Misty Peaks Sunrise

Peaks-Misty-MorningMorning all

bit chilly here in the UK, nothing like Moscow but it’s still big coat weather for the southerners, we’ll be BBQing in summer gear up north!

One from last year still getting round to processing images from this shoot in the Peaks, freezing cold Sunday morning with my Stormy at my side and a mug of hot chocolate, what more could you need. Solitude with a hint of husky there is no better life than this, mind you some idiot broke the wipers on my car while I was up there, sure Karma will sort at her leisure.

Got a great commission yesterday and I’m very honoured to be asked to produce the Christmas cards for The Woodland Trust, I have until May to submit my work so I’m now praying we get the full blown winter back again, 2 or 3 feet of the old white stuff would be welcome in a couple of weeks time if possible please. Got some nice locations planned anyway that will really suit the freezing weather. Stay tuned for the results.

Day 2 of the Fatboy Slim diet and I’m not doing too bad, did 40mins CV at the gym this morning following the husky walk, off for a bigger husky walk at 11 ish then it’s my interview tonight for  Community First Responder at Rotherham, fingers x’d I’ll get in and give something back to the community round where we live. The beauty of the responder is that when you are called you actually help save a live, what better thing can you do for your fellow man, really excited about it.

Just seen the press pack for ‘Barging Round Britain‘ with John Sergeant, should be on ITV 13th Feb 20.00.  Episode 1 is Leeds Liverpool which is one of the canals I did the stills for, looking forward to seeing it and even more so the book.

Have a great day, oh and I need to check and see that my submission for my Fellowship has arrived safe and well at BIPP HQ……see I’m still banging on about it.



  1. Glyn Burgess February 3, 2015 at 5:07 PM #

    Lo mate, Great news regarding the commission ! Hope it goes well for ya..
    Same here with the weather freezing cold. Planned a drive down to Tegernsee this morning but was succumbed by the elements, meaning the car was frozen. Jet washers frozen, even with 90% concentrate winter fluid in..Got them defrosted eventually, but time was my enemy. Will try again tomorrow morning.
    First Responder eh ! jeez bro, what ever next the Rozzers ? Still hope ya get the job, is it voluntary?

    I will look out for the Barging round Britain on ITV, I can get that over here.
    Stay warm bud !!!



    • Adrian February 3, 2015 at 5:14 PM #

      Lo mate

      ta, no its all voluntary, doing my bit and all that, its very rewarding in itself and you learn some great skills so well worth doing.
      Must be bad if its freezing your windscreen fluid up, don’t suppose there’s much you can do about it either is there? good luck tomorrow with it.
      I’m heading up to a wood at the weekend scouting for the first card card shot. hopefully a little bit of snow or hard frost will be good.

      did you get the car sorted?

      later bud


  2. Glyn Burgess February 5, 2015 at 1:27 PM #

    Hi matey, Hows tha doing ?

    Yeah got the car sorted, its got 100% concentrate in the fluid washer now….shunt freeze anymore, fingers crossed.
    Good luck with the First responder thingy, voluntary or not, its a great cause. Hope you get the job and do well.
    Got any of the white stuff yet ? I went to one of my many fave haunts yesterday to Tegernsee, plenty of snow there, …..was gonna send ya some. lol

    keep safe bud, hope you get the snow !


    • Adrian February 6, 2015 at 10:56 AM #

      cheers mate.

      bit cool here today but still no white stuff, saying that I’m preparing for my prp injection in my knee tomorrow, seeingt he vids on youtube was a daft thing too do, hope it’s over with quickly tomorrow, in a Clarenmont 7am!!!
      stay well bud

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