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Sunset and Wave Action

Cable Bay Sunset

Well we’re back from a fab week in Rhosniegr, Anglesey, the weather didn’t play very fair for the first couple of days with very heavy rain and winds, didn’t bother us though, straight onto the rocks and captured some serious wave action, shot below as I got one straight over my head, God you cant explain how good it feels to be alive when this happens, so exhilarating to say the least.

This shot above was taken on Tuesday evening  when we had a great sunset, I dashed round to Cable Bay and spent a good hour compiling shots, I must have 50 to process that will make it to web, the conditions were so good. In all I managed 3 sunsets, one sunrise and a hell of a great wave and wind day, thought I’d been in some dodgy spots before…..never anything like this, 30 foot drop and waves hammering me from all sides, my legs still ache from being tensed against the force of the wind. The  shot below illustrates the power of the sea, I was right in the middle of it, I saw the wave coming towards me quickly wiped my filter and lifted the camera and rattled off 3 shots, this being the most pleasing.

Much much more to follow.




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