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Been A While

InversionMorning all


mist Inversion in The Peaks.

apologies for my lack of posts lately, it’s been rather hectic, especially with the arrival of our Husky puppies to mummy Stormy, they are absolutely the cutest of dogs and Stormy is an amazing mother, we can’t believe how attentive she is and it’s all on instinct. Needless to say we would love to keep them all but sadly I’m only allowed to keep the one, a beautiful little girlie, though I’m trying like mad with Jo to let me  keep a boy one which I must admit to having a soft spot for, he’s called “Thunder” pic below



Other news in the making, I start the book later this month kicking off with an overnight on Snowdon, had to get special permission to hitch up the tent as the weather could well be snowy, saying that I’m relying on it! many thanks to the National Park for their help and assistance. Likewise my sponsors for the book are Go Outdoors, can’t thank them enough for their continued support in the project. Cheers guys.

I’ll continue to update the site as often as I can during the book with images and stories, also updates on the 4 puppies and their antics