Fairy Pools Portrait

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Happy Monday morning all, it’s nearly time for Santa and I hope you’ve all been good little boys and girls, some very lucky special people will be receiving prints bought from my website this year by loved ones. I’d like to say a very special thanks you to those who have bought this year and especially this month for Christmas gifts.

Today sees me in two frames of mind, VAT day this time of year should be banned but it’s a necessary  evil that always make me feel ill before Christmas, on the other hand I’m setting up the new light and backdrop set up to do the doggies new Christmas pictures today or tomorrow so that will hopefully take my mind off the expenses going out, with any luck there will be enough to buy a small Turkey or Sparrow on Wednesday!.

In the meantime here’s another from the Skye trip, a bleak walk across the moors to the magical Fairy Pools  near Glenbrittle at the foot of the Black Cuillin Mountains. Thought I’d try an unorthodox portrait version which I think works pretty OK, what do you think?

It was certainly a breezy day with sleet like rain whipping at our faces and very boggy underfoot, made for an interesting walk any ways.

Right on with the days task, hope you all have a great week.



Carl Wark – A Winters Walk

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Is it Tuesday already, the last 10 days seems to have blurred by so fast, it will be Christmas Day before we know it, getting so excited, family coming for dinner, my favourite part, it’s particularly  important as my uncle Eric is still in hospital with Leukaemia complications of treatment so we’re really hoping things will be settled down enough for him to be home with us for the day.

In the meantime I’m suffering with ManFlu……..I hear all you women groan at my comment!, it’s a true medical condition I tell you, I have it pretty bad this time too, chest infection, headaches, shivers you name it, even Jo admits I have it bad this time instead of calling me a whimp! Anyway I’ll brave it through and ride the fever.lol

Today’s offering is a walk in The Peaks, Carl Wark, the iron age hill fort on Hathersage Moor, a steady little walk with great views across the peaks, usually quite busy but I had it pretty much to myself on this occasion.

Tomorrow is the last day for print sales that will be delivered in time for Christmas, so get those orders in NOW


Northumberland Boulder Sunset

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A very good Thursday all, hope you are all bearing up well with the Weather Bomb! we’ve see plenty of rain over the last few days, now we’re hoping the white stuff will land by the weekend and stay till the new year (I know lots of you will hate it, but for a photographer with 4 Huskies it’s heaven sent)


On a serious note I’d like to thanks my friends and FB friends who out of their love of dogs and friendship bought packs of my husky puppy Christmas cards from me, we raised out of the sales and additional £76 which will be sent to the Soidog.org team in the new year. You may never know just how much you contribution will make to save dogs in Thailand from a horrible untimely death for the meat and fur trade so once again.

THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart, you are certainly my true friends and remarkable humans.

Mountain Rescue Christmas Cards are selling really well and again many thanks to all who have bought these, lets hope you never need the service but it’s fantastic should you ever need it, and remember it’s run by volunteers with big hearts.



Neist Point – The End


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Friday at last and a busy weekend of shoots ahead.

Barnsley Youth choir tonight and tomorrow night followed by Jagged Edge gig later Sat night then an early shoot for the first Barnsley Junior Park Run at Locke Park, should be fun, the camera will be smoking!

One of the last shots at Neist Point Skye before we headed home some 500 miles and 9hrs away, when all the other photographer had gone there was just Chris and myself there , this is when you realise just how awesome a place this is. Not very often you get a place like this to yourself but when you do its best to enjoy it and breath it in as much as possible. you can hear the waves crashing and the sea birds calling to each other, at this point you realise just how insignificant you are to in the grand scheme of things and that this world is so beautiful with all its amazing places and creatures…one of those places you feel truly free and forget your everyday life. So well worth a trip.

Have a great weekend all



Fairy Pool – Another View

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Another from Skye this view from a different angle looking across the fall to the rock, we had to set up and wait between gale force winds and sleet like rain to get the shots so I’m very pleased with the outcome, would have been terrible to drive 500 miles and come back with nothing (there’s a song there somewhere).

We couldn’t believe having walked up the stream course in this horrendous weather and walking across boggy land that a couple of foreign lads followed us wearing jeans and trainers, they even stood in the stream to mimic my composition shots…..thinking to back to my Mountain Rescue days, these guys were bread and butter to create a necessity for a call out. They were however very concious of the fact that we were on a mission and moved every time we needed to get in position for a shot. Good lads.

Playing with the Profoto B1 500’s all day today, awesome kit, I can’t believe how clever they are, I mean TTL over 100m away….the mind boggles.



Old Man

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Old Man of Storr

This is properly the most famous walk on the Island and definitely the busiest. The ‘Old Man’ is a large pinnacle of rock that stands high and can be seen for miles around. As part of the Trotternish ridge the Storr was created by a massive ancient landside, leaving one of the most photographed landscapes in the world.

If you look closely you can see people at and around its base, this gives you a good idea of the scale with the Old man standing an impressive 165 ft (just read this back and I know it sounds very rude but you get the idea).

The walk from the car park on the main road is they say 1 hr 15 mins non stop, probably is if your a racing snake but certainly not for a big lad like myself carrying camera etc, more like 2hrs to be safe, coming down is a fair bit quicker probably 20 mins tops. It goes without saying that any visit to Skye must include this climb/walk and with good weather (not very often) the views are astounding and must be appreciated. Its child and dog safe apart from the area between the Old Man and the rock face, signs warn of falling rock danger. While we had a rest seated at the Old Mans base there was a loud crack and rock came hurtling down in the space between, the heat from the sun expanding the rock. (be careful)

Iconic shots abound the internet and I’ve yet to see anything different from anybody though on our descent we did see a couple of guys with drones so  they at least have a different angle on things to us mere photographers, after scouting you-tube on my return there are quite a few drone films about the Old Man and surrounding area so nothing new really.

Just waiting for my delivery from new sponsor Kinafoto in Spain posted yesterday and it’s out for delivery today, how amazing is that when my local Asda takes 3 days to get things from depot to branch.



New Sponsor – Kinafoto.com

Skye-RocksHappy Monday all


And some great news…..

New sponsorship in the form of Profoto lighting equipment, which is simply the best location kit there is has been given from a great  company Kinafoto. It’s amazing how much faith and commitment they have provided, their extremely helpful staff and on-line chat box really helps you through the minefield of choices they provide.

Price wise they are pretty much the best I have found and sell through Amazon UK too so no nasty import costs or long delays, they have a Black Friday deal on at present including a 5% discount so even better if you’re in the market for any accessories or lighting kit.

The kit I have gone for is the Profoto B1 500 Location kit, by far the best there is for its weight and durability and lets face it I get in some pretty remote and scary places so I need robust lightweight gear, this ticks all the boxes.

Massive thanks to Ana and the team at Kinafoto so pleased to be part of your team and the kit will be extensively used on the book shoot from now on.


Elgol – Hop Skip And A Jump



Black Friday!!!!! fffttt

Its a wonderful bright and glorious day, the weekend begins, OK so its raining and miserable here in Barnsley but who cares, some days you just got to thank your lucky stars.

Finally managed to sort out the new lighting system and sponsorship so orders going in today, fantastic deal on what is the best location lighting system out there, will be great with the band shoot and up and coming model shoots in The Peaks.

Today’s shot surprise surprise is Elgol …..AGAIN, I know but it just kept giving, beautiful sunset lighting up the Cuillins and foreground rocks as the waves lapped peacefully against the shore, a great place to think.

have a great weekend and avoid the torment of shopping and take you dog for a walk you’ll feel so much better instead.



Elgol Sunset


To say we only spent a few short hours at Elgol I certainly reaped a great crop of images, saying that it will be a long time before we return such is the drive. Sunset skies over the Cuillins certainly drive home the intensity of the scars down the distant mountains.

Got more commissions to start doing research for, 3 new locations and a band wanting something a little bit different so will need an awesome location, one of which I have in mind and time permitting will scope out this weekend.

have a great day



Elgol Go



Morning all

Wet and windy Wednesday here in Yorkshire….so I thought a nice wet and windy shot from Skye would be in order.

This one from Elgol looking across to the Cuillin range, Elgol is on the shores of Loch Scavaig towards the end of the Strathaird peninsula.

This was the scene of our run in with the team of sheep and the shepherd photography teacher, looking back it was so funny and I could imagine a TV comedy about how the teacher herded his attendees round from location to location having run in after run in with jobbing photographers. We were crouched down next to the jetty wall on the left when this guy came storming down calling us ignorant blah blah blah, they were all lined up some 50m away to the left so we were only in shot if stood up, they were there 30-40mins we in turn took a mere 10mins, some people need to learn they don’t own these locations. We were again berated as we left by a full on Irish man, I did not have a clue what he was saying but with our patience run dry I informed him where best to go, he didn’t reply so I guess he got the message, the rest of the shoot was uneventful other than being stunningly beautiful………and breath!