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Cobh – Stormy Skies

Morning all

pleased to be back from the beautiful but rather wet Ireland, we had some horrendous weather for the first 10 days then the next 10 were just too darn hot….you can’t win when you take huskies with you!

For the past three years I have tried to capture St Coleman’s Cathedral, Cobh bathed in sunlight and this trip would be the same, travelling there it was wonderful sunshine until we managed to park up on the hill opposite and then the skies darkened and it threw it down, in the distance at first but within a minute or two we were soaked. One day I’ll capture it as I intended but until then we’ll have to console ourselves with great storm clouds and that magnificent spire pointing heavenly to God.


List of filters if anyones interested

102mm Polariser slim

Sing Ray Reverse Grad 4st

Lee Blue Sky 6×4