Bamburgh Castle Sunset

Bamburgh-Castle-Sunset Happy New Year  to all

it goes without saying I wish you much health and happiness so I’ll save all the sentiments etc etc.

Thought I’d start this year off with a little winter warmer from Northumberland more importantly Bamburgh Castle bathed in a glorious sunset shower.

 Bamburgh Castle has the power to draw you there time and again, I don’t think people realise just how impressive a site this is, it really is huge and can be seen all the way along the magnificent coastline.
Shooting of the book was delayed due to really bad weather in Snowdonia late December, we took advise from the Park trust and will attempt again this moth, in the meantime we’re off on a wild coastal shoot over the next 2 weeks while the high tides and wild winds whip up the seas.
Well the puppies are certainly wearing us thin, we haven’t managed a nights sleep since they landed, night feeds and screaming fights are the norm at 3am, you wake in a fit of terror as the blood curdling screams emanate from the  once lovely dining room, when you finally stumble downstairs you are greeted with a 3 onto 1 site of a mass of husky fur flashing left and right with lumps of the chosen victim for the night flying by. Then as fast as they started they separate disappear into corners of their sleeping area and collapse into a motionless sleep, this has now progressed to lasting an hour at a time so when you finally get back to bed circa 4am you cant get back to sleep until 5 mins before the 5:45am alarm goes off.
On a good side this will hopefully only last a few more months, we have decided to keep 2 pups, the little girlie (unnamed, we just can’t decide) and Thunder a bearlike brown eyed boy that seems to have taken a great shine to me and me to him.
I intend on posting some of the book images as we go along, I say we as I have an assistant and friend on this mission,  Barney Delaney an established and very good photographer in his own right has agreed to be my faithful sidekick on this adventure, this will see us in all weathers attempting to gather all the must have shots the UK has to offer, sponsorship has been made from Go Outdoors and Peak Images, many thanks guys, the project couldn’t be done without you.
Loads to follow.

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