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Coniston Snow Boats

Coniston-Snow-BoatHi all

how are we all coping with this wet weather? been miserable hasn’t it. Since passing my CAA PFAW drone license I haven’t had chance to fly and have a few jobs lined up ready for the new business start up in January so I better get some practice in real soon.

We’re going to be running a full marketing campaign in the new year and would appreciate all the help we can get from all my FB and Website friends, the more shares and likes we get hopefully it will generate web traffic and possible requests for quotes from potential clients.

The website is and is set to be a doorway only site, I don’t want a tell all show all site that takes hours to trawl through, I think we have a happy mix of having and impact and giving clients to information on one screen and then the opportunity to get in touch, what do you think? love to hear your opinions on it.

Shot today is from Coniston a few years ago at the end of March, yup the end of March, incredible isn’t it, we got snowed in for 3 days there. Still can’t think of much better places to be stuck can you.


Catch up soon



Carl Wark – A Winters Walk

Carl-WarkFell Free To Share, Like and Especially Comment

Is it Tuesday already, the last 10 days seems to have blurred by so fast, it will be Christmas Day before we know it, getting so excited, family coming for dinner, my favourite part, it’s particularly  important as my uncle Eric is still in hospital with Leukaemia complications of treatment so we’re really hoping things will be settled down enough for him to be home with us for the day.

In the meantime I’m suffering with ManFlu……..I hear all you women groan at my comment!, it’s a true medical condition I tell you, I have it pretty bad this time too, chest infection, headaches, shivers you name it, even Jo admits I have it bad this time instead of calling me a whimp! Anyway I’ll brave it through and ride the

Today’s offering is a walk in The Peaks, Carl Wark, the iron age hill fort on Hathersage Moor, a steady little walk with great views across the peaks, usually quite busy but I had it pretty much to myself on this occasion.

Tomorrow is the last day for print sales that will be delivered in time for Christmas, so get those orders in NOW



Lake-Coniston Bit of blast from last year hopefully be back there real soon once the puppies are ready, it is of course Coniston with snow capped peaks. It was as you can see a particularly calm day with no breeze at all, perfect for this type of shot.

The shot below is from Castlerigg, the ancient stone circle again with snow capped peaks in the background. It’s quite an atmospheric place and I would love to camp there overnight, the day I did the shoot I met a woman who was there praying for a friend undergoing a life threatening operation that day….hope it went well for her.

RockWishing you all a great weekend.


Been A While

InversionMorning all


mist Inversion in The Peaks.

apologies for my lack of posts lately, it’s been rather hectic, especially with the arrival of our Husky puppies to mummy Stormy, they are absolutely the cutest of dogs and Stormy is an amazing mother, we can’t believe how attentive she is and it’s all on instinct. Needless to say we would love to keep them all but sadly I’m only allowed to keep the one, a beautiful little girlie, though I’m trying like mad with Jo to let me  keep a boy one which I must admit to having a soft spot for, he’s called “Thunder” pic below



Other news in the making, I start the book later this month kicking off with an overnight on Snowdon, had to get special permission to hitch up the tent as the weather could well be snowy, saying that I’m relying on it! many thanks to the National Park for their help and assistance. Likewise my sponsors for the book are Go Outdoors, can’t thank them enough for their continued support in the project. Cheers guys.

I’ll continue to update the site as often as I can during the book with images and stories, also updates on the 4 puppies and their antics



Holyhead Hay

A late summer evening at Holyhead standing in the freezing cold breeze, I know it may not look it but yes it was perishing. The wind picks up off the Irish sea and blasts round North Stack and straight into your face, still worth it though especially when it includes my trade mark crystal ball.

Out for a hot curry shortly hopefully that will sort the man flu and sore throat out, then I’m away at Hull tomorrow doing a shoot as long as the weather plays fair, a few conflicting reports on whats happening at the moment ranging from Armageddon to a light shower…..either way I’ll be out somewhere in it with Stormy.

Regarding Stormy, her first scan didn’t show anything but the vet that did it didn’t shave much fur off and Stormy wasn’t as cooperative as she could have been so she’s back there next Monday for the definitive scan, Jo’s going to shave her tums on Sunday and hopefully we’ll get the full picture as it were. She is eating well and I’d say more after the fact she didn’t eat for nearly 3 days, all good signs but it could be a phantom!….will report back Monday.

We spent Wednesday evening at HQ Woodhead MRT putting my pictures up in the Barn for functions, looks really nice, I’ll do some shots next week and post them, thanks to Phil and Les for helping get them up and straight.

I’ll be starting my spring/summer Peaks Photography training and be hosting it at the barn this year, info to follow soon.

Have a great weekend all




Higger Sunburst

Higger Sunburst

Friday, what a great day as this means we get the weekend to play in the wilderness, tomorrow rope work and Sunday a lovely fresh walk in The Peaks to take some snow shots, perfect even if I say so myself.

The met office have issued a severe weather warning for next week so take great care if you’re traveling especially through the Peak District as this looks like the heaviest of the snow will fall, personally I can’t wait, love the

Higger Tor shot from last Sunday’s sunrise, bitterly cold but the warmth of the sunrise against your skin was amazing, me and Stormy sat there cuddling in the freezing breeze I had my hot chocolate she had her treats, what could be better… much, she’s the best company on these jaunts, companion and body warmer.

Still more shots to follow from this shoot, all uploaded as usual to the site “Peak District Landscapes”

Have a great weekend what ever you’re doing


Higger Tor Sunrise Mist

Higger Tor Sunrise Mist

Morning all and quite a morning it is, half the country stood still again as we’re in the grips of winter, a sprinkling of snow and unprepared motorists and walkers causing mayhem. Please spare a thought for the emergency services trying  to deal with all the call outs and spend an extra 5 minutes getting ready for your journey, it is all common sense but with hectic lives people just rush out unprepared.

Today’s shot is from Higger Tor, Sunday just gone. Freezing cold and with the most magnificent sunrise, I have a shed load more shots to process so expect quite a few from here.

I’ll be in the Peaks later sorting locations for a training workshop, remember my 1 to 1 workshops give you the ultimate in knowledge and experience plus you’ll have a great day and walk away feeling uber confident in not only photography but hill craft safety plus a decent knowledge of navigation. Full course details for the New Year group sessions to follow


Be safe



Let’s Head To the Peaks

Let’s Head To The Peaks

Well the exhibition has started at Barnsley Civic, getting some great feedback so thanks to those who have popped in for a look, very much appreciated.

Getting colder now so I thought I’d treat us to a wintery shot from last year though it won’t be long before The Peaks are white again, can’t wait, I have so much to get done this coming month and winter commission shots are being requested so I’ll be doing some early morning rushes out should the weather play fair.

This shot from is from Hordron Edge looking towards Ladybower, a walk up from Cutthroat Bridge, I know its a pretty awful name isn’t it? The bridge takes it’s name from a murder committed some 400 years ago. A man was found with his throat cut, but alive, in Highshaw Clough, but died in Bamford Hall two days later. Do hope you’re not having your dinner!

I’ll try and keep regular updates over  the coming weeks along with my winter pics too.





Black Clough

Black Clough

Had a lovely walk out yesterday afternoon with Stormy and some great company Gordon and Buster the blonde GSD. The sun was so bright that without filters we struggled to get much above land height balanced with the Clough, winter has started to take away the Autumn colours now although some remnants remain, I’ll post later.

The foam pooling in the stream had started to turn to ice and created beautiful shapes with golden leaves captured like winter jewels….too much poetry like?,  yeah I thought so to, stick to the pictures then, but you get the idea.


The walk was quite treacherous , the banks very slippy and having a manic husky fastened to you doesn’t help, she pulled me all the up and all the way down stumbling and skidding in the boggy bank moss.

Pictures all sorted for the Barnsley Civic exhibition, just need to take to the printers later today and leave for the canvasses creating.