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Sunrise Over Ladybower

Sunrise Over Ladybower

Shot last year, just got round to processing it, the moon on its way down as the sunrises casting a glow across the valley and peaks, thick snow and ice cover the whole of the Ladybower area. This was a real struggle of a shot to get, nearly 2 hours climb then standing in up to 2-3 feet snow then 1 hour down…think it was worth it though.


Winter Horses

Winter Ponies

Shot from last week while down by The Dearne River, “Winter Horses”, well fed and with the glow of the sun on their backs, breath silhouetting against the harsh backdrop.

Been down this morning with Stormy to check on them, they look well if not a little mud covered due to all the melting snow and ice but they have plenty of food so they should be fine.

Off to the coast hopefully tomorrow for New Years day, so I’ll wish you all a greta and healthy 2011


Finally Made It Out!

Well I finally made it for a walk with Stormy down by the river….nose running and head bunged up with god knows what but hey thats life and theres far too much beauty out there to let a cold stop you from enjoying it…headphones on “Scorpions – She Said” followed by “Remember The Good Times”check em out well worth a listen, old stuff I know but god they rock, saw em at Manchester Apollo and have been a fan since I was 18 which is hhmmmmm few years ago…thats the way to do a photo shoot with great music going through you…..

It’s good to be alive!

Stormy Eyes

Sometimes, just sometimes you get the flash right and in this case it really brought out the colours in Stormys eyes, lovely having that combination, not rare but I think it gives her that little bit of difference from all the blue eyed huskies out there. Were finally getting over our cold/flu/infections/ you name it we’ve had it this Christmas, in fact were packing the decorations away now as its been a complete sham this year. Next year were off to the Shetlands, suits us all, Jo likes it quiet, I love my photography down by the sea and Stormy, well she just loves it all….3 happy souls

out and about at the coast and peaks next week so normal service will be resumed.


Higger Tor Sunrise # 5

Ahhhhh  warmer days, well not really was taken last month so still a freezing cold sunrise at Higger Tor in The Peak District.
Love the way the sun dances through the rocks and casts a warm golden glow in the foreground.

All ready for Christmas now, wonder what Santa will bring me, not that I want anything…got the love of a good woman and the loyalty and trust of my Husky “Stormy”

wishing you all a merry Christmas and Healthy New Year


Royd Moor Sunrise

Just getting round top processing some older shots from the summer….I now better late than never. This is Royd Moor Wind Farm near Ingbirchworth, may pop up later and do a sunset, some nice movement in the turbine propellers

Standing On Broken Glass

The ice is getting thicker down by the Dearne River, cant wait to get out again later, winter has really taken a grip here -10c this morning, the frost is turning the trees to a glistening white, so much better than the boring winter brown.

Dearne River Winter Horses

More from my walk with Stormy, Winter Horses by Dearne River. There must be 50+ horses roaming this land fed by good natured caring people, they are extremely trusting and very gentle, I could stay and photograph them all day!

Old Tree Sunset

Another from my walk yesterday with Stormy down by The Dearne River, this beautiful old tree stands out proudly against a frozen pond as the sunsets through the trees. Love this area, going there again later


The Frozen Walk

Wow what a walk we had yesterday me and Stormy, was absolutely freezing by the Dearne River , Barnsley -9c. All the trees were glazed in a beautiful frozen mist and the sky was so clear and blue, made for some great winter postcard shots, more to follow.