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Simplest Is Sometimes Best

Bamburgh-Sunset-BeachAs the title suggests, it’s sometimes the simplest of shots that works best. I was actually walking across the beach to the wreck when I crouched down and saw the reflection of the sun on the beach, made a perfect composition wouldn’t you say?

Using my Singh Ray reverse grad filter to bring the sky colours out this image is pretty much straight out of the camera.


F8 1/8s ISO 100 28mm

Singh Ray reverse grad, 102mm Heliopan Polariser

Off up’t North tomorrow filming woods for a commission really looking forward to it, I’ll be in Wensleydale  and Grassington with Stormy, say hi if you see me.




Crystal Clear Cloud Action

Back in Yorkshire for a week from a wonderful week in Wales, had a beautiful few days worth of sunshine and sunsets….plus the usual gale force winds and torrential rain lol, but  that is what makes Wales so special to me.

Had a great couple of sessions with my trusty crystal ball and smoke machine much to the peculiar glances from the odd passer by…….I know I’m weird don’t need reminding but it’s what I do and it feed me too both body and soul.

Starting a great commission this week in North Yorkshire 5 locations to cover so Thursday and the weekend look pretty busy already and more promised for the summer from this client, exciting stuff and times ahead.

My repaired 1DS comes back today so I’m looking forward to giving the old girl a cuddle, I know sad isn’t it? Jo says I’d sleep with the cameras one side and Stormy the other but thats probably too much information isn’t it!


Once again must plug Towergate Camersure Insurance, very helpful and took all the hassle out of the claim, very supportive.

Will post more shots as I get through my Colourspace drive, busy busy which is really nice and appreciated.


Pebble Beach

A beautiful sunset from Northumberland complete with sunburst sunset, the Carlsberg of sunset locations I think.

New camera comes today so I have a couple of hours setting up and testing to do before I start using it tomorrow in Wales, should be fun, I’ll be venturing into the macro flower market  doing a small series of shots for s commission, quite a big departure for me as I’m known for my wide open vista shots, but what ever pays the bills is good for me and as long as it’s camera related I’ll enjoy it.

Really looking forward to standing in the sea again, miss it terribly and its been a week already since I last stood waist deep filming a seascape sunset.

Ah well on with the day.

hope you all have a great weekend, I’ll update the site as I go along over the next week


Sunset Shower (Avoiding the obvious title)

Hhhmmmm, yes I know didn’t want to lower the tone with the title but it is golden I guess, anyway this is from Northumberland last week near Seahouses, it was a fantastic sunset and I spent the whole evening running up and down the coastline to get as many variational shots in as possible.

Getting my kit ready for Wales now, new camera being delivered tomorrow to replace my fataly damaged 1Ds, apparently stone steps and cameras don’t mix very well even more so when they have big lenses on, not fun and the air did turn a little blue!

Here hoping for some good weather for sunrises over the Welsh mountains next week


Bamburgh Poppy Sunburst

A rather special night at Bamburgh last weekend as the sunset behind the castle and burst over a field of beautiful poppies, very difficult lighting conditions and I had to use several filters to blend the scene right. I love the way the poppy field looks like someone turned a 100watt bulb on in the middle, magical…..

Still processing shots from the week before too,  so hopefully I will  get some more up on the website before the weekend.

Canon 5d MKII

f11 1/60 ISO 100


Singh Ray Reverse Grad

Heliopan 102mm Polariser

Sunset Shore

Hey it’s Friday at last, the sun is shining and I’m all packed ready for a weekend away with the Stormster, but where should we go? Northumberland or North Wales?

Camera at the ready for some serious seascape sunsets tonight, forecast is spot on, must admit I’m leaning towards the Bamburgh Castle area, had a glimpse of it last week so I should really go and get this one under my belt as it were. There’s a beautiful rape seed field near it to so may manage to get that in there shot if I’m lucky.

Have a great weekend all



That Perfect Sunset

I make no excuses for posting what will be  at least 10 shots from one evenings shoot, spending 4 1/2 hrs watching the sunset across calm seas is pretty much my perfect way to relax and capturing it is my perfect way of expressing its beauty. I never understand why when you have this on your doorstep you would choose to stay n and watch TV, anyway I suppose I’d moan if the beaches were full of people not watching Eastenders! I’ll leave these places as secrets then.

Beautiful sunshine in Yorkshire this morning, popping over to the dark side later, well Lancaster, hope the folks there are as nice as they

I still need to complete a sunset rape seed shot I scouted last week, hopefully get it polished off tonight after our  team  meeting.

have a great Monday