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Doolin Whoosh


whoosh-3Doolin Whoosh

The area around Doolin and towards The Cliffs of Moher are where the Atlantic shows us her strength by crashing down on the rocky coastline as if to destroy it. Certainly isn’t a place you’d go for a dip in the sea and the local ferry struggles in and out of the harbour on every trip, we saw a ferry go nearly vertical as it pulled out of Dollin Pier and the sea got hold of it, we could hear the passengers scream, fortunately no one was harmed but I’ll pass on taking a trip around the cliffs by one…….

St Colman Cathederal – Cobh


st-colman-cathederal-cobhSt Colman Cathederal, Cobh

The Cathedral Church of St Colman, usually known as Cobh Cathedral, is a Roman Catholic cathedral in Cobh, Ireland. It is the cathederal church of the Diocese of Cloyne. It overlooks Cork Harbour from a prominent position. Construction began in 1867 and was not completed until over half a century later due to increases in costs and revisions of the original plans.

The cathedral contains the only church carillonwhich with 49 bells is one of the largest carillons in the Europe. An automated system strikes the hour and 15 minute intervals while it also rings the bells in appropriate form for Masses, funerals, weddings and events. The carillon is also played on special occasions and generally every Sunday afternoon by its current carillonneur Adrian Gebruers.

One of the major transatlantic Irish ports, the former Queenstown was the departure point for 2.5 million of the six million Irish people who emigrated to North America between 1848 and 1950. On 11 April 1912, Queenstown was famously the final port of call for the RMS Titanic when she set out across the Atlantic on her ill-fated maiden voyage. She was assisted by the PS America and the PS Ireland, two ageing White Star Line tenders, along with several other smaller boats delivering first-class luggage. Some sources and local lore suggest that a Titanic crew member, John Coffey, a native of Queenstown, left the ship at this time, and thereby escaped the sinking. At Queenstown 123 passengers boarded in all, only 44 survived the sinking.

Aerial Autumn III

Elsecar Park 03Final picture from the aerial shoot at the award winning Elsecar Park. Such a beautiful little slice of heaven , well worth a visit and it’s right next to Elsecar Heritage so you can park there go for a lovely autumn walk then visit the centre. A perfect day out.

Aerial Autumn II

Elsecar Park 02Another from yesterdays shoot at Elsecar Park, Autumn colours in their finest and what a superb award winning park to visit, go enjoy people

Aerial Autumn

Elsecar Park 01Bit of aerial work today out at the beautiful award winning Elsecar Park. Had to wait quite a while for the sun to break through the clouds but when it did ….Oh boy it was special, plenty more aerial work to follow.