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Quick blog today, got loads to do, Both shots taken at Beddgelert a beautiful little village in Snowdonia. The story goes……

“In the 13th century Llewelyn, prince of North Wales, had a palace at Beddgelert. One day he went hunting without Gelert, “The Faithful Hound”, who was unaccountably absent. On Llewelyn’s return the truant, stained and smeared with blood, joyfully sprang to meet his master. The prince alarmed hastened to find his son, and saw the infant’s cot empty, the bedclothes and floor covered with blood.

The frantic father plunged his sword into the hound’s side, thinking it had killed his heir. The dog’s dying yell was answered by a child’s cry. Llewelyn searched and discovered his boy unharmed, but near by lay the body of a mighty wolf which Gelert had slain.

The prince filled with remorse is said never to have smiled again. He buried Gelert here”.

Smooth Flow

Beddgelert Buttercups

Town Beach Sunset

Town Beach Sunset

So many images and not enough time to get them on the site……

dedicating today to getting 10 images processed and up, need to chase up framers for sales been sent, got deliveries coming, sorting workshop notes out, Stormy’s long walk, gym and to top it all…..guess which idiot put petrol in a diesel car yesterday …yup 1st time I ever done something so stupid.

Mind you the RAC wanted £200 plus but my mate owns a garage and he flushed the system for £20, so could have been worse, saying that I lost £77 worth of petrol/diesel mix ..a small price to pay saying it could have killed my car…. I can laugh about it now but I’m sure the staff and customers at Morrisons Petrol Station haven’t heard language like mine at that time in a morning!


Town Beach Sunset,  as the sea swirls and mixes the sand in its waves the sun retreats casting a beautiful orange glow across the bay.

ahh cant wait to be back there, 10 days and counting


Point To The Sun

Point To The Sun

I was going to enter a few competitions after last years success but after a conversation with Mr C the boss and my mentor of Landscape photography he said

“I reckon that winning competitions is a bit like passing exams, not necessarily the same as really knowing the subject, it’s more about knowing what is likely to please the examiners.” and lets face it you pay to enter, you fool!!

So guess what, my money is going to stay in my pocket this year and advance my technique instead. If a competition is for free then yes its worth having a go to win something maybe….only mugs pay to enter.

You see I’m finally learning …lol, leave the comps for the amateurs a famous photographer once said…how true

Today’s shot is as promised Rhosneigr, Anglesey, Broad Beach…well it is

Never fails to amaze me that when the sea and light is as beautiful as this the locals aren’t down there sitting with a cup of tea watching the sun go down, When we finally move there my mission will be not to own a TV but to treat this view as my evenings entertainment, I know Stormy will approve.

Writing course notes today, it got to 35c in my studio yesterday, Stormy laid on the glass table on the decking to keep cool, she’s no fool then Jo came home and we got Stormy a little paddling pool..she loved it (Stormy that is) padding round with her over sized paws and blowing bubbles as she buried her head in the water..little things eh.

more to follow


As Requested

Waterfall off Llyn Ogwen Smooth

As requested by Alison, a re work of a shot I took down, I wasn’t quite happy with it, this is much more to my liking and the balance feels just right.

It was very windy and a little perilous  as there is a drop behind where I was stood on a slippery rock, wind almost gale force and the waterfall at full throttle….Still


What a location, going back in 2 weeks time to spend a day there, cant wait..

hope its to your liking Alison



How We Suffer For Our Art!


Tongue firmly in cheek title! you may laugh but boy did I get a soaking for this one, behind me a 9′ sea wall and the sea already knee deep just lapping above my wellies…then I got hit by this and it was game over for the night. I made the shot then grabbed my tripod hoisted it above my head just as the main wave hit me up to my midriff….

Now I don’t know what women feel when hit by freezing cold water about their nether regions but as a man I can tell you the pain was quite alarming to say the least…I wonder if they do neoprene boxer shorts for photographers? now there’s an invention…better patent it quick .

The shot itself hopefully imparts the ferocity of the sea and it was extremely windy. I like to think that if I was going to go as it were this would be the way to take me to Tog’s heaven, but I was quite a  wussy and legged it after this

More to follow

scorching 25c here already 7am, this must be summer!



Sunset Flowers

Sunset Flowers

Wow how hot is it already today, 21c! 8am, were in for a scorcher….AT LAST

Thought I’d start the week off with my Wales season of shots, one shot a day for the next 14 then I’m back there to complete the seasons shoot as the heather will be out, Likewise off into the Peaks as often as possible now…so many places to shoot and not enough time, plus I have started commission work work for a couple of organisations…hhooorraaahhh I can eat

This shot was down on the edge of Town Beach Rhosneigr and just to tell you my determination in getting the right shot, I spent one hour there and shot 300 images all exactly the same composition just to detail how the light changes as the sun goes down, so expect several more interpretations of this shot with some beautiful sky colours….

Well Stormy has had a walk which is great as she had a poorly paw yesterday, think it was a sprain, anyway she’s back to normal thank goodness. Car to clean, grass to cut and garden tidy up day, too nice to miss this weather.


have a great week all



Waterfall off Llyn Ogwen

Waterfall off Llyn Ogwen

Sometimes you have take a step back and look at your work, I did this with the other waterfall shot and decided it was rubbish!

Although I like the smooth creamy water I think this version is far better, it gives a feeling of power and bleakness, bet it would look fantastic in winter…one for another trip I think.

Anyway this one has made it onto the website sales list , the other have to be harsh sometimes and truth be told I wasn’t too sure when I started the processing of the other one where as this version instantly seemed right…you are your own worst critic comes to mind, better I spot it now.

I have another 10 ready so far plus another 10 to process so plenty to go at, were back in Wales in 3 weeks to complete my summer shoot, cant wait alreay as I scouted a few new locations and just need the right weather.

Peaks this Sunday with Jo and Stormy, I’m  Goathland, Whitby working tomorrow…I feel fish and chips coming on..wwwhhheeyyy


have a great Friday



How Lucky

How Lucky

Simply titled “How Lucky”, this the first of this seasons Seascapes from Wales and Anglesey. This one a sunset from the edge of Town Beach Rhosneigr. The sea was lapping around my shins and I got quite a soaking, new wellies or not they don’t stop water coming down the top of them.

Like the majority of properties in Rhosneigr  most are holiday homes and I think this one is too,possibly a renter, never the less if I had a chance to live there and never go anywhere else I’d be there in a heartbeat.

The rain is gently falling here today and I feel a day of processing coming on

Many Many more to follow


Waterfall off Llyn Ogwen

Waterfall off Llyn Ogwen

Hi all

had a wonderful week away in Wales, Rhosneigr never fails to capture our hearts and we’d gladly move there tomorrow. We ventured out into Snowdonia one day and as we drove through the Ogwen Valley we came across the waterfall that flows beneath the A5 road, it was extremely windy and the skies constantly changing light was a devil of a job to filter out!

If you look beneath the bridge you can just make out another bridge, this is an original Roman bridge, when Telford was given the task of constructing the new bridge he decided (luckily) to leave the original in situ ….great relief

I got loads of shots so I’ll be posting them as I wade through my shots and process them.


A big thank you also to Richard who has recently bought  3 of my shots, really appreciate the sales as I do all my customers, its a humbling feeling knowing that others “get me” and also a great honour to think my work is gracing someone’s living room wall.

many more to follow and some great sunsets, gotta get back into the Peaks this week and training sessions start real soon, have a little list ready to go…..very exciting times





Waterfall off Llyn Ogwen Close Up

Roman Bridge












Back at Last

Nick Barrett - Pendragon

Well back at last, apols but I have been really busy latley and now were getting ready for a shoot in Wales next week.

Did a great shoot last weekend on behalf of Pendragon and The CRS at Rotherham, what a fantastic gig and it was a double pleasure  for me as they are my fav band too.

I have uploaded the shots under MUSIC , as I do more shows I’ll start and list on fan sites for free downloads.

Going to try and get a Peaks shot in this week, been a few weeks now and I’m getting withdrawal symptoms..anyway wellies at the ready for Wales, Stormy has a new Bandana and Stormy Cam is live but I’ll wait a week or so before I give the address out.

Have a great week