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Church In The Sea – Big Shoot Tomorrow


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Quick update and shot tonight…….


Just got back from a great 2 week hols come shoot /work on Anglesey and I’m back there tomorrow for a shoot with Rock Band Ten, really excited as I have followed them for many years….real pleasure day for me, saying that its taken all yesterday and up to 4pm today to get all the kit ready and tested. Good to have the assistance and company of Chris Philips with me too tomorrow, a talented photographer expanding his repertoire.

Will post an update later but the shots will have to wait until after the albums release and subsequent sale by Ten on line.



Looking Forward To The Weekend

Sunset-sea-crystalSunset Crystal

What fantastic weather, makes such a change doesn’t it?. Had a great early start to the weekend, managed to get all my jobs cleared including cleaning the car, grass cut and dogs walked, just had a lovely training session with the pups and I’m now getting my kit ready for a nice commission walk tomorrow in The Peaks 25km so it should get my knee working overtime nicely and it’ll be good to get the recce shots for the video done along with some good company. Stormy is coming for a stroll in her case but the pups aren’t quite ready yet, their little bones need 12 months really before they can handle this mountain walking malarkey.

Route for tomorrow is Bamford Moor circular starting at the station, early start as I need to be back for the afternoon and puppy training and a walkie, like I’ll need one lol, was going to take full kit but I just weighed my gear and its 28kg without food which isn’t probably going to be that good for the old knee so its just the 1DX and GoPro for this session.

Get ready for loads of shots, have a fab weekend all


Somtimes ………

Port-y-post-sometimesYou know

sometimes it’s not about the composition

sometimes it’s not about the light

sometimes it’s not about the colour

sometimes it’s not about the location

sometimes it’s not about the weather

sometimes it’s not about  the company


SOMETIMES it’s about feeling one step closer to someone you thought you’d lost……. why not tell someone you love them while you have the chance.


have a great weekend all



Spiritual Home

Porth-Y-Post-Sea-Rays Morning all

well the rain has returned with a vengeance, such a shame as we had a weekend away planned with the puppies, may have to make do with a day at the beach, they do love a run on the sands bless em.

This shot from my very spiritual place on Anglesey, spent all evening waiting for the Seal to show itself and it didn’t disappoint, I like to think she /he waits for me to arrive…..well its a thought anyway.

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A Very Special Sunset

Anglesey-SunsetA very special sunset, oh yes you know when it’s right and this was no exception, using just one filter to balance the horizon light it came out 99% like this, slight adjustment on tone but thats it…love it and I loved even more standing in the sea taking it.

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Release Cable.

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With An Added Touch

Porth-Y-Post-Lens-FlareHappy Easter all

don’t be eating too much chocolate will you, wish I could, this darn diet forbids it lol, still the weight is coming off nicely so I’ll stick at it.

I don’t usually edit anything other than levels, saturation and dust spots on my shots but I thought this would look nice with a lens flare right of the horizon, edited flares can be a little too perfect as software generally can lose the emotional feel of reality but it makes for an interesting shot at least. Already sold a copy so I pleased with that.

Out with the Husky pack later, Stormy is doing well after being spayed, getting back to her old mischievous self, we’re so pleased she’s ok, was quite worried after she had it done as she went very quiet which just isn’t her,  anyhow she’s eating and having a little walk which is all good.


Porth Y Post Rays

Port-Y-Post-Rays  Evening all


hope you are all well and enjoying this brief spell of sunshine, must admit its a great change for us photographers to be able to plan ahead for a change, by that I mean next day lol…

Just got back from Wales where I did a workshop on my adopted home of Anglesey, was lovely to bump into friends there too, always made to feel welcome. One of my FB friends came through to meet us as well, what a wonderful surprise it was, especially as she is a wonderful caring lady and we bagged an invite for a BBQ in the summer, can’t wait.

Did this shot as a demo for my workshop and it was a pretty short lived sunset approx 15 mins, and I used 3 filters to demonstrate that the majority of my work is done at sea s it were. Photoshop is for tidying up and adjusting levels and removing the odd coke can!

Stormy has been spayed today and is back home from the vets looking extremely sorry for herself, she need lots of cuddles and the puppies are being cautious round her apart from Thunder who seems to be protecting her, he’s a little star.

Workshops available over the summer, check on-line for availability.


Angelsey Storms – Me and My Big Blog

Happy Monday morning all, Wow what a weekend of weather, it dominates the news every time I turn on the TV, we spent the best part of yesterday storm chasing on Anglesey to get some flood shots, we weren’t disappointed. Beaumaris shops with sandbags outside and we never made it to Penmon the road was flooded

penmon-flood We eventually made it to Menai and were greeted with the house in the straight Ynys Gored Goch, although no one lives there now it never the less looks very dramatic.

menai-1 menai-2We then made our way to the south of the island and the wind so so strong we couldn’t even setup the cameras

As we moved around the coast back towards to safety of the cars we came across a group of surfers, yup, out surfing in this, they obviously knew what they were doing but as an old time surfer and wind surfer myself I wouldn’t have risked it, very unpredictable, though I guess that’s the excitement of it all!, anyway I managed to snap a shot of one of the guys waiting for “that wave” luckily for him it wasn’t the one in the background.


We made it home safely though my back was bad and still is this morning. Bit of a rest day today apart from taking Christmas Puppy Pics..

Final Pic courtesy Barney Delaney Photography





Ynys Llanddwyn


Ynys Llanddwyn

Is now on the site for sale in various sizes, inbox me if you need canvass or foam board versions, all signed work. Max size is 8′ x 4′ foam board.     No 152



To The Point

to-the-point A very good Friday morning all.

Been a while since my last post, what with 2 operations, workload and planning the book for next year I’ve had little time for anything else. This week has seen me on 2 commissions and I have also sorted several prints for clients  abroad…at least there will be food on the table this week.

I’ve noticed recently that I am asked and expected to provide for free all my services form different walks of life, charities, friends and loads of companies saying “can we use, we’ll credit you with the shot”, “really, will you” I said “thats because its my work” where do people get off with this cheek? my kit and craft owe me in excess of £50k, it has to pay so unfortunately I have decided to call a halt to the freebie brigade.

No More

“can you just take your logo off ”

“we’ll credit you as photographer” etc etc

From now on anything with the Queens head on that inst a stamp and can buy other goods is all I’m going to accept.

New start for us now, on with the book, plans are being drawn on locations and costings being made, aiming for a Christmas 2014 launch, 2 books are hopefully going to be done, “Peak District” and my national collection.

Wish me as it’s a passion that will see me missing out on loads of other stuff for a year.


have a great weekend all