Dyffryn Burial Chamber

Dyffryn-Burial-ChamberDyffryn Burial Chamber

The oldest stone structure in Britain?

This double burial chamber, known as a portal dolmen, is considered to be one of the earliest examples of its kind in the British Isles. Believed to date to around 3500 BC, it is one of several such sites close to the village of Dyffryn Ardudwy near Barmouth. It has many features in common with similar sites in Ireland.

Originally covered by a large cairn of stones, the present monument consists of two exposed chambers with entrances facing east. Excavations carried out in the 1960s discovered numerous fragments of deliberately broken Neolithic and Bronze Age pottery, suggesting that the site was in use over a long period of time. Other finds here included a fine, though broken, stone pendant and two polished plaques made from nearby Mynydd Rhiw stone.

It is possible that Dyffryn Ardudwy’s proximity to the sea connected its people to other communities who shared their tombbuilding traditions. They were part of a wider culture, and similar tombs have also been found in South Wales, Ireland, western France, Portugal and Spain.

This wonderful tomb has been designated a Scheduled Ancient Monument and is currently being cared for by Cadw.

Dyffryn-Burial-Chamber-1A beautiful walk up from probably one of the most beautiful stretches of beach Wales has to offer, it’s very well kept and the wild flowers are stunning in the sunshine.


Barnsley Hospital Rainbow Run

Rainbow-Run-Yellow-webHi all


had the marvellous privilege of being the photographer for Barnsley Hospital Charity Rainbow Run yesterday, as you can see from the images it’s not one for the faint hearted or those without a darn good washing machine!.

The organisation team were brilliant and everything went off with  issues, well done guys, a big thank you also to all the volunteers and supporters who made the day perfect and raised loads of dosh, you should all be very proud of yourselves.


I have posted a few 100 images on Facebook and BHC have shared them on their page too, if you would like any of the images without a watermark please let me know and I’ll email it to you FOC unless you feel like making a donation to the charity…..hint hint lol. seriously well done guys.



Llangollen View

Llangollen-ViewHappy Friday all

and I thought I’d end this week with  a spectacular view from midway across the Pontcysyllte Aqueduct, it’s a navigable aqueduct that carries the Llangollen Canal over the valley of the River Dee in Wrexham County. I must admit too that even though I may have been in Mountain Rescue I’m not the best with heights and this had my legs wobbley, especially as the wind was really strong and forcing me towards the waters edge, also made more difficult by people walking across as the patch is really only wide enough for 2 small people and as you’ll  appreciate small I ain’t!Llangollen-Crossing





Today I managed my first little run with 4 huskies attached, could have gone a lot worse to be fair, they all calmed down after my initial screams of Oh My God Slow Down or words to that effect and thankfully my knees held fast which I am so pleased about, will have to see how I feel tomorrow. Going to try 3 times a week and see how we all get on.

Saturday is big drone test flight day, not sure Jo is as enthusiastic as I am but I’m sure she’ll come round once she sees the footage, also going to see if I can get a sunset in up in North Yorkshire.

Have fun


Cei Bach Sunset Sphere

Cei-Bach-Sunset--SphereWonderful morning to you all, it’s nearly the weekend yippee!

So busy of late and we have a new addition to the family, the family of photography that is, we are expecting our first drone to land today, DJI Inspire 1 T600 can’t wait. This is set to be a truly family affair with Jo taking controls of the flight while I film, dual remote control system.

We have several ideas in the pipeline one of which is a band video in Scotland this summer and several other great ideas that should see us progressing nicely into this arena, the only down side is the licensing we have to go through to be CAA approved, very expensive!

Watch this space for some brilliant videos coming here very soon, if anyone has a  requirement of our services please let me know, we’ll do our very best to accommodate.

Today’s image is from Cei Back beach near New Quay Wales and will be featuring in the book, believe me when I recommend it that this place is worth a visit, lush beaches and a fantastic coastal walk, quaint little villages just like the song,  At The River – Groove Armada.

Anyway back to watching videos of the drone, first flight booked for this weekend


Sunset at Cei Bach

Sunset-at-Cei-BachHi all


another from south west Wales, this time from Cei Bach, beautiful place, here’s the info

Cei Bach

Cei Bach (Little Bay) is just to the north of Traethgwyn at New Quay and separated by that beach by the rocky promontory of Llanina point. In the last century, there was a church on the point that was washed away by the sea. Cei Bach was important for ship building in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries, and there were several lime kilns above the beach. Sadly, because the majority of the cliffs are made up of glacial deposits of boulder clay, there has been considerable erosion and the remains of the lime kilns have now been lost to the sea.

There is a fantastic coastal walk there too with awesome views

Another one to put on your tick list



Saint Ina’s Church Llanina

Saint-Ina's-Church-LlaninaSaint Ina’s Church Llanina

Beautiful little church right on the beach at Llanllwchaiarn near New Quay, I have quite a few of these to post from different angles, the next having loads more blue bells. We walked from Cei Bach along the coast to this church, it’s also part of the Dylan Thomas trail walk too, glorious beaches with amazing views to be had, well worth it and the pooches loved it.



St Catherine’s Island

St-Catherines-TenbyAfternoon all


just a quick update from my recent South Wales trip for the book shots, we had a great week and found some fantastic locations, certainly some for band shots too. I’ll post as many as I can over the coming weeks, needless to say we met some lovely people and dog lovers, the gang really enjoyed the sunshine and sea and very long walks everyday to help me get to locations.

This one is St Catherine’s a must if you’re ever down that way, open to the public but not so for our fury friends so they get a big fat ZERO from me because of this. They are however allowed on the beach and what a beach it is, huge and goes on forever…..a bit like me!


anyway check it out HERE

Have a great weekend, plenty to catch up with next week inc updates on commissions.



Knockbrex-PillarNice to see the weekend is here and the sun is shining, great weekend planned with a lovely dog walk tomorrow and CFR training on Sunday, really looking forward to being qualified and out there helping my community.

Today’s image is from Knockbrex Priapic Pillars, a must on the photographers places to visit list.

It’s a fair walk carrying all your kit and the beach has long since seen its best with rubbish everywhere, shame really as its a beautiful place with cattle grazing right down to the shore edge and bird life adorning the skies, a real treat, midge season was in full swing and even with the sea breeze I got bitten to hell and back. STill it was well worth it and I’d certainly go back there.

Have a great weekend all


Threave Castle

Threave-CastleThreave Castle is situated on an island in the River Dee, 2.5 km west of Castle Douglas in Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland. It was the home of ‘Black’ Douglas Earls of Douglas from the late 14th century until their fall in 1455.

Threave Castle’s rectangular keep is 21 m (69 ft), or 5 storeys high, and 18.4 by 12.1 m (60 by 40 ft) m by 12.1 m in plan. The keep was once accessed by a movable bridge from the gatehouse to the first floor. This level is vaulted, and was occupied by kitchens. Below is a basement with a well and prison pit. A spiral stair within the 2 m (6 ft 7 in) thick wall leads up to the great hall, which had a second bridge access to the upper gatehouse. Above this were two timber floors, now missing, with two rooms on the next storey, and servants quarters at the top. Holes in the external walls would have supported a timber defensive structure known as a bretache, which allowed the defenders to drop objects on attackers at the walls.

The keep is enclosed by the later curtain wall, which has round towers on its three corners, and a series of arrow loops and gun ports which were added when artillery began to play a significant role in warfare. Only one of these towers, the south east, remains, along with the gatehouse, which was formerly equipped with a drawbridge. The curtain walls are only 4.4m from the keep, and are surrounded by a once flooded ditch. To the west the river runs close to the keep. The remains of a wall survive along the river bank, curving back to the north west corner of the keep. A gated harbour was constructed here to provide secure alternative access to the castle. To the north, only an earth bank defends the keep, although the marshy approach to this side would have discouraged attackers.

The island itself covers 8 hectares (20 acres), although in the 15th century it is estimated to have been only a third of this size. However, the isle would have supported subsidiary buildings, such as stores and workshops, as well as the castle. Access was by boat or via a ford at the south of the island.

See who says I can’t do history, well wickithingy helps alot



Heather With A Tilt Shift

Heather-13Hi all

apologies for not posting this week, been one of those weeks where I juts haven’t had time for the nicer things in life. One major headache has been the new accounts system, I’ve been using an old desktop version of quickbooks for 10 years now so I decided I’d update this to the new sparkling online service, lets just say they have the worst the very worst support of any company I have ever dealt with or am I likely to! Bottom line is I’m now with Sage which is where I should have switched to in the 1st place.

Anyway once I’ve calmed down enough I’ll be posting some new shots, todays is one from last heather season using my TS24 tilt shift lens to give it a toy town effect.