A Cool Start

Blacks-Frost-1 Yay it’s Friday at last and I thought I’d kick off the weekend with a couple of frosty images from a walk last year, must get on top of my processing!

Just off the main Woodhead Road is an area called Salter’s brook and I believe Lady Shaw, here you’ll find  remnants of an old Inn dating back to the 18th century. Although not good for ale any more it does serve well  as a great composition for the winter frost, and a little shelter for the roaming sheep.

You just may spot Buster the blonde German Shepherd  in the distance have a good forage round the moor, he was there with my friend Gordon, Stormy was tied on to me, way to risky with sheep about to ever let her go free!.

Blacks-Frost-2Still waiting to get the decent winter weather here so I can head out and do the commission shots for The Woodland Trust, let’s hope next week brings it back for me.

Have a great weekend



  1. Glyn Burgess February 6, 2015 at 2:39 PM #

    Cool matey, excuse the pun. Liking the frosty texture. The first image does it for me, with the frosty looking grass to compliment the dry stone frost. Buster certainly blends into the background doesn’t he.

    Hope you get the snow bud, for photographic reasons.
    Stay warm, have a great weekend bud


    • Adrian February 8, 2015 at 12:42 PM #

      cheers mate we covered this in our mini chat yesterday so I wont go on, hope all is well


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