Church In The Sea – Big Shoot Tomorrow


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Quick update and shot tonight…….


Just got back from a great 2 week hols come shoot /work on Anglesey and I’m back there tomorrow for a shoot with Rock Band Ten, really excited as I have followed them for many years….real pleasure day for me, saying that its taken all yesterday and up to 4pm today to get all the kit ready and tested. Good to have the assistance and company of Chris Philips with me too tomorrow, a talented photographer expanding his repertoire.

Will post an update later but the shots will have to wait until after the albums release and subsequent sale by Ten on line.



Stormfront Approaching



A very foreboding sky at Glencoe, Scotland, a few mins later the heavens opened and that was shot over time, fortunately the motor-home was 10m behind me and I just strolled back for safety.

Will be heading to Wales Sunday for some serious catching up with my sea and landscape shooting, a few workshops to slot in too with some lovely new friends. here’s hoping for some nice but changeable weather, may even get some climbing in dogs , Jo permitting.

Will be updating the site as I go along whilst away and Thunder  will be announcing the winner of the Sunburst poppies image, so if you haven’t shared it yet on facebook with friends and family hurry up and do so to win the print. Link HERE


Competition Time

Castle-SunburstPlease share among your friends and family for a chance to win this print, winner will be drawn at random by Thunder the Husky

Yes thats right Thunder the Husky is the official Adrian Ashworth competition assistant, this way we are truly impartial unless someone gets to him with puppy bone treats, his fave!

Todays image is from Bamburgh in Northumberland and is of the poppy field at the side of the castle, you can make out the silhouetted battlements  and sunburst through its turrets. This is a limited edition version and will be on the website later for sale, I am limiting it to 100 copies only with the winner receiving the first direct from my sponsor Peak Imaging in Sheffield.


So don’t forget you need to share then leave a comment that you have shared, Thunder can only pick from those who have commented “Shared” on my FB page either my personal one Adrian Ashworth or my business page Adrian Ashworth

Winner will be picked once we have plenty of Shares, last months winner was Janet Vickers who received her print of the Island Queen, it was also her birthday so well done Janet x




Bamburgh Summer Morning

Bamburgh-Colours A wonderful morning to you all,

thought I’d brighten your day up with this colourful shot from Bamburgh Castle, love the mixture of colours.

Today will see me at the Hilton Leeds for my portfolio review for my FBIPP  then onto do a Canal shoot in Leeds City centre, hope we get a little but of sunshine later too as I need a summer shot of the Arches in Leeds.

Have a great day and feel free to share and brighten up your friends day too.



Cannon Hall Park

cawthorne-RaysHappy Monday all


here’s a piccy from a recent walk round Cannon Hall at Cawthorne Barnsley, a very pretty place complete with stately home, garden centre and cafe, there’s even a farm shop selling local produce of a very high quality and a farm for the kids to visit, generally a good day out for the kids and parents alike.

Snapped this shot on our way back to the car park, very foreboding sky with the hope of a ray passing through and lighting up the trees and field.

Happy days



Up Above The Streets And Houses

RainbowWell I couldn’t resist with the title, think we all remember Rainbow don’t we?


This is another of my shots for my FBIPP qualification folio panel next week.

Yes I know you’re wondering why the sky is lighter inside the rainbow and darker on the outside, here’s the tech

“The lighter sky under a rainbow is created by the way that light is bent inside raindrops. The raindrops also focus the sunlight into an expanse of bright light that illuminates the sky under the rainbow’s arc”

Clever stuff eh? either way it creates a beautiful effect and I never tire of shooting rainbows when I get the chance.

Off shooting canals this afternoon in West Yorkshire, some really beautiful walks along the Aire Calder and then off to Birmingham at the weekend.




Castlerigg View

Castlerig-ViewHi All and happy Friday…….see it came round quick enough


Just a quick update and upload today as I’m busily getting the house ready for a view, fingers x’d we have some lovely people coming over the weekend to see if our house meets their needs and more importantly expectations, hate doing stuff like this but its a step closer to our dreams which involve the north Welsh coast, huskies etc etc etc…ONE DAY

Today’s shot is a view from the stone circle at Castlerigg, right time right place again as it lasted a matter of seconds until the cloud took hold once again and blackened the sky and game over. This is why tell my students you have to keep going over and over until it’s right for you, chasing the light is second nature to a landscape photographer, we learn more patience than the average tog and this helps when it comes to doing commercial work and especially children and pets.

anyway back to my cleaning and jobs that Jo has left me with.

Wish us luck with the viewings and have a great weekend what ever you’re doing.


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Old Man View


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Morning all, nearly the weekend phew!!

This shot isn’t on the website for sale but if you contact me I’ll be able to sort especially for you, it is one for my book sponsored by Go Outdoors and also my FBIPP qualification so very important to me.

Taken from part way up The Old Man of Coniston, in case you were wondering about the title, looking over Coniston Waters and onto Furness Fells and Windermere, you can just make out snow covers peaks in the distance.

It’s a great walk especially with snow down, it was a lot deeper at the top and the day after we had 24″ of snow at the base which pretty much shut everything down…apart from Stormy the Husky walks that is.


Workshops, which are guided, insured, medically covered and inc buffet lunch and some transportation to locations.



Fellow of the British Institute of Professional Photography

Lonely IceMorning all,

long day yesterday getting images ready for my Fellow of the British Institute of Professional Photography pre assessment on the 19th August, I’ve set aside 3 days to choose 40-50 images that will compile a broad spectrum of my genre and capabilities, I’ll be going for landscape and Commercial FBIPP.

The BIPP as a body provides not only great support to its members and associates but guidance and career advice in ways to move forward, there are courses available run by members who specialise in their chosen field and local sections for a more area specific approach to photography.

This is one of my images that will be included in my selection, use of negative space along with an almost monochrome appearance with a curtain backdrop of a waterfall, simple yes, technically moderate, kneeling in freezing water is never easy and you have to watch out for falling icicles from the falls above. It sells well as a canvas print. Let me know what you think, like / dislike whatever.



The Kelpies – Falkirk

Kelpies Please Like And Share On Face Book With All Your Friends.

Finally got round to processing the images from Falkirk.

It was a rainy day when we arrived at Helix Park but pretty much as soon as we parked up (FREE) the sun came through and didn’t disappoint, entrance again is FREE and helpful staff are there to assist, the site has toilets and mobile eating and coffee vans to tempt the weary traveller.

I have to say and I have been to quite a few places which include the Pyramids that I think this could easily become a wonder of the world, the shear scale and majesty of the structure is awesome, even when you see them from the motorway travelling into Falkirk you simply cannot believe their scale as they dominate the skyline. You can actually have a guided walk up inside too, we didn’t as we have the Husky pack with us but I would imagine that is a spectacle to behold too.

What really brings it home is it practicality too, it’s actually forms part of a canal system  (Forth and Clyde) with a lock between the two Kelpies, absolutely amazing.

The Kelpies name reflected the mythological transforming beasts possessing the strength and endurance of 10 horses and stands 30m high. Created by Scottish sculptor Andy Scott. A graduate of Glasgow School of Art in 1986, Andy has now completed over 70 projects across a wide range of disciplines across the UK and internationally.

I would rate this as a must see, tick list location, one not to be missed