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Now that’s a Leg

When it comes to doing the wedding dress hung up shot you need to arrange things so it extenuates the dress yet with a good focal point too, and what better way than with a wonderful willing bride to show her gorgeous leg. Here Elizabeth was stood to the left in her PJ shorts and top perched precariously on another chair while Wayne assisted me by holding the ceiling lampshade out of shot. It took us several attempts but I think we nailed it in the end. Very sexy shot with the dress and garter text in detail. I would say that if you have a lamp in shot, turn it on, it adds to the image and give purpose rather than just being a prop.



Below is another image of the fantastic staircase at The Met Hotel, Leeds. I could probably spend a day shooting this place, brilliant deco architecture brought tastefully into the modern.







The Met, Leeds Staircase and a wonderful couple

The Met Hotel, Leeds has a fantastic staircase that lends itself to a wedding perfectly, shooting up and down and across really works well, especially with the huge portrait windows that floods light across the couple. The examples here from Michael and Elizabeths wedding show how well the staircase frames the couple and allows for different angles to be employed.




Some Wedding Pictures Are Made To Be Classic

Often said that Black and White images transform the picture into a classic tone, non more so than the two below, firstly the glamorous Elizabeth in that wonderful dress, it was a black and white themed wedding so it seemed only fitting that they should have a few done this way to extenuate the theme and give a classic 50’s feel to their special day. The window to the right adding subtle rays to her face and wall behind,  just balance by the main stairs light to the left casting a warm glow to her dress and right side, a Lowel Gl-1 adding a lit oval behind her.























The second picture gives you the full staircase and beautiful deco windows of the Hotel Met, Leeds, along nicely positioned LOVE letters it’s set to gives you the impression it’s the end of their day and that they are going to bed. Great timing with the suns rays illuminating  the staircase perfectly for me, just added some back light to the couple with 2 x Lowel GL-1’s, one with the 82b filter on, also one LED array to the left. Classy couple Classy shot, job done.



Somewhere In Time – Exhibition Updates































I was honoured this week to give a guided tour around my exhibition “Somewhere in Time” at The Civic, Barnsley to Barnsley Central MP Dan Jarvis.

As many of you are aware Dan is certainly a man of integrity and honour, having served in our military he has also overcome  tragedies in his personal life which I think have moulded him into the solid caring political figure you see in the picture.

Dan took valuable time away from his campaigning to visit the exhibition which is mainly comprised with people from his central area, we spent over an hour discussing the people in the images and the amazing support structures that so many people are providing to those who so desperately need help in our community.

Dan is standing for re-election in the upcoming local and national elections, here’s hoping he gets back in and continues to support his community the way he has been doing so diligently over the past years.





























I was also honoured to give a guide tour of the exhibition to the fabulous people of ArtWorks Sheffield,  ArtWorks is a community interest day service providing quality day and work opportunities within the creative industries for adults with learning disabilities, autism, sensory disabilities and physical disabilities.  We spent an hour discussing the people and issues faced by the people living with dementia and comparing how their own difficulties manifest in their daily life and problems that are alleviated to a certain extent by being part of a community group that give unlimited support that doesn’t stop at 5pm.

I was recently interviewed by a couple of the group for their newsletter which you can read HERE, a really well written interview and it was a pleasure meeting all the gang learning about all the fantastic things they do and plans for the future.

Today I had the pleasure of meeting Helen Jones from DARTS (Doncaster Community Arts) at my exhibition, she came to see if it’s something they would hopefully display in the future at The Point in Doncaster, fingers crossed she like it and will recommend it for show in 2018/19



Wedding Pictures

























Another of my trademark wedding shots, this time the groom and his best man looking longingly and lovingly into each others eyes whilst handcuffed together. Michael and Darryl were so up for this, maybe a tad too much fellas!
























Darryl had the funniest picture on his phone so we made a focal point of it, laughed so much it took away the nerves of the day for a while….not quite sure where the key was, thought it best not to ask













Where Have I Been All This Time

Elizabeth on Stairs Close Up Lights

Hi All


a few updates to what i have been up to lately and why the absence too.

everyone that knows me knows my father Alan has dementia so it’s been taking most of my spare time up lately visiting the care home, hospital visits, you name it, it’s not something you would wish on anyone to endure or be the ones that care for the person living with dementia.

I have also been very busy with my Somewhere in Time exhibition at The Civic, Barnsley. We had a fabulous opening on the 22nd April, I made a speech,  Councillor Tim Shepherd told the story of his mothers dementia, very moving, lifelong friend entertainer, poet and all round top fella Ronnie Steel read a couple of his poems he kindly wrote for me, Grandads Boots being my favourite.  The Mayor Barnsley Councillor Linda Burgess did the official opening and shared her experiences with her own mother and dementia as well as dementia being her chosen charity this year.























We’ve also started doing a video with my friend Dan, a top videographer and together we are now producing high quality videos for business promotion, wedding, event, music, web and aerial with my PfCO CAA license.

The wedding of Elizabeth and Michael in Leeds City Centre at The Met Hotel was a fantastic success, very emotional for everybody and love was certainly in the air, I had the best time working for them, assisted with Wayne doing my lighting, it was a very long day but we gave them everything they requested plus a lot more including a fully edited video.  one day prepping, one day shoot and three days editing stills and 3 days producing/editing the video. We certainly worked hard for our clients on this one. Great result and very happy people.
























A commission shoot saw myself and Wayne heading into private woods in search of bluebells. It was to show what wildlife, flora and fauna would be devastated by the HS2 rail project close to the M1 corridor in both Derbyshire and South Yorkshire. We did about 10 miles walking with full camera kit bags but were blessed to have witnessed the most beautiful bluebell woods either of us had ever seen. Wild deer, rabbits, pheasant and numerous wild creatures and birds habit these areas of outstanding natural beauty, would be such a crime to have these destroyed just to save us time on a journey.

We have also done a shoot for the UK melodic rock band Ten, the album titled Gothica will be released on the 7th July so I can’t post any images just yet, I will say though they are some of my best work as is the alum the best of Ten’s work, stunning vocals with awesome guitars held together with the tightest of drums, bass and brilliant keyboards, I would recommend buying this at your earliest convenience, it’s going to be MASSIVE for them.

We have also been doing our Dementia Dogs visits to support groups throughout Barnsley, they are a huge success and I’ll be posting more info as things progress over the coming weeks/months, we have some great plans in the pipeline.

Until next time