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Sunset Blue

Sunset Blue

Had a wonderful weekend away at Clumber Park apart from Jo getting severely ill, we think it was the norovirus, boy was she poorly for 24 hours…won’t go into details but I get she’s a stone lighter!

Started training again yesterday, which has been a long time coming, nearly 6 months of back rest, still far from being right, I think I have got more use to the pain but I can’t stand being idle any longer…now for the diet YUK, no more chocolate and bread and breakfast is now…any get this…2 tins of tuna(springwater) and 1/2 pint OJ blended..NOT NICE believe me. Starting weight 19st 2lb so I aim now to shed 2st in 10 weeks and get to 17st ish.

Taking Stormy for a bike ride in a little while round Pugney’s, gets me fitter and her too. wish me luck

This shot was taken last light of the day at Broad Beach Rhosneigr, Anglesey. I used my Heliopan polariser dialed on full to increase the cut through the sea foreground and increase the saturation of the blues in the sky and sea.

Going to get out later in the week for a shoot with Stormy, Peaks is looking favourite.


All the best



One Tog And His Dog – A start

One Tog And His Dog - Picture courtesy of a good friend Steve Bark

























Well I finally started writing. After months of putting it off for various reasons, mainly me being lazy!, I have dedicated time to writing the book and story of Stormy the Husky and her doting Photographer of a dad! won’t go into too much detail as there are still developing ideas regarding where the end product will be placed in the market but I’m excited and buzzing which is great. I’ll post sections as and when I compete them as well as my normal blog too. I have stopped the flickr uploads  and several other sites to increase writing time, certainly going to try and compete at least a good paragraph or so a day, I know , I know it does seem much but I have to get into the flow of this and I thought I should  set myself an achievable bench mark to start with.


They say everyone has a book in them – SO HERE GOES


all my best




Rainbow Sunset on Higger

Rainbow Sunset on Higger

Unusual composition to this sunset at Higger in The Peaks, almost a diagonal split but I like it as one side is soft with warm light and pastel shades and the other solid dependable grit that takes centuries to change.  Topped off with a sunburst to add a focal interest, I think it works. Tho only dislike is the con trails but they are a factor of life now and we must take them as a sign of our times, I could have spent time removing them but it’s not me and I think they show the pace of life in the air opposed to the gentle pace of life in The Peaks.


anyway hope you like it



Flaming Wings

Flaming Wings

I know, I know, the title made me hungry too! but it’s what it is isn’t it, very reminiscent of an Angels wings a blaze.

I used a polariser and an ND .6 to get the just how I wanted on this image although it was a very stormy night at Glencoe. we had managed to put our brand new canopy up for 30 mins before the gale force winds sent us rushing back to wind it back in and that was it for nearly 14 days…boo hoo.

Not much done processing wise either, cleaned and curves for the brightness to the middle, a 5 min job which is how it should be.

Top location here and great if you don’t fancy following me up a mountain, this is 20m from my van door at the Glencoe  end of Loch Leven and I was only stood in a foot or so of the water so relatively dry for a change!

Looking forward to a long weekend ahead at Clumber Park with my Sis “Sid” as she is know, she never got the hang of predictive text and it stuck at Sid… Hopefully be nice for a gentle bike ride with Stormy doing the pulling.


Other good news I managed to argue my case with BT this morning over their disgusting management  of my account and systems I have had for the last 15 years, I am now in credit and they are sending me a cheque tonight, I have also closed all accounts with them too and switched supplier. It’s sad they think they are the only ones who can supply data and voice lines and they don’t really care if you stay or go. Not how it used to be years ago when organisations fought for your custom…. a lesson they will learn in the future I’m sure.

Have a great



Hmmm, “Thinking Glass Half Full”

Thinking Glass Half Full


































Slight departure for me I know but I was doing some shots at a local Gallery and couldn’t resist, the title says it all.

Really pleased to say teat “the Photographer are doing a 5 page special feature on me for March/April issue, have just read the final draft and it’s fab, think I’ll use it for my bio on the website….BIG thank you to Jonathan Briggs for his writing and editing skills.

Quiet weekend ahead, I hope so much my back plays fair and allows me get out Sunday for a coast or moors trip…Stormy’s desperate to be in the sea again as I am too..


Have a great weekend all



On the Bonnie bonny banks of….well not quite!

Loch Lochy Mist

I know, I know but it’s not a million miles away is it?


on my way from Ben Nevis up to Loch Ness, stopped in the lay by A82  for a you know what!, it was early morning and this was the scene….Instantly forgot all about a pee and quickly got my camera setup complete with Heliopan 105mm Polariser, I spent a good 30 mins taking shots at various angles of this site, I especially love the cloud/mist rising up from the loch such a peaceful place but within 30mts you have very heavy traffic hammering past at breakneck speed. Pity people don’t have or make time to stop and have 5 mins to see such sights hey?.

Tablets kicked in this morning and my back feels a little less tender so I may try a walk in a bit with Stormy, not letting her anywhere near the river Dearne again, I couldn’t stand the hour or so it took to clean her up again, very traumatic…

Sort of promised myself a jaunt to the coast this weekend, back willing!


all my best



Curbar Sunrise

Curbar Sunrise

Another from a little while ago, hopefully I’ll be out this week at some stage, new pain killers should kick in

Curbar Edge in The Peaks as the warmth of the winter sun rises and lights the valley below, it gives a beautiful deep amber glow with long shadows from the escarpment and trees below. This was a very cold sunrise in deed and if you look to the left in the dark rocks you can see what looks like lens flare, it is in fact a freeze on my filter, I had to keep cleaning then down but within a few seconds it was back on again…..not a lot you can do about this I’m afraid, still I think it works nicely and adds to the overall wintery feel of the image.


have a great day




Think we need this!

Dumfries Sunrise

Thought with all this freezing weather we deserve a nice sunrise shot, especially so for me  as it’s day 2 of our heating and water boiler swap out and move, I woke up at 2am this morning and my nose was freezing, thank God for electric blankets, I stuck my head under the sheets and stayed there until 6am, Stormy jumped on at 3am ish and made herself comfy, screwed up into a tiny ball of fur, I think she was feeling it too.

Hopefully the new system will be something like and working today…I have an oil plug in radiator but you can watch the electric monitor jump from £0.13p per hour to £0.90p per hour and it makes me feel very conscious of its use, so it’s wooly jumpers on and my photography winter trousers on….bbbrrrrr. Must admit we’re looking forward to saving some money on the gas, the old boiler was 40+ yrs old and very inefficient . wonder if Jo will let me spend the savings on some new gadgets? probably NOT.

Looking forward to getting back out next week, been horribly stuck in while they do the boiler work, I certainly couldn’t do an office job ever again, I’d be staring out the window all day and end up getting sacked..


Good luck to my wonderful Mrs this afternoon got her exam in Databases and she’s feeling a little unsure of herself, she’ll do it, she’s better at them than me.

Roll on the weekend and hopefully a shoot or two


all my best



Water of Fleet






























The river “Water of Fleet” gently flows through Gatehouse of Fleet, Dumfries.

This shot was taken whilst having a great  late’ at the riverbank cafe’ in Gatehouse, they also have webcams and cameras setup so you can sit in the warmth and watch the riverbank wildlife, well worth a visit.

Did a great shoot yesterday with two families with children for leaflets and posters to promote a children’s  centre, I know they say don’t work with kids but it was really nice, I spent an hour laying on the floor filming and laughing at their antics, hope they like the shots they were very cute.

Just added a “commissions” section to my gallery, its password protected and will be for prospective new private commissions to view my works prior to ordering my services, it will give an insight into my style and approach of magazine/promotional work.

Waiting for 2 printers to be delivered this morning then off to Sherburn in Elmet to install them, then it’s off for a riverbank walky with Stormy. Rest of the week is devoted to our super dupa boiler being installed, really looking forward to cheaper gas, can’t believe how much we’ve been paying especially with our 40 year old boiler….no not Joanne!, should I delete


have a great day



Susnet Purple

Sunset Purple

Using filters in photography is essential if you want to create something that’s not the norm or to enhance a scene. This one utilized a Singh Ray Reverse Grad and a lee .6 ND, the Singh Ray took off the bright glare from the middle area and allowed the sky and foreground to blend more naturally and the Lee .6 was used to slow down the shutter speed and help create the misty smooth feel to the sea ….simplez! other than that the hardest part is getting a darn good soaking and of course you have to be there……

Waiting for a phone interview this morning for “The Photographer” magazine, they are doing a full feature on me so very honoured indeed, all goes in the scrap book and hopefully it will bring more commissions my way, every little helps as they say.

Went to the RPS International print exhibition at Barnsley Civic gallery on Wednesday night, some fantastic images there and it was a great turn out, congrats to the Civic team for making it a superb event, mind you there was champagne and olives , yup olives, you know I never had one til i was 40 and when I did I wish I hadn’t….sheep droppings comes to mind..never again, made do with orange juice in the end.

Will hopefully make it out this weekend especially if the snow they have forecast materialises, Stormy will be ready with harness on waiting by the door no doubt.


Have a great weelkend