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A Very Special Sunset

Anglesey-SunsetA very special sunset, oh yes you know when it’s right and this was no exception, using just one filter to balance the horizon light it came out 99% like this, slight adjustment on tone but thats it…love it and I loved even more standing in the sea taking it.

Don’t forget I run courses all year round at pretty much any location you choose in the UK, 1 on 1’s are a very special day in which I take you to the higher level of not only emotion through the lens but technique too, you come away enlightened and ready for a new dawn in your photography.

My courses are insured, include travel and lunch where required, you have tailored reading material .


Requirements for the day but not necessary if you have to buy them as I have spares.





Release Cable.

Requirements Essential

Good Walking Shoes



Change Of Socks/Trousers


Courses are tailored to your needs and requirements, email me for more info, special prices for groups and OAP’s





With An Added Touch

Porth-Y-Post-Lens-FlareHappy Easter all

don’t be eating too much chocolate will you, wish I could, this darn diet forbids it lol, still the weight is coming off nicely so I’ll stick at it.

I don’t usually edit anything other than levels, saturation and dust spots on my shots but I thought this would look nice with a lens flare right of the horizon, edited flares can be a little too perfect as software generally can lose the emotional feel of reality but it makes for an interesting shot at least. Already sold a copy so I pleased with that.

Out with the Husky pack later, Stormy is doing well after being spayed, getting back to her old mischievous self, we’re so pleased she’s ok, was quite worried after she had it done as she went very quiet which just isn’t her,  anyhow she’s eating and having a little walk which is all good.


Porth Y Post Rays

Port-Y-Post-Rays  Evening all


hope you are all well and enjoying this brief spell of sunshine, must admit its a great change for us photographers to be able to plan ahead for a change, by that I mean next day lol…

Just got back from Wales where I did a workshop on my adopted home of Anglesey, was lovely to bump into friends there too, always made to feel welcome. One of my FB friends came through to meet us as well, what a wonderful surprise it was, especially as she is a wonderful caring lady and we bagged an invite for a BBQ in the summer, can’t wait.

Did this shot as a demo for my workshop and it was a pretty short lived sunset approx 15 mins, and I used 3 filters to demonstrate that the majority of my work is done at sea s it were. Photoshop is for tidying up and adjusting levels and removing the odd coke can!

Stormy has been spayed today and is back home from the vets looking extremely sorry for herself, she need lots of cuddles and the puppies are being cautious round her apart from Thunder who seems to be protecting her, he’s a little star.

Workshops available over the summer, check on-line for availability.