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Fridays Crystal Day You Know

Crystal Sunburst

Ok so it isn’t but it could well be and why not…..and lets face it this is the only shot I had ready.

Been a very busy week and tonight is no exception, shooting the Mountain Rescue Team receiving their much deserved Jubilee Medals from the Lord Lieutenant of south Yorkshire then freelance shots outside with family etc. Then Sunday standing at Tesco’s Pensitone with the team gazebo so pop along and say hi and please donate if you can spare anything.

At long last I am back in The Peaks next week so look out for some spectacular images coming up over the next week or so.


have a great weekend




Pastures New

Pasture New

Now don’t panic I’m not leaving as the title suggests, it just suited it so well.

Something about the smell of freshly cut grass thats seems so English doesn’t it, saying that it was in Wales but you know what I mean.


Used a couple  filters on this, polariser plus reverse grad for those rich sky tones, cleaned and leveled in cs5 only. As I demonstrated on my last workshop Chris and Carrie will attest that my images are the way they are at the location not computer photo shopped, the fun is being there doing it and believe me many times it doesn’t work out but I wouldn’t swap it for anything else.

Honoured to be doing the photography for my Woodhead Mountain Rescue Team on Friday night as long serving  guys receive their Queens Jubilee medal from David Moody Lord Lieutenant of South Yorkshire, will be a great night I’m sure.

Doing more Search and Rescue training tonight, will those midges please leave me alone, any tips welcome as I’m getting bitten to hell and back with the little blighters!!!



Golden Footsteps

Golden Footsteps

Morning All


Its got the making of a great week weather wise but lets not forget its Wimbledon so brollies at the ready!

Just back from a great week in Wales, weather played fair for a few days but especially well on my workshop day with a wonderful couple Chris and Carrie, its the first time I have been a birthday present and I was truly honoured. We spent nearly 12 hours at 3 locations and managed all we set out to complete with great results. They both easily grasped the concepts and were producing wonderful shots throughout the day, I’ll post some shots later. Chris is an extremely talented photographer in his own right as well as producing some stunning video work. check out his site HERE

Today’s shot is one I have been waiting to do for ages and I have been very patient to get this due to the suns location as it sets and the tides for the sea channel. I sat here in the baking sand for a good hour just watching and waiting, doing test shot after test shot until this scene came through and it was just perfect. This has to be for me one of my all time fav’s and is going on my wall and my forthcoming exhibition at Cannon Hall Museum Barnsley July to October 2012.

Today sees The Olympic Torch come through Barnsley, Ive been asked to attend and rattle a few shots off so don’t be surprised if you see my rather large frame on Calendar or something getting in the way of the runner, hope I don’t trip them up, the guys are already cordoning off the town centre ready for its arrival 1-2pm, hope the weather stays nice for it.

Busy week as I have to get my shots ready for the exhibition, 2 training nights with Mountain Rescue, an exhibition in Wales to plan for and a shoot for Mountain Rescue on Friday night for members receiving the Queens Jubilee Medal.


I’ll try and post a few images this week in between outing and shoots.



Rhosneigr Smooth Storm Skies

Rhosneigr Smooth Storm Skies

The weather is shocking and I spent last night in the Peaks with Woodhead Mountain Rescue doing stretcher training, great team and I’m loving it, cant wait for next training session.


As for Rhosneigr, well I’ll be there tomorrow, here’s hoping for some great storm clouds again and a fab week. Got a great day planned with my workshop Sunday, really looking forward to it.


Have a great weekend



Passing Storm

Will it ever stop raining….well yes but probably not this week!

thought we could use a pick me up shot, alternative title “Heaven on Earth”, guess we don’t know how lucky we are to have such beautiful scenery on our doorsteps. I can never understand why someone would watch TV when they can stand and see sunsets and sunrises and well anything in between really. If it wasn’t for  a few half decent programmes on TV it would be out of the window and in the bin.

Luck for me I’m back in Wales again this weekend comin…can’t wait, Although I have a couple of tough training sessions with MRT before then, crag work with ropes and stretcher training including river crossings, should be fun and the training is delivered by the best, really enjoy it.

Had a fab weekend at Rhosneigr doing the official photography for the Diamond Jubilee, moments that will stay with me always, apart from being in a tent, getting too used to my luxuries of the caravan especially that super comfy bed, TV etc etc.

Todays shot was taken at Rhosneigr just after a really heavy storm and I had a very brief glimpse of the setting sun. Filters used were Singh Ray reverse grad and .6 Lee ND, Camera 1DS MKIII and Gitzo 1581OT Tripod…..


hope you all have a fab week




4 Mile Boat

4 Mile Boat

Back from a wonderful long weekend on Anglesey where I was the photographer for Rhosneigr my adopted 2nd home. Great events and a very warm welcome from the locals, there was live music, birds of prey, classic wellie throwing of which punters were told to aim for the camera man! hmmm thank you Mr Funsport.


I was taken by boat across to the lighting of the beacon and got a great shot of Rob lighting it, I was the only one able to take it so I hope I did it justice, quite a technical shot, timing, foreground light sunset colours, flash no filters high ISO too…the list goes on.

Rhosneigr Beacon

Miserable weather today the rain has returned and I missed a stunning sunset last night over Castle Hill, Huddersfield while I was out MRT training. Was our first training session and we did Bell Stretcher assembly and carried a body over the moors up and down ravines, was really good to be part of a team and even though you may have a heavy casualty on board the numbers of the team make it light work, looking forward to the next session now, got me buzzin’



Sunset Storm

Sunset Storm

Friday….again, where does he week go?

Just filled the car up £92, is someone having a laugh, I seem to remember we were all going to revolt against the govt if fuel prices went above a £1, now if anyone wants to join me in blockading the M1 until prices come down then I would welcome the  company especially as if  I do it on my own I’ll look a right doofus!

Anyway I’ll be packing the car ready for my jaunt down to Anglesey, hope the rain holds off later until I set the tent up…I have more camera gear than going away gear which is slightly disturbing isn’t it? really looking forward to the Jubilee celebrations, should be great.

Today’s image Sunset Storm, strategically placed boulder against a storm backdrop with the setting sun making a brief appearance…one of my fav’s

Hope you all have a great bank holiday