Porth Y Post Sunset Rays

Porth-Y-PostIt’s Friday Yaaaay!


what a week of running round to get everything together for my Fellowship, checked and triple checked it’s now on its way to BIPP HQ a full week or so of the deadline for submission….I’m taking no chances with the weather and deliveries. It’s in the lap of the Gods as they say now, everything crossed.

Today’s picture from Porth Y Post, Anglesey. I’ll be heading there real soon, we deserve a rest and I certainly need to be in the sea again, puppies and Stormy need to run on a beach too so if only for them we’ll get off in a week or so.

Just been asked to do all this years event shoots for Barnsley Hospice which I have graciously accepted. They took great care of Richard my brother in law in his latter stages and battle with cancer so I can never really do enough for them.

Have a great weekend all




  1. Glyn Burgess January 30, 2015 at 4:40 PM #

    Hi matey,

    Again good luck with the fellowship thingy, its a waiting game now then eh ?
    I thought as much you would be heading to Anglesey, if you can get there with the weather.
    Snow off and on here with freezing temps.
    Nice one with the hospice bud, its always nice to pay back with something like what you went through. Hope it goes well.


    G man

    • Adrian January 30, 2015 at 5:53 PM #

      cheers G bud, I’ll probably keep banging on about it but believe me it’s been a major part of my life the last 12 months, if successful I’ll hopefully progress into mentoring and assessing which is certainly one of my goals for the future.
      Snow has melted here now but its bitterly cold with a chilly wind, not fun having to leave back door open for the pups so me and Jo have to wear our onsies….not pretty!
      stay warm mate love to all

  2. Glyn Burgess January 31, 2015 at 1:02 PM #

    Mate, its great to bang on about it (Fellowship), Its another of your achievements to cross off when you get it !! Just don’t brag about it when you do !! lol Then on to Mentoring and beyond , skies the limit bro. I’m sure you’l pass with flying colours.

    Tis getting cold here too, bitterly….But I’ve no sympathy with you regarding leaving back door open for the wolves. lol, I can just picture you in a onesie, looking like something out of the teletubbies, lol. I bet Jo looks fab.

    Stay warm too bud, I’ve seen the weather in UK on tinter web .



    • Adrian February 3, 2015 at 10:11 AM #

      certainly hope I get it mate, taken 5 years from start to this point and a lot of learning and money in between. As you know this doesnt come cheap.
      Just got a nice commission, check my next blog mate, I now need winter to come back big style..lol

      stay well bud

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