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Waterfall Four

Waterfall Four

Well its Wednesday at least, only tomorrow to go and were off to Clumber Park again, cant wait, Stormy will be  in for a treat, I got a springer bike attachment so she can run at the side of my bike…..should I book an ambulance now? Im going to try and video it 1st time out anyway, should be a laugh. She needs a lot more mileage than I can run/walk so my company on my bike will do her justice and clock up a few miles a day fitness for me.

Another shot from Lathkill, as you know by now I love water and have to be near it once every week or two, luckily Clumber Park has a massive lake so I’ll be down there wellies on and tripod in the water.

Don’t know if we will see the celebrations on Friday, my invite must have got lost in the post……good luck to them anyway

Anglesey was on Country File last night, I felt quite aggrieved I didn’t want it making public just how beautiful it is, I don’t want it swamping with 1000’s more tourists like me! in actual fact they did a pretty poor job of it and missed far more beautiful locations to film.



Waterfall POV

Waterfall POV

Sometimes it’s important to try and get that shot that makes it a little different from the norm, now it may be you get it wrong or you just get your feet wet but at least it will be different. Many many times I have gone to a location and found tripod holes and bare dirt where grass once grew, I instantly turn away and go and find something different….yes I did get wet feet, was it worth it…of course it was.

I love the flow to the far right best


have a great week



Lathkill River The Return

Lathkill River Waterfall


well I thought I better have another go at the waterfall at Lathkill River this time tripod  and waterproof boots on. Got a lot better shot this time as I stood ankle deep in the cool river water on a beautifully scorching Saturday, big stopper on, “old faithful” never lets me down, 20s at f/11.0, no processing other than a little recovery to take down the white of the water, other than that its straight out of the camera, hope you like it.

Enjoy the bank holiday



Lathkill Waterfall

River Lathkill Waterfall

One from earlier in the week, going back tomorrow with my full kit bag and big stopper to get some real creamy shots. We will do some more exploring while were there and maybe have an ice cream in Bakewell….if we can find parking!

have a great Easter


St Anne’s Church Over Haddon

St Anne's Church - Over Haddon

This is the beautiful little church at Over Haddon, Derbyshire. St Anne’s built in 1880.

It is opposite the car park where we left our cars to walk down the hill into Lathkil Dale, more shots to follow, was a wonderfully sunny afternoon and the light was just right , hope you like it…

were going again at the weekend, cant wait I feel an ice cream or two coming on




One Tog And His Dog

Big 'n' Ugly with Cute 'n' Snuggly

Just a quick update, Steve took a rare shot (yeah right) of me cuddling Stormy whilst at Lathkill Dale yesterday, honest there’s nothing going on!

She was as good as gold and paddled in the beautiful clear stream as much as she could all the way to the waterfalls. were going back this weekend with friends to spend more time and get the waterfall shots in for my Peak District blog, its also start of the Buxton walking festival and I have said we’ll pop in and see friends on our trip round.

My wellies should be here tomorrow so I’ll fiill you in, tech spec etc etc

By the way my T shirts are made by email she’ll sort you out with design and advice, quality gear





Orange Burst

Orange Burst

Just a few more now from Anglesey, well maybe quite a lot, sorry cant help it!

As the title suggests an orange burst, last remnants of the days beautiful sun. I’d kinda like to dedicate this to Elizabeth Sladen who died today, she helped me when growing up, Lis was the one that did it for me as an early teenager…….such sad news at only 63 years old.

Had a great day out yesterday at Lathkill Dale, will post some shots later

hope the sun keeps shining all week as promised


Rapessed Field Advert

Shot used by Peak imaging, Sheffield to illustrate the impact their printing quality gives to photographic prints, I use them all the time and I am totally delighted with not only the quality but the friendly cant do enough approach they have with you as a client. They recently printed and sent shots to Spain for my client, they were there within 4 days and my client has them hanging on her wall now, see HERE

Veiled Sea

Veiled Sea

Tuesday already and Good Friday and a long weekend to look forward to especially with the weather forecasting a mini heatwave, should be fun if it really happens.

Off to The Peaks today and its a water day, cant wait, meeting friends at Bakewell then off from there, Stormy should love it paddling in the river.

Veiled Sea shot taken at Anglesey as the sun retreats, long exposure causing the waves to mist and form a see through veil against the rocks in the foreground.

Still waiting for my super dooper wellies to arrive should have been here yesterday and they would certainly come in handy today if the land in time…. Plus just ordered a “Springer” yes a springer google it, it attaches to my mountain bike and Stormy can run at the side of me, Jo has promised a bike ride at the weekend if it arrives in time

have a great day


Rapeseed Field Used For Meadowhall Advert

Shot used by Peak imaging, Sheffield to illustrate the impact their printing quality gives to photographic prints, I use them Continue reading »