Pastures New

Pasture New

Now don’t panic I’m not leaving as the title suggests, it just suited it so well.

Something about the smell of freshly cut grass thats seems so English doesn’t it, saying that it was in Wales but you know what I mean.


Used a couple  filters on this, polariser plus reverse grad for those rich sky tones, cleaned and leveled in cs5 only. As I demonstrated on my last workshop Chris and Carrie will attest that my images are the way they are at the location not computer photo shopped, the fun is being there doing it and believe me many times it doesn’t work out but I wouldn’t swap it for anything else.

Honoured to be doing the photography for my Woodhead Mountain Rescue Team on Friday night as long serving  guys receive their Queens Jubilee medal from David Moody Lord Lieutenant of South Yorkshire, will be a great night I’m sure.

Doing more Search and Rescue training tonight, will those midges please leave me alone, any tips welcome as I’m getting bitten to hell and back with the little blighters!!!



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