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St Cwyfans Church Anglesey Sunset Rays


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Hey hey its Friday… long last. Been quite a week and we’re really looking forward to a weekend of decorating, OK we’re not but it needs doing and the painting fairies seemed to have deserted us, wait til we catch em, little so and so’s.

So that’s our weekend sorted, is anyone up to anything better?, figure that will be everyone reading this.

Today’s image is from Anglesey, where else! and is of St Cywfans Churcha beautiful secluded bay that never seems to disappoint. Becoming a fave place of our to wind down after a hard day walking the pups, especially lovely to see the sun go down and calm seas.

wishing you all a lovely weekend, unfortunately Monday will be here all too soon



Albion – Wild Horses

Anglesey-HorsesMorning all

One from a few weeks ago, shot on Anglesey with the wild horses.

The title is taken from and pays homage to the shoot I did with Ten and their forthcoming mega album Albion, just so happens the last track is called Wild Horses, seems fate has a large paw in pitching my work and their wonderful music together, have to say I’m excited about hearing the new album soon, release date 21st November.

You can find out all about the group on their  official website PRESS HERE may even be a couple of my pictures on there too for their promo work. Great vid of Gunrunning, well worth a listen.

Still sorting Christmas cards out at the moment, hopefully have them all finalised by the end of the week.



Big Stopper – Llanddwyn Island

Llanddwyn-Island-Speed-CrossHi all


nearly the weekend and I have a few shoots to complete for Monday, one in the Peaks so I’m pleased with that as it’s been quite a while, I may well take Stormy with me especially as she’s having a makeover on Saturday afternoon courtesy of Elite Dog Grooming, can’t to see the fluff ball as she’s been blowing her coat for the last month and driving us mad with wooly fur everywhere, 3rd hoover this year, nothing lasts with a husky!


Another shot from Llanddwyn Island, this time using my Lee Big Stopper filter to gain some cloud drag, shot was midday so it would only allow 30secs at f/22, worked quite well though didn’t it.



Llanddwyn Island

Llanddwyn-Island-2Just a quick piccy for some friends and one whose birthday it is today. Cheers fellas

Barclodiad Y Gawres – Armageddon


Morning all

and after a night of rain it’s beautifully sunny, blue skies, wonderful to wake up to and take the gang out for a walk.

Today’s image is one thats taken me quite a while to capture, waiting for all the elements to come into line, dark skies, dry yet humid for haze, and that RED moon was the icing on the cake, wonderful, just couldn’t believe my luck, helped by Dave with the torch and smoke machine, impossible without his help.

Barclodiad Y Gawres – History

Barclodiad Y Gawres burial chamber is a restored chambered cairn, and dates from 3000BC. It is the largest of the chambered tombs of Wales. It is dramatically situated on a headland to the north of Porth Trecastell (Cable Bay) on the west coast of Anglesey. The site has been extensively restored with a new stone wall supporting a concrete roof covered in turf.

The name translates into English as the Giantess’s Apronful.

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Back Down To Earth – On With The Day Job

South-Stack-Pyramid-Mist A very happy Friday all,

After what seems to be a whirlwind week doing the album shoot for Ten which went down fantastically, was really great fun and the guys are awesome, all friendly and at the top of their game, if you love melodic hard rock with crystal clear vocals and stunning guitar work then Ten are the band for you. I am now their official photographer and will be doing other shoots in the near future, their new album “Albion” is due for release November 2014 I believe, can’t wait.

Finally managed to get round to processing my shots from Anglesey 2 weeks ago, this one is of South Stack lighthouse at sunset.

You’ll notice my trademark crystal pyramid but more importantly the misty smoke coming in from the right.  I have used this on countless shots and it also played a major role in the Ten shoot (pictures will be available after album launch, and sale to huge worldwide fan base), anyway my smoke machine is a Tiny CX and was supplied by if you ask for Ben he’ll help you out, mention me and you’ll get a discount.  Very friendly company and his advice and knowledge of the product is fantastic, he not only saved me money but from buying the completely wrong model… tube doesn’t tell you everything lol

busy week ahead with 2 more shoots booked and prints to organise for an office environment…..


have a great weekend all





Church In The Sea – Big Shoot Tomorrow


Click On Image For Hi Res Version

Quick update and shot tonight…….


Just got back from a great 2 week hols come shoot /work on Anglesey and I’m back there tomorrow for a shoot with Rock Band Ten, really excited as I have followed them for many years….real pleasure day for me, saying that its taken all yesterday and up to 4pm today to get all the kit ready and tested. Good to have the assistance and company of Chris Philips with me too tomorrow, a talented photographer expanding his repertoire.

Will post an update later but the shots will have to wait until after the albums release and subsequent sale by Ten on line.



Looking Forward To The Weekend

Sunset-sea-crystalSunset Crystal

What fantastic weather, makes such a change doesn’t it?. Had a great early start to the weekend, managed to get all my jobs cleared including cleaning the car, grass cut and dogs walked, just had a lovely training session with the pups and I’m now getting my kit ready for a nice commission walk tomorrow in The Peaks 25km so it should get my knee working overtime nicely and it’ll be good to get the recce shots for the video done along with some good company. Stormy is coming for a stroll in her case but the pups aren’t quite ready yet, their little bones need 12 months really before they can handle this mountain walking malarkey.

Route for tomorrow is Bamford Moor circular starting at the station, early start as I need to be back for the afternoon and puppy training and a walkie, like I’ll need one lol, was going to take full kit but I just weighed my gear and its 28kg without food which isn’t probably going to be that good for the old knee so its just the 1DX and GoPro for this session.

Get ready for loads of shots, have a fab weekend all


Somtimes ………

Port-y-post-sometimesYou know

sometimes it’s not about the composition

sometimes it’s not about the light

sometimes it’s not about the colour

sometimes it’s not about the location

sometimes it’s not about the weather

sometimes it’s not about  the company


SOMETIMES it’s about feeling one step closer to someone you thought you’d lost……. why not tell someone you love them while you have the chance.


have a great weekend all



Spiritual Home

Porth-Y-Post-Sea-Rays Morning all

well the rain has returned with a vengeance, such a shame as we had a weekend away planned with the puppies, may have to make do with a day at the beach, they do love a run on the sands bless em.

This shot from my very spiritual place on Anglesey, spent all evening waiting for the Seal to show itself and it didn’t disappoint, I like to think she /he waits for me to arrive…..well its a thought anyway.

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