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Barra Sunset Rays

Barra-Cemetary-SunsetHi all

finally getting round to doing something with all the images I took from the Outer Hebrides trip, thank goodness for a bit of time and rain to make me sit and sort them. This one Barra Island walking across to the Commonwealth Cemetary.


Anyway as for my good news first which as some of you are aware i took my CAA permission  to fly unmanned aircraft (drones) to most of you but essentially a quadcopter less than 20kg, I passed with a mark of 95, still don’t know quite how I managed it but hey I’ll take it and will be very happy with it.

Part of the future of my business will be aerial footage, I won’t go too much into it but a smidgen of it is wedding , surveying, estate agency and sports to name a few, probably about another 10 things but that will come later as well as my own footage and stills to give a new twist to my work.

As more and more people take to the skies with unmanned aircraft I’m sure it will become more legislative to have a license of some kind in order to use on at all, the qualification I am in the process of assures clients primarily I’m a safe pair of hands and that I am insured against accidents and damage, we are seeing more in the news everyday about hobbyists accidents and near fatal collisions. The sooner the better the CAA legislate against this activity in areas where potentially accidents can have sever consequences the better.

Anyhow apart form my little rant I have thoroughly enjoyed my course, very expensive it was too but I’m sure this will be recouped in future work, I already have a few promises of work for my 2 DJI Inpire 1’s just in the process of insuring it all, again very expensive and time consuming.

Will catch up with more images later when time permits.




A  beautiful evening on the even more beautiful Isle of Barra. The commonwealth cemetery is at the north of the island and is accessed from the main road then through a field down towards the beach. It’s uncertain as to who owns the land but from what I have read it is looked after by the Parish Priest of Barra.

A note of caution should you decide to try this walk, COWS and BULLS, yup everywhere and a little too friendly for my liking especially with 4 huskies, we came back round the coast climbing and passing the dogs over barbed wire fences to avoid the interest shown on our approach……a little unnerving.

The cemetery is only about  a quarter of a mile from the camp site as taking a car here is a definite no no, there isn’t any parking and the main road is single track, at worst you could park a little further down the road at the hotel.


Cei Bach Sunset Sphere

Cei-Bach-Sunset--SphereWonderful morning to you all, it’s nearly the weekend yippee!

So busy of late and we have a new addition to the family, the family of photography that is, we are expecting our first drone to land today, DJI Inspire 1 T600 can’t wait. This is set to be a truly family affair with Jo taking controls of the flight while I film, dual remote control system.

We have several ideas in the pipeline one of which is a band video in Scotland this summer and several other great ideas that should see us progressing nicely into this arena, the only down side is the licensing we have to go through to be CAA approved, very expensive!

Watch this space for some brilliant videos coming here very soon, if anyone has a  requirement of our services please let me know, we’ll do our very best to accommodate.

Today’s image is from Cei Back beach near New Quay Wales and will be featuring in the book, believe me when I recommend it that this place is worth a visit, lush beaches and a fantastic coastal walk, quaint little villages just like the song,  At The River – Groove Armada.

Anyway back to watching videos of the drone, first flight booked for this weekend



Knockbrex-PillarNice to see the weekend is here and the sun is shining, great weekend planned with a lovely dog walk tomorrow and CFR training on Sunday, really looking forward to being qualified and out there helping my community.

Today’s image is from Knockbrex Priapic Pillars, a must on the photographers places to visit list.

It’s a fair walk carrying all your kit and the beach has long since seen its best with rubbish everywhere, shame really as its a beautiful place with cattle grazing right down to the shore edge and bird life adorning the skies, a real treat, midge season was in full swing and even with the sea breeze I got bitten to hell and back. STill it was well worth it and I’d certainly go back there.

Have a great weekend all


Rhosneigr World In A Crystal

Rhosneigr-Crystal-BallBack to my trademark crystal ball, this time capturing the setting sun at Rhosneigr my spiritual home and where we have so many friends. Hopefully we’ll be there in a few weeks as my workshop season starts again there and in Snowdonia.

Special price for 2016 too just £150 for a full day max 3 people unless prior arrangements made then we can cover 5-8 people with 2 photographers, one being myself as lead instructor.

Insured, Qualified and medically trained to Mountain Rescue Casualty Care standard, we provide transport from the initial meeting place and ensure your day runs at a pace that suits and you will finish with you understanding and being proficient in all aspects of landscape seascape photography.

send me and email with your dates and requirements HERE



Preparation pfffff!

Port-Y-Post-RaysYup PREPARATION indeed, just shows how the pro’s screw up too.

Up at 5 am out with the husky gang for a walk, lovely frosty morning, white over, perfect for my commission I thought, so back home kit  is ready and waiting (good boy scout) so I just have to get ready drop Jo off at work and me and the Stormster are away to start the Christmas Card shoot.

When I get there at Bagger Woods it’s closed for logging and the gates to the car park are padlocked shut!!!, to top it all the -3c at home white over isn’t at Bagger Woods it’s +1 and muddy……..never mind there’s always tomorrow but later I’m going to check out another woods so I don’t fall for it again. Hopefully we’ll get the freezing temps for a while yet.

Today’s summer evening shot is from my fave place on Anglesey, Poth Y Post, very spiritual place and if I could buy it I would.



Porth Y Post Sunset Rocks

Porth-Y-Post-Sunset-RockAnd I do mean rock literally, Porth Y Post is just one of those place that keep pulling me back there time and again, not only because of the stunning coastline, secluded cove and generally gorgeous weather but to see a friendly seal that seems to wait for our visits, he/she pops their head up and inquisitively watches us as we shoot the setting sun then majestically disappears beneath the waves into the darkness.

Don’t know if I mentioned that over the last few months I have had many tests carried out at the hospital some not very pleasant at all, well all is good as far as they can tell. My shoulder is almost back to full strength and Saturday I had a Platelet-rich plasma injection into my knee, semi put to sleep it still hurt like holey hell but fingers crossed it will now see me back on the hills very soon. It already seems to have taken affect in that the old going up stairs pain I used to get has disappeared, I have been training it ‘carefully’ lately which helps I’m told.

Darn this weather too, can’t believe its winter it’s so warm out, I need a few good frosty snowy days to do the Christmas Card  shots for my commission. Hopefully we’ll see some over the next month or so.

As from today it’s one month to my BIPP assessment for my Fellowship, ‘, checking and double checking my prints and supporting material to make sure 200% I’ve done all I possibly can. I’m also looking into doing my BA Hons over the next year or so too, my mum was a BA in Art so it would be great to have done something similar to her for a fitting memory and to help my career further too.

Jo’s new phone is coming today so I have the pleasure of setting it up for her, should be fun as it never seems to work right for me………much head banging and scratching of butt!

have a lovely week all




Wheat Field Sunset

Wheat-Field-SunsetThe magic of filters and this one is by using my Singh Ray Daryl Benson Reverse Grad…….

Typically, these scenes feature a bright horizon, dark foreground and medium-­bright sky above the horizon. When you position the Benson grad with the darkest density on the horizon line, it will hold back the bright horizon, lighten the foreground through the clear portion of the filter and add a subtle gradation of brightness to the sky – all in a single exposure and without hours of post processing, just the way I like it, after all I do what I do because I love the outdoors not sitting in front of a computer all day correcting light.

If you’d like to learn how to achieve this and a whole lot more then do pop over to my workshops page HERE and get in touch with your requirements.


After The Storm

After-The-StormOne from a little while ago today, still loads to process.

Taken 5 mins after the storm the rocks still wet and a reflective pool near the Trig Point. This wasn’t particularly a good composition but the sky was awesome so it’s here to stay and for sale.

Trusty filters used were , Singh Ray Reverse Grad, Lee .6 and Lee Star Filter

A lovely short walk up to the Trig Point at Stanage edge in The Peaks although it can be a bit boggy at times and parking is at a premium along the roadside so get there early to capture the great views.

Went to Rotherham last night for my introduction and interview for the Community First Responder volunteer scheme, as I walked in teh room I was greeted by a shout of  “he’ll be perfect for this”, so nice to bump into Dave R from Glossop Mountain Rescue, a really genuine and nice guy who was an assessor on my Casualty Care exam from Mountain Rescue. Was a great evening and met some lovely people, some eye opening info regarding call outs too. Just got to wait now for a call back for checks and occupational health etc, fingers x’d all will go well and I may be let loose on the public sometime soon in the future.

Still no snow here, come on winter





Misty Peaks Sunrise

Peaks-Misty-MorningMorning all

bit chilly here in the UK, nothing like Moscow but it’s still big coat weather for the southerners, we’ll be BBQing in summer gear up north!

One from last year still getting round to processing images from this shoot in the Peaks, freezing cold Sunday morning with my Stormy at my side and a mug of hot chocolate, what more could you need. Solitude with a hint of husky there is no better life than this, mind you some idiot broke the wipers on my car while I was up there, sure Karma will sort at her leisure.

Got a great commission yesterday and I’m very honoured to be asked to produce the Christmas cards for The Woodland Trust, I have until May to submit my work so I’m now praying we get the full blown winter back again, 2 or 3 feet of the old white stuff would be welcome in a couple of weeks time if possible please. Got some nice locations planned anyway that will really suit the freezing weather. Stay tuned for the results.

Day 2 of the Fatboy Slim diet and I’m not doing too bad, did 40mins CV at the gym this morning following the husky walk, off for a bigger husky walk at 11 ish then it’s my interview tonight for  Community First Responder at Rotherham, fingers x’d I’ll get in and give something back to the community round where we live. The beauty of the responder is that when you are called you actually help save a live, what better thing can you do for your fellow man, really excited about it.

Just seen the press pack for ‘Barging Round Britain‘ with John Sergeant, should be on ITV 13th Feb 20.00.  Episode 1 is Leeds Liverpool which is one of the canals I did the stills for, looking forward to seeing it and even more so the book.

Have a great day, oh and I need to check and see that my submission for my Fellowship has arrived safe and well at BIPP HQ……see I’m still banging on about it.