Ok so I’m busy

Spurn Point Sunset

This one going out for Glynn who has complained that I’m not posting enough! I cant help being busy now and then you know..lol Seriously had a great time last week doing commission works so I cant complain and I’m off this Friday for a water shoot in West Yorkshire so that will be fun, Stormy’s coming too so I’m sure it’ll be wet doggy in the car time again!, hoefully it won’t finish up with me laying in mud like teh week before at Spurn Point.

This is from that very shoot, last few frames to be taken as the sun disappeared over the horizon and the temperature dipped into the freezing band, coat fastened up to the top and woolly hat on time, I’d already swapped my gloves as luck would have it I carry a spare pair, don’t know why buy they came in mighty useful or handy as they say when I splatted into the mud earlier.

This shot made great use of my Singh Ray Reverse Grad filter, killing of and blending the harsh light from the sun yet maintaining the lightness and detail of the cloud and foreground. “Guess who’s after sponsorship” joking aside its one filter you must have in your arsenal of equipment, there are less expensive versions but I like to think you get what you pay for and the service from Singh Ray was excellent. Build quality as good if not better than Lee Filters…..

International Print Exhibition next week at Barnsley Civic Hall for the RPS, hoping to catch up with a few reprobates from my past there, should be fun




And Glynn don’t sit at the window taking pretty snow shots, get on yer bike!



  1. Glyn January 27, 2012 at 6:46 PM #

    lol, lol, Your my best and only pro photographer friend, who’s been to your home, supped your coffee, stroked your wolf….sorry dog and still you can’t spell my name right ! Jeez, its only 4 letters bud, lol.
    Anyway , like this one mate, and got an interest in this Sting ray filter, sounds fishy to me. But if you rave about it, it must be good….

  2. Adrian January 27, 2012 at 6:50 PM #

    lol….soz mate slip of the fingers and all that, just got back from Wessenden Reservoir, 2-3″ of snow had to come straight back as I think they were about to close the A635 road, got a nice little shot though I’ll PM it you in a mo

    laters Glyn


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