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Rhosneigr Sunset Wash

Rhosneigr Sunset Wash

Ahh Rhosneigr, my spiritual home and place of many friends. Can’t believe its been 6 weeks already, I’m in desperate need of a sea fix so be ready for a visit very soon, got a few other things to sort out on Anglesey too and a permanent  exhibition…more on that later.

Bit dreary here in Barnsley and I’m still made up with cold which has decided to move from my head to my chest, and yes I know I should man up but it’s getting on my nerves now, 2 weeks of this and no signs of it getting better, is everyone else suffering the same? and what is your best cure?

Waiting in for my 20 canvasses to arrive and then getting kit ready as we’re doing a video shoot at the weekend for a clairvoyant which will be really interesting and I can’t wait to do this.




Crystal Peaks

Crystal Peaks

Well I’m part way through getting the shots ready for the Civic exhibition, 20 canvasses ordered yesterday, Printer guy is primed and ready and 8 shots ready to go, need to have another good session at it today.

Canon Hall exhibition comes down tomorrow well Thursday  and has given me a couple of very nice commissions so has been well worth while, generally exhibitions just work for getting your name known so it’s always a bonus to make something from them occasionally.

First job of the day though is cleaning the Jet Ski, have a guy interested in it, will miss it but I haven’t used it for nearly 2 years.

Todays image from Wales and is of my new crystal, a pressie from my mum in law Anne, nice when you get pressies you like and can use isn’t it?, mind you she’s pretty good at sorting them, husky, camera related things are always appreciated.



Freezing Curbar Mist

Curbar Mist

A freezing mist,  Curbar Edge at sunrise

Still got the dreaded cold now on my chest as well and a full day sorting pictures for the Civic exhibition in December so I’ll have to get my skates on, was advised to man up so I have taken the sound advice and wrapped up warm and see if I can sweat it out. No gym though, not a good idea when its on your chest so I’m told.

Anyway onwards and upwards so they say, more later if I get chance.




Dumfries Autumn Trig

Dumfries Trig

Beautiful autumn colours everywhere at the moment, the best thing about the UK is that we do have these wonderful transitions of seasons. As we move into winter and the bleak weather takes hold its so comforting to see all the tones that nature deals us as an end of year gift. A walk now will see the ground covered with wilting foliage with great shades of colour and textures.

Got a great night out in the cold tonight with mates, should be fun, camera at the ready for some snow/frost shots tomorrow mornings sunrise.

Today’s shot is from Gatehouse of Fleet in Dumfries, the coast is just to the left of shot. A lovely autumn walk with fantastic views of the coastline and mountains.

Have a great weekend all



Porth Y Post Sunset Glow

Port Y Post – Sunset Glow

Yet another from my Port Y Post visit, must admit I think it’s one of the most productive shoots I have done, think it must be the place rather than me, I have never felt so much a kin to an atmosphere and location. literally had to force myself to leave, may take the little tent there next time.

Weathers turning cooler and dryer now which is great, frosty mornings and even some snow may be on its way, looking forward to a great weekend out with mates and a big fry up Saturday morning…yum yum.

I may get one more in later or tomorrow, stuck getting shots ready for clients and exhibition work, wish I was out filming.


have fun



Porth Y Post Claw

Porth Y Post Claw

Another dreary day here in Yorkshire so I can get on with my massive catch up, saying that I’m off to check out my exhibition space soon with my printer to check size locations, should be fun.



would you and why enter photography competitions and pay for the privileged to possibly win a decent prize when knowing full well that you will only win if you match the criteria of a judge and that it would suit their final selection to promote what it is about. I have recently noticed that my in box and spam box are getting large amounts of win this or that £25 entrance fee and backed by a credible photographer……so would you and why, is it time these were free for all?

look forward to your replies guys.




Crystal Sunset

Crystal Sunset

A flash of mist as the sun sets captured in my trusty crystal, should bring a smile to a miserable day, rain and mist around today so its a catch up with processing day and having suffered the indignity of having our caravan stolen last weekend while I was away with MRT we have to go through it all with the loss adjuster this afternoon, hopefully we’ll get things sorted sooner rather than later, need my sea fix real soon, little tent may have to have to run out to Anglesey short term.

This shot, 99% in the sea 1% cleaned on MAC……100% passion

Canon 1DS MKII

24-105 f4 @f 16


Singh Ray reverse grad

Lee .9 soft grad

Portha Y Post Sunset

Portha Y Post

What a miserable morning here in Yorkshire, my thoughts have gone back to last trip to Anglesey and in particular my last night shoot at Porta Y Post, when ever I feel low which it isn’t very often me being uber happy, much to the annoyance of some I just stare into the sea or go up to the Peaks for a walk and hey presto normal service is resumed.

Had a lovely walk yesterday afternoon at Royd Moor for a commission client, Stormy had a great 5k hunt round, fortunately she didn’t manage to kill anything especially after the vole incident the other day, I ended up trying to do CPR on the poor thing, Mountain Rescue skills kicked in…sadly it passed away in my hand. Couldn’t really tell Stormy off, it’s what she does, She’s a husky and their prey drive is unbelievable.


Getting exhibition shots ready today.




Langsett Saturday

Langsett Sunrise

Had a great weekend with Woodhead Mountain Rescue, we had our Grin & Bear It race across the Peaks and we went up early to catch the sunrise, we weren’t disappointed . A superb sunrise followed by a superb day with funds being raised to help us continue to deliver rescue services to the needy.


Second shot is of the house or remnants of it at North America looking back down towards the reservoir, it was used for target practice during WWII and there are bullet holes in the stone all over.


North America House


Sunset Rain

Sunset Rain

As the weekend approaches and I get my kit ready for a long day in the Peaks tomorrow i thought I’d better get on with the Wales work so here’s another from my last shoot on Anglesey. Yes I was soaked as it was a torrential storm but as it gave way to the sunset I had a brief 5 minutes to setup clean the camera and filters and get this image before I was forced to make a hasty retreat back to the comfort of my car. Managed to enlarge this one and now have it in a frame….looks soooooo moody, very pleased with it.

Hoping all goes well tomorrow for my shoot and the Grin & Bear it race with Woodhead Mountain Rescue, hope we raise some well needed and deserved funds for the team to enable us to carry on doing superb work for our area.