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Glencoe Autumn Morning

Glencoe-RiverFeel Free To Share – may brighten up a friends day

A quick upload today from my Glencoe trip, taken whilst out for a walk to the chip shop (I know how to live. lol) this late morning shot from looking down the estuary with Loch Leven behind me. The weather didn’t last too long like this as inevitably it doesn’t at Glencoe and the rains came down very heavy.

Busy processing day today and the fur kids need a big walk down to the river for some exercise.



Buachaille Etive Mòr – Blue Mist

Buckle-FLowMonday morning and why not start with the blues……

This one from Glen Etive standing waist deep in very cold very fast flowing water looking up at the Buckle shrouded in the blue tint of mist to the left, not a place to spend too much time and I was out and getting dried off as fast as I could.

Location wise it’s a very easy find but if you drive past you won’t recognise the Buckle itself, it forms the iconic shape just as you drive up the A82, Steep ascent with scree in the corrie, followed by a boulder ridge. The descent is on steep grass so be very careful.

Awful weather at the moment so it’s giving me ample opportunity to start planning the Isle of Skye trip for November, several locations to add to the book so some serious careful planning needs to done for a flying visit.

Lets hope the week improves



Curbar Edge Inversion

Curbar-MistEvening all

just a quick update from Curbar Edge where they have a mist inversion near enough every day, well worth a trip out if you’re into mist and scenic views, especially now we’re moving into the colder end of the year.

A quick apology to anyone that has anything -tive from me on Youtube or Facebook, looks like I have been hacked and as such may well have to close all the FB and YT links down and start again….not much fun but it will give me an opportunity to do some much needed house keeping, again apologies to anyone who received anything spurious and unlike me, I’ll try and find everyone again if I have to kill the accounts.

Jo collects her supa doopa new car tomorrow, she’s like a 5 year old, so excited and can’t sleep bless her, she deserves it and more for putting up with me all these years lol. I’ll post pics tomorrow


OK So I’m Not Perfect, Who’d Have Thought It?



Feel Free to Share

Autumn is here with a blast, brrrr, wind and rain and it’s set to stay a while now, will have to start getting my wet gear out now for the season.

Today’s shot just to show I make mistakes too and plenty of em believe me…BUT I do like the horse and thats what matters, I like it, I tend to shoot to sell such is the nature of a professional, I have to feed myself and the husky pack so going off  grid isn’t always an option unless like this one a mistake thats quite endearing and a little bit comical, won’t sell but you never know.

Enjoy your week all



St Cwyfans Church Anglesey Sunset Rays


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Hey hey its Friday… long last. Been quite a week and we’re really looking forward to a weekend of decorating, OK we’re not but it needs doing and the painting fairies seemed to have deserted us, wait til we catch em, little so and so’s.

So that’s our weekend sorted, is anyone up to anything better?, figure that will be everyone reading this.

Today’s image is from Anglesey, where else! and is of St Cywfans Churcha beautiful secluded bay that never seems to disappoint. Becoming a fave place of our to wind down after a hard day walking the pups, especially lovely to see the sun go down and calm seas.

wishing you all a lovely weekend, unfortunately Monday will be here all too soon