Water of Fleet






























The river “Water of Fleet” gently flows through Gatehouse of Fleet, Dumfries.

This shot was taken whilst having a great  late’ at the riverbank cafe’ in Gatehouse, they also have webcams and cameras setup so you can sit in the warmth and watch the riverbank wildlife, well worth a visit.

Did a great shoot yesterday with two families with children for leaflets and posters to promote a children’s  centre, I know they say don’t work with kids but it was really nice, I spent an hour laying on the floor filming and laughing at their antics, hope they like the shots they were very cute.

Just added a “commissions” section to my gallery, its password protected and will be for prospective new private commissions to view my works prior to ordering my services, it will give an insight into my style and approach of magazine/promotional work.

Waiting for 2 printers to be delivered this morning then off to Sherburn in Elmet to install them, then it’s off for a riverbank walky with Stormy. Rest of the week is devoted to our super dupa boiler being installed, really looking forward to cheaper gas, can’t believe how much we’ve been paying especially with our 40 year old boiler….no not Joanne!, should I delete that..lol


have a great day



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