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Dumfries Autumn Trig

Dumfries Trig

Beautiful autumn colours everywhere at the moment, the best thing about the UK is that we do have these wonderful transitions of seasons. As we move into winter and the bleak weather takes hold its so comforting to see all the tones that nature deals us as an end of year gift. A walk now will see the ground covered with wilting foliage with great shades of colour and textures.

Got a great night out in the cold tonight with mates, should be fun, camera at the ready for some snow/frost shots tomorrow mornings sunrise.

Today’s shot is from Gatehouse of Fleet in Dumfries, the coast is just to the left of shot. A lovely autumn walk with fantastic views of the coastline and mountains.

Have a great weekend all



Sometimes it’s worth a second look – Sunset Sphere Flare Play

Stanage Sunset Sphere - Flare Play

Morning all and a happy Monday to you, apparently today is the happiest Monday of the year….don’t know why don’t care I just feel happy..must be the drugs!

Anyway I was searching through my hard drive at some shots I did a few weeks ago up on Stanage Edge in The Peaks and came across this one, it was flared beyond belief but I though what the heck and it’s taken an hour or so to get it something like…the colour and depth are as shot  with 2 x filters on and a hand held star…kinda groovy eh?


So I’ll get on with my  happy week, couple of commissions and 2 workshops to sort so busy busy.


have fun



Ok so I’m busy

Spurn Point Sunset

This one going out for Glynn who has complained that I’m not posting enough! I cant help being busy now and then you Seriously had a great time last week doing commission works so I cant complain and I’m off this Friday for a water shoot in West Yorkshire so that will be fun, Stormy’s coming too so I’m sure it’ll be wet doggy in the car time again!, hoefully it won’t finish up with me laying in mud like teh week before at Spurn Point.

This is from that very shoot, last few frames to be taken as the sun disappeared over the horizon and the temperature dipped into the freezing band, coat fastened up to the top and woolly hat on time, I’d already swapped my gloves as luck would have it I carry a spare pair, don’t know why buy they came in mighty useful or handy as they say when I splatted into the mud earlier.

This shot made great use of my Singh Ray Reverse Grad filter, killing of and blending the harsh light from the sun yet maintaining the lightness and detail of the cloud and foreground. “Guess who’s after sponsorship” joking aside its one filter you must have in your arsenal of equipment, there are less expensive versions but I like to think you get what you pay for and the service from Singh Ray was excellent. Build quality as good if not better than Lee Filters…..

International Print Exhibition next week at Barnsley Civic Hall for the RPS, hoping to catch up with a few reprobates from my past there, should be fun




And Glynn don’t sit at the window taking pretty snow shots, get on yer bike!


Broad Beach Sunset Ripples

Broad Beach Sunset Ripples

Had a great weekend away with my big sis and her hubby, we took the caravans to Clumber Park, near Worksop, some spectacular woodland walks round there as well as a great bike ride round the lake. All manner of wildlife available for the twitchers out there. Unfortunately  the weather didn’t play fair and it pretty much blew a gale force with large amounts of rain thrown in for good measure the whole weekend. I Managed a few shots yesterday while on a nice walk, will see how they look later.

This shot from my recent trip to Anglesey, building quite a following there now and selling well to the locals too which is always a good sign! I feel a book coming

Whilst at Spurn point the other day Paul who I met there took this  shot below of me and Stormy standing in mud, not sure if I had just gone splat arse end into the mud or not at this stage, needless to say i wont be going back in a hurry! Cheers Paul, great shot

Adrian & Stormy "Spurn Point"



Smoke & Mirrors


Just thought I’d upload this image to show how little is actually done in the office. I reckon on 85% in the field and 10% in the computer 5% is me being daft enough to stand in 18″ of thick Humber mud.



Spurn Point Crystal

Spurn Point Crystal































Thought I’d just get a quick upload in before heading out with Stormy again. This one from Fridays jaunt over the Humber to Spurn Point. It really was a beautiful sunset however short lived it was, after an hour of setting up shots we ended up with about 15 mins worth of usable light. As I set off back home I called Jo to say I was on my way as the sun had gone down she said it was still up in Barnsley, just goes to show how the curve of the Earth works when even a mere 90 miles can make such a difference…..yes I know ” winter nights must fly by for me” lol

First commission of the week completed, a local art gallery, I have a country walk to do plus OAP’s swimming for a front cover and a luncheon shoot. Certainly not complaining, all helps as they say

Missed out on the sunrise frost shots this week but hey there are enough photographers out there snapping away, maybe next time


Spurn Point Sunset

Spurn Point Sunset Rays































Thought I’d start the week off on a high with this sunset shot from last Friday’s evening shoot at Spurn Point East Yorkshire.

Although this may look a serene scene its was anything but, the sand well mud was a good 1-2 feet deep in places and Stormy delighted in pulling me every way she could, her having web feet was far superior to my wellies. Anyway as I stood at the front composing this shot, a hundred yards of mud behind me, I thought mmhh a step back and as i did I realised I was stuck fast and had nowhere to turn or grab hold of! SPLAT back first into the mud like a snow angel, I was covered in it, upto my elbows as i pulled my self out gloves, watch everything black with smelly mud.

I hope you agree the shot was worth it, I certainly do, as Jo did 3 washes when I got home and all my gear is back to normal now, she’s worth her weight in gold bless her.

Very busy this week a couple more commissions on, and were away again at the weekend, so I’ll try and post a couple more before then. I took my trusty crystal ball with me so I’ll process one or two of those shot later too.


Have a great week all



Stanage Sunset Sphere Trig

Stanage Susnet Sphere Trig

Happy Friday all, doesn’t this week seem to have flown by!, can’t believe it’s the weekend already.

Well after my great shoot on Monday I have done a couple of commission shoots the most memorable and interesting of which was at our local crematorium, really surprised  and displaced all those misconceptions I had about those places, such lovely caring people working there and the whole process is done with clinical process steeped in dignity and sympathy, certainly the way to go I think. Spent a good couple of hours there when it should have been a quick shoot, will be going back to do some sunset shots soon and they have an open day in May….I know it sounds daft but I think it’s beneficial if like me you had all theses misconceptions about crems, you know bodies sitting up etc etc, all a myth!, bodies are never seen, the coffin is never opened it goes in and that’s it, 2 hours later dust.

we came from dust, we go to dust!, I’m not afraid,

of dust anyway….lol

Still got a few more to post of the Stanage Sunset  Sphere project so will get those done next week. This one just catching the rays right, handheld my star filter in front of Singh Ray ND Filter.

Off to Spurn Point later for a sunset can’t wait, Stormy will be in the sea and me, well up to my knees as usual music blasting my ear drums and thanking God for such a scene. Ham butties at the ready as are Stormy’s treats.

Catch up with you all next week, have a great weekend



More Balls






























Another from my trip up Stanage Edge on Monday, this time a portrait version. By this time the sun was at its best with rich dark storm clouds casting shadows across the valley below.

Below is a crop version of above enlarging the detail in the sphere and trig point, you get a clearer image down the valley too showing just how intense the setting suns colour was. A few more to follow tomorrow, have a great Wednesday all




Stanage Edge Sunset Sphere

Stanage Edge Sunset Sphere

Well I managed my first outing last night to The Peaks, Stanage Edge with Stormy. It was very breezy and cold but we were rewarded with a stunning sunset, deep amber and glorious oranges dancing across the windswept sky. I thought this would be perfect conditions to try out my crystal ball, not to do a reading …lol but to invert the sunset and create this wonderful image.

Believe it or not but the only ting I have done is to clean the dust spots and up the brightness, the glow and colour is from my ND filters, get them right and you are always rewarded with superb tones. I use LEE Filters “thats my plug done”

I can’t believe we were the only ones up there on such a beautiful evening then I realised it was 4pm and most people are still at work, makes me so humble to be able to to do this for a living professionally.

Stormy really enjoyed herself and a fell runner came up for a chat and marveled at here stunning looks, he thought she was so gorgeous….didn’t dare tell him this demur little husky had just been pulling me all over the place to get to the sheep!

will have about 6 or so variations of this shot to post so will do later. I am now following some great advise given to me recently that is to go out and return with just the ONE shot you wanted, too many photographers go out and try and produce dozens of images running everywhere to capture shots when if you stay put and get the composition right first time, why move…. I did this recently in Wales where I took some 300+ images of the same scene as the sun went down, this was to produce just one image that was part of my ABIPP assessment material…must work then.

Back out later in the week, the East Coast is calling!!!!!!