Daily Archives: April 13, 2011

Sun Break

Sun Break

Title says it all really “Sun Break”, the rock just splits the suns reflection allowing the golden stream to hit the foreground as the sun sets over the horizon. Yet another from my Anglesey visit, many more to follow, already got 10 ready for the next video.

Just found out that I had a special written about me in Derbyshire Reflections magazine Feb issue detailing me and Stormy’s future plans for the book and video work, anyway 3 page spread….any publicity and all that.

Bluebell season has come early so its off out with Stormy later, I think I have found a suitable place for this years collection and I also need to go to Meadowhall to take a shot of my image used on the big screens, “Rapeseed Field”

New blog for Peak District Online will be ready later too, I’ll post a link