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Wheat Field Sunset

Wheat-Field-SunsetThe magic of filters and this one is by using my Singh Ray Daryl Benson Reverse Grad…….

Typically, these scenes feature a bright horizon, dark foreground and medium-­bright sky above the horizon. When you position the Benson grad with the darkest density on the horizon line, it will hold back the bright horizon, lighten the foreground through the clear portion of the filter and add a subtle gradation of brightness to the sky – all in a single exposure and without hours of post processing, just the way I like it, after all I do what I do because I love the outdoors not sitting in front of a computer all day correcting light.

If you’d like to learn how to achieve this and a whole lot more then do pop over to my workshops page HERE and get in touch with your requirements.


Don’t Worry It’ll Soon Be Summer

Embleton-Boulder-SunsetThought we all needed a bit of a summer image to warm us up a little.

The snow is falling outside and has been all night, we have 3-4 inches so far. The fur gang are playing in the garden and absolutely loving it, we’re just waiting for it to get light enough so we can head off out with the camera and get a few winter snaps.

One or two cars have made up up our steep slope of a road so hopefully my prints will arrive today so I can arrange shipping tomorrow.

I have almost finished my work for the Fellowship qualification of the BIPP, its proven to be very time consuming and very expensive, but it has taken me on a wonderful soul searching mission that will hopefully make me a better photographer, big thanks to Russell my mentor who has imparted some very sound advise and critique.

The ‘F’ grade qualification is attainable for distinguished and exceptional ability and creativity and as such is a big leap from my ABIPP which I attained in 2011 and although my work is of the same standard I find it  is now geared towards the commercial market.

My working profile is at the book printers in Woking, Surrey, my display prints are kindly being done by Peak Imaging so I should have everything completed and put together by the end of next week ready for the 10th Feb deadline submission, then it’s a nervous 4 week wait until I got to Ayelsbury for my assessment 10th March.

Im not being over confident as I’ve seen and heard people fail even at the LBIPP standard for one reason or another. All I can be confident of is providing my very best work in the most professional manner of presentation and hope for the best.

Ah well looks like daylight is here and the husky gang are ready for the playtime. Pictures to follow



Northumberland Boulder Sunset

Northumberland-Boulder-SunsetFeel Free To Share, Tag and I love Your Comments.

A very good Thursday all, hope you are all bearing up well with the Weather Bomb! we’ve see plenty of rain over the last few days, now we’re hoping the white stuff will land by the weekend and stay till the new year (I know lots of you will hate it, but for a photographer with 4 Huskies it’s heaven sent)


On a serious note I’d like to thanks my friends and FB friends who out of their love of dogs and friendship bought packs of my husky puppy Christmas cards from me, we raised out of the sales and additional £76 which will be sent to the team in the new year. You may never know just how much you contribution will make to save dogs in Thailand from a horrible untimely death for the meat and fur trade so once again.

THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart, you are certainly my true friends and remarkable humans.

Mountain Rescue Christmas Cards are selling really well and again many thanks to all who have bought these, lets hope you never need the service but it’s fantastic should you ever need it, and remember it’s run by volunteers with big hearts.



Competition Time

Castle-SunburstPlease share among your friends and family for a chance to win this print, winner will be drawn at random by Thunder the Husky

Yes thats right Thunder the Husky is the official Adrian Ashworth competition assistant, this way we are truly impartial unless someone gets to him with puppy bone treats, his fave!

Todays image is from Bamburgh in Northumberland and is of the poppy field at the side of the castle, you can make out the silhouetted battlements  and sunburst through its turrets. This is a limited edition version and will be on the website later for sale, I am limiting it to 100 copies only with the winner receiving the first direct from my sponsor Peak Imaging in Sheffield.


So don’t forget you need to share then leave a comment that you have shared, Thunder can only pick from those who have commented “Shared” on my FB page either my personal one Adrian Ashworth or my business page Adrian Ashworth

Winner will be picked once we have plenty of Shares, last months winner was Janet Vickers who received her print of the Island Queen, it was also her birthday so well done Janet x




Bamburgh Summer Morning

Bamburgh-Colours A wonderful morning to you all,

thought I’d brighten your day up with this colourful shot from Bamburgh Castle, love the mixture of colours.

Today will see me at the Hilton Leeds for my portfolio review for my FBIPP  then onto do a Canal shoot in Leeds City centre, hope we get a little but of sunshine later too as I need a summer shot of the Arches in Leeds.

Have a great day and feel free to share and brighten up your friends day too.




Northumberland-6Morning all

I think as life moves on it changes and evolves hopefully for the better in most cases, with this in mind I have left Mountain Rescue……

Over the last few years I have received some of the best life skills training delivered by some of the most exceptional people who like me  give their time freely in the hope they will help save a life. Its a sad occasion but having thought long and hard about it find myself wanting to deliver care every time I go out where as in MR you train 75% of the time and deliver care 5% and fund raise the remaining  20%. All well worth while and ideally you don’t want to have to help someone as thats means they are suffering..which isn’t a good thing to want, but great to be there when needed.

I would urge anyone who has the time ,energy or commitment to try and help Mountain Rescue in any way they can, funds are always needed for specialist and basic equipment as are willing bodies to help with training.

A very big thank you to the friends I have made along the way, its been a real pleasure and I hope you continue to amaze with your commitment and talents.

With help from a mate Simon I’m looking into helping with Dementia and using my photography skills to help other local charities, Barnsley Hospice and Barnsley Hospital, again very worthy charities in much need of funds and people to help out. I help out at Rhosneigr when possible too.

One thing I can take with me on my next chapter is that I can do 1000% more to help than I used to when I came across someone in trouble, this is something I shall continue to do. That alone is worth all the hard training in all weather conditions.

cheers guys



Castle Wreck

Castle-WreckMorning all

one from a few months ago now, Bamburgh Castle shot from the beach with the mysterious wreck foreground. When I got to it there were two guys digging round it trying to gather as much info as possible about the wreck, it’s believed to date to the late 18th century and would have sailed the east coast, more info HERE

Had a lovely chat with one of the guys and unbelievably he was from Barnsley too, he spends summers driving the pleasure boats out and around the Farne Islands, I did the full day out with them looking at all the beautiful birds inc the Puffins my fave.

Hope you like the image, its not a web sale shot but can be customised to suit your size requirements upon request



Bamburgh Castle Sunset

Bamburgh-Castle-Sunset Happy New Year  to all

it goes without saying I wish you much health and happiness so I’ll save all the sentiments etc etc.

Thought I’d start this year off with a little winter warmer from Northumberland more importantly Bamburgh Castle bathed in a glorious sunset shower.

 Bamburgh Castle has the power to draw you there time and again, I don’t think people realise just how impressive a site this is, it really is huge and can be seen all the way along the magnificent coastline.
Shooting of the book was delayed due to really bad weather in Snowdonia late December, we took advise from the Park trust and will attempt again this moth, in the meantime we’re off on a wild coastal shoot over the next 2 weeks while the high tides and wild winds whip up the seas.
Well the puppies are certainly wearing us thin, we haven’t managed a nights sleep since they landed, night feeds and screaming fights are the norm at 3am, you wake in a fit of terror as the blood curdling screams emanate from the  once lovely dining room, when you finally stumble downstairs you are greeted with a 3 onto 1 site of a mass of husky fur flashing left and right with lumps of the chosen victim for the night flying by. Then as fast as they started they separate disappear into corners of their sleeping area and collapse into a motionless sleep, this has now progressed to lasting an hour at a time so when you finally get back to bed circa 4am you cant get back to sleep until 5 mins before the 5:45am alarm goes off.
On a good side this will hopefully only last a few more months, we have decided to keep 2 pups, the little girlie (unnamed, we just can’t decide) and Thunder a bearlike brown eyed boy that seems to have taken a great shine to me and me to him.
I intend on posting some of the book images as we go along, I say we as I have an assistant and friend on this mission,  Barney Delaney an established and very good photographer in his own right has agreed to be my faithful sidekick on this adventure, this will see us in all weathers attempting to gather all the must have shots the UK has to offer, sponsorship has been made from Go Outdoors and Peak Images, many thanks guys, the project couldn’t be done without you.
Loads to follow.

Mistical Beach

Northumberland-8Monday again, where does the weekend go?

well let me tell you  when you’re laid up with a dodgy knee it feels like 2 months, so frustrating I only hope in a couple of weeks that it will be better, still suffering from anesthetic hangover too, comes in waves of sickness not much fun!.

Jo has been awesome, I only hope I could be a tenth as good at caring if ever she was ill…..x

Still the long term looks good and really needed it doing, I just have to take it steady and let nature take its course  and not be silly, easier said than done for me.

Today’s little delight is from the Northumberland coast, this was late at night 22:15 and the sunset didn’t quit for another hour, in fact we couldn’t get the car back into the camp site and had to carry all our gear through a silent sleeping tents,……. worth every minute though I think you’ll agree.

Put some attached music with this one as I remember I had it on whilst standing in the sea doing the shot, just seems to go with it some how, its by Neal Schon, Song “Caruso” very fine guitar player from Journey and Bad English, two great bands, will have to learn this one I think. anyway controls are underneath so enjoy if you like cool guitar.


Simplest Is Sometimes Best

Bamburgh-Sunset-BeachAs the title suggests, it’s sometimes the simplest of shots that works best. I was actually walking across the beach to the wreck when I crouched down and saw the reflection of the sun on the beach, made a perfect composition wouldn’t you say?

Using my Singh Ray reverse grad filter to bring the sky colours out this image is pretty much straight out of the camera.


F8 1/8s ISO 100 28mm

Singh Ray reverse grad, 102mm Heliopan Polariser

Off up’t North tomorrow filming woods for a commission really looking forward to it, I’ll be in Wensleydale  and Grassington with Stormy, say hi if you see me.