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Scafell Reflections

Morning all

certainly a little bit different from today’s image outdoors isn’t it?

Image taken half way up Scafell Pike when we stopped for a well earned rest and a cuppa. Note to self never ever try carrying your big tripod up Scafell again, you may think you’re big and strong but not for 9 miles, cream crackered is putting it mildly! one of the reasons for me buying the Gitzo 1581OT, so so light and strong.

Back out in the wilds again tomorrow, having a snow day reading today as well as a nice Dearne river walk at lunchtime with her majesty Stormy.




Snowdon View


Snowdon View

Final post of the week, shot from half way up Snowdon, certainly the easiest of The Three Peaks with the added advantage of having a Cafe at the top! who’d have thought it, climb a mountain get to the top and have an ice cold beer or coffee then if your tired you could get the train back down. I generally find coming down the mountains harder than going up, being a big lad I get lots more pressure on my knees and they tend to ache a lot.

Keep an eye out in The peaks this weekend for a Photographer with a Husky, say hi to me if you see us.

Ben Nevis

Ben Nevis

Just started compiling shot from The Three Peaks and this one is from Ben Nevis, we did this climb covered in midges from the bottom to pretty near the top and although it was done in August 2010 I still have a black toe nail……..

If you look closely and large you can make out the ant like people about a quarter the way up from the bottom of the picture, gives you a perspective and scale of this most wonderful landscape, I must say out of the Three Peaks for me this has the most spectacular views and its a toss up to which is harder Ben Nevis or Scafell, Snowdon you could run up and have a beer at the top.

Scafell Pike

Scafell Pike View

Finally got round to processing the shots from The Three Peaks I did this year, shot was taken mid way up Scafell Pike, quite a difficult climb especially as I was carrying 2st of camera gear with me, I learnt a valuable lesson as I took nothing like that up Ben Nevis. Going up is the easy part, coming down your toes press into the front of your boots and the old knees start to ache, still the views are well worth the hassle, plus its another off the old tick list.

If you would like to view this LARGE then please go to and click on the thumbnail