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Heather With A Tilt Shift

Heather-13Hi all

apologies for not posting this week, been one of those weeks where I juts haven’t had time for the nicer things in life. One major headache has been the new accounts system, I’ve been using an old desktop version of quickbooks for 10 years now so I decided I’d update this to the new sparkling online service, lets just say they have the worst the very worst support of any company I have ever dealt with or am I likely to! Bottom line is I’m now with Sage which is where I should have switched to in the 1st place.

Anyway once I’ve calmed down enough I’ll be posting some new shots, todays is one from last heather season using my TS24 tilt shift lens to give it a toy town effect.




Still No Snow

Blacks-Ice-FlowHonestly can’t believe how mild it’s gone now, I cleaned the cars on Sunday in a T shirt and today’s dog walk I was just wearing a fleece, has spring sprung already? even the white flower things , snowdrops thats it, useless with plants are out in abundance.  It’s ruining my commission shoot!

Here’s another snow one from last year, fingers x’d we’ll see some more yet



Come on Snow where are you?

Blacks-SnowIsn’t it always the case! you get a commission for snow Christmas type woodland shots and the weather turns mild! was up and out early today to try and get the frost but the woodland was still muddy and misty not at all festive. Lets hope the next few weeks bring a cold spell and some of the white stuff. I have all my locations scouted and ready to go so ready when mother nature is……..

Today is one from last year at Black Clough in The Peaks, a good long walk up to the water fall near the top, bet it isn’t frozen yet though.



A Cool Start

Blacks-Frost-1 Yay it’s Friday at last and I thought I’d kick off the weekend with a couple of frosty images from a walk last year, must get on top of my processing!

Just off the main Woodhead Road is an area called Salter’s brook and I believe Lady Shaw, here you’ll find  remnants of an old Inn dating back to the 18th century. Although not good for ale any more it does serve well  as a great composition for the winter frost, and a little shelter for the roaming sheep.

You just may spot Buster the blonde German Shepherd  in the distance have a good forage round the moor, he was there with my friend Gordon, Stormy was tied on to me, way to risky with sheep about to ever let her go free!.

Blacks-Frost-2Still waiting to get the decent winter weather here so I can head out and do the commission shots for The Woodland Trust, let’s hope next week brings it back for me.

Have a great weekend


After The Storm

After-The-StormOne from a little while ago today, still loads to process.

Taken 5 mins after the storm the rocks still wet and a reflective pool near the Trig Point. This wasn’t particularly a good composition but the sky was awesome so it’s here to stay and for sale.

Trusty filters used were , Singh Ray Reverse Grad, Lee .6 and Lee Star Filter

A lovely short walk up to the Trig Point at Stanage edge in The Peaks although it can be a bit boggy at times and parking is at a premium along the roadside so get there early to capture the great views.

Went to Rotherham last night for my introduction and interview for the Community First Responder volunteer scheme, as I walked in teh room I was greeted by a shout of  “he’ll be perfect for this”, so nice to bump into Dave R from Glossop Mountain Rescue, a really genuine and nice guy who was an assessor on my Casualty Care exam from Mountain Rescue. Was a great evening and met some lovely people, some eye opening info regarding call outs too. Just got to wait now for a call back for checks and occupational health etc, fingers x’d all will go well and I may be let loose on the public sometime soon in the future.

Still no snow here, come on winter





Misty Peaks Sunrise

Peaks-Misty-MorningMorning all

bit chilly here in the UK, nothing like Moscow but it’s still big coat weather for the southerners, we’ll be BBQing in summer gear up north!

One from last year still getting round to processing images from this shoot in the Peaks, freezing cold Sunday morning with my Stormy at my side and a mug of hot chocolate, what more could you need. Solitude with a hint of husky there is no better life than this, mind you some idiot broke the wipers on my car while I was up there, sure Karma will sort at her leisure.

Got a great commission yesterday and I’m very honoured to be asked to produce the Christmas cards for The Woodland Trust, I have until May to submit my work so I’m now praying we get the full blown winter back again, 2 or 3 feet of the old white stuff would be welcome in a couple of weeks time if possible please. Got some nice locations planned anyway that will really suit the freezing weather. Stay tuned for the results.

Day 2 of the Fatboy Slim diet and I’m not doing too bad, did 40mins CV at the gym this morning following the husky walk, off for a bigger husky walk at 11 ish then it’s my interview tonight for  Community First Responder at Rotherham, fingers x’d I’ll get in and give something back to the community round where we live. The beauty of the responder is that when you are called you actually help save a live, what better thing can you do for your fellow man, really excited about it.

Just seen the press pack for ‘Barging Round Britain‘ with John Sergeant, should be on ITV 13th Feb 20.00.  Episode 1 is Leeds Liverpool which is one of the canals I did the stills for, looking forward to seeing it and even more so the book.

Have a great day, oh and I need to check and see that my submission for my Fellowship has arrived safe and well at BIPP HQ……see I’m still banging on about it.


A Quiet Day


Ladybower Reservoir – Peaks

At last a quiet day, or should I speak too soon!.

Throwing it down outside with gale force winds…hmmm not the best way to spend a Wednesday I guess but here in my office with the fur kids and a classic Scorpions track on ‘maybe I maybe you’ who could ask for more.

Just waiting for the WireO versions of book to arrive so I can get all my info together for the BIPP Fellowship. Been a tough moth or so putting this together and we’re getting ready for a break in the HUMO (husky mobile), I feel a coast trip beckoning sooner rather than later. Should have all my assessment submission in the post for the 1st Feb then it’s the long wait until my assessment at BIPP HQ Aylesbury 10th March.

Ah well on with my stress free day, coffee calling me thinks



Over Owler – Surprise View

Surprise-ViewHappy Monday Morning all…….here’s a shot from the Peak District


OK OK, so it’s your first day back at work since the Christmas and New Year break but let’s face it, how wonderful is this time of year with its crisp mornings and long sleepy nights, beautiful sunrises and snow capped peaks , see it’s not all bad is it?

Had a few more emails from folks over the weekend re my reason for pulling away from social media namely face book. It wasn’t a difficult decision as face book are selling my info and yours too to marketing companies and such for a profit, I also get really upset by the number of people posting negative subjects and animal abuse, I just wanted it to be a place to enjoy good humorous banter and maybe draw a little traffic to my website to brighten peoples day. But mainly was the amount of my work that was being taken and used on websites without asking….very naughty indeed, they obviously don’t understand the cost implications for just one of my shots, anyway hopefully now all images are tagged and I can monitor them across the web.

Great also that most of my FB friends the real ones that is have subscribed to my blog and have emailed me for chats so thats really lovely, thanks you guys, it’s nice to use the old fashioned way to stay in touch sometimes isn’t it?

On a plus note I have just discovered Little Chocolate Orange flavoured coffee, yes Chocolate Orange flavour, it’s absolutely gorgeous, so very wrong it’s so right, expensive but what a treat on a cold winters morning.

Very busy January now getting pictures and info ready for submission for my Fellowship in March.

Have a wonderful week


Carl Wark – A Winters Walk

Carl-WarkFell Free To Share, Like and Especially Comment

Is it Tuesday already, the last 10 days seems to have blurred by so fast, it will be Christmas Day before we know it, getting so excited, family coming for dinner, my favourite part, it’s particularly  important as my uncle Eric is still in hospital with Leukaemia complications of treatment so we’re really hoping things will be settled down enough for him to be home with us for the day.

In the meantime I’m suffering with ManFlu……..I hear all you women groan at my comment!, it’s a true medical condition I tell you, I have it pretty bad this time too, chest infection, headaches, shivers you name it, even Jo admits I have it bad this time instead of calling me a whimp! Anyway I’ll brave it through and ride the

Today’s offering is a walk in The Peaks, Carl Wark, the iron age hill fort on Hathersage Moor, a steady little walk with great views across the peaks, usually quite busy but I had it pretty much to myself on this occasion.

Tomorrow is the last day for print sales that will be delivered in time for Christmas, so get those orders in NOW


Curbar Edge Inversion

Curbar-MistEvening all

just a quick update from Curbar Edge where they have a mist inversion near enough every day, well worth a trip out if you’re into mist and scenic views, especially now we’re moving into the colder end of the year.

A quick apology to anyone that has anything -tive from me on Youtube or Facebook, looks like I have been hacked and as such may well have to close all the FB and YT links down and start again….not much fun but it will give me an opportunity to do some much needed house keeping, again apologies to anyone who received anything spurious and unlike me, I’ll try and find everyone again if I have to kill the accounts.

Jo collects her supa doopa new car tomorrow, she’s like a 5 year old, so excited and can’t sleep bless her, she deserves it and more for putting up with me all these years lol. I’ll post pics tomorrow