A Quiet Day


Ladybower Reservoir – Peaks

At last a quiet day, or should I speak too soon!.

Throwing it down outside with gale force winds…hmmm not the best way to spend a Wednesday I guess but here in my office with the fur kids and a classic Scorpions track on ‘maybe I maybe you’ who could ask for more.

Just waiting for the WireO versions of book to arrive so I can get all my info together for the BIPP Fellowship. Been a tough moth or so putting this together and we’re getting ready for a break in the HUMO (husky mobile), I feel a coast trip beckoning sooner rather than later. Should have all my assessment submission in the post for the 1st Feb then it’s the long wait until my assessment at BIPP HQ Aylesbury 10th March.

Ah well on with my stress free day, coffee calling me thinks




  1. Glyn Burgess January 28, 2015 at 3:18 PM #

    lo bud,
    Always liked this image, didn’t you use a tobacco filter on it ? I know you took it a while a go.
    When you’ve done what you need to do, get thi sen off t’coast…

    Snow here, with freezing temps to boot. Stuck inside at mo, car due to go into garage tomorrow, for new front suspension doing , €900 !!! . ouch..

    Stiil stress free ?



    • Adrian January 29, 2015 at 6:50 PM #

      yes tobacco filter, brought this version up a fair bit better than the original too, just goes to show not to bin shots as you get better at processing.
      Ouch with the car thats not good mate, snowing here today took me 2 hrs to do 4 miles, crazy isn’t it?
      Jo’s mini all 4 is a right motor love it, goes anywhere and feels like a little tank.

      stay warm mate


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