change the future of their local community, lovely people and I really enjoyed meeting them.

Today is iPhone 4s day, it’s on its way to the shop early this morning, can’t wait to play with SIRI and 64gb, wonder which Pendragon album I’ll put on first, ah to hell with it, I’ll put em all on…… Need to work out tethering to my Camera then to wireless link shots straight to the phone for storage while out shooting, which is the main reason for getting it!, or at least that’s what I told Jo, she gets my iPhone 4

Second shot to go with Sunset Moon from the other day, loads of filters and a dangerous shot to take, going to have to get myself a harness!


Have a great weekend



Buachaille Etive Mòr – Portrait

Buachaille Etive Mòr - Portrait































Another form Glencoe and the Glen Etive area.


I scrambled about for about an hour or so, “Finding The Shot”,  Jo and Stormy looking on disconcertingly as the midges swarmed and the rain fell in that fine but wettest of sprays… eventually she came and got the car keys and beat a hasty retreat back to warmth and comfort of the car…can’t blame her can you.

Being a landscape photographer is all about exploring your surroundings and hopefully presenting them in an scene where the customer (viewer) is presented with an image that gives just enough information but makes them inquisitive to want to see more.

Like this image if I turned 90 degrees to the right you would see traffic throbbing through the main arterial route into Glencoe and The North, it wouldn’t present nicely at all. Composition is king, after all it’s what attracts you to look at in the first place, shapes, colour, subject and an overall interesting scene.

I think this does all that and one I’m very proud of.

Steady day today, it is Wednesday after all, took Stormy out for a walk at 6:30am was cold but dry, hope it stays this way for the rest of the week, hopefully away this weekend for a shoot, thinking East Coast, Spurn Point for a sunrise.


Have a great day all



Sgorr na Ciche

Pap of Glencoe

Pap of Glencoe (Sgorr na Ciche) (742m / 2434 ft), Glencoe, Scotland

This is the first summit on the hiking route up to the famous (or notorious) Aonach Eagach ridge. Although not a munro, it commands a great view over Loch Leven, the narrows at Ballachulish, and north to Ben Nevis and the Mamores. And as you’re climbing from close to sea level, it’s as good a climb as many munros in the Scottish Highlands!

It’s amazing some days when you just roll out of bed open the curtains and see a site like this, I just jumped out of bed grabbed the camera, well I got dressed first (didn’t want to scare children etc) and took a few shots, it was over all too quickly…but what a sunrise.


Heavy freezing rain here today, glad I’m in doors with plenty to do, now how do you work the heating thingy?