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Back Down To Earth – On With The Day Job

South-Stack-Pyramid-Mist A very happy Friday all,

After what seems to be a whirlwind week doing the album shoot for Ten which went down fantastically, was really great fun and the guys are awesome, all friendly and at the top of their game, if you love melodic hard rock with crystal clear vocals and stunning guitar work then Ten are the band for you. I am now their official photographer and will be doing other shoots in the near future, their new album “Albion” is due for release November 2014 I believe, can’t wait.

Finally managed to get round to processing my shots from Anglesey 2 weeks ago, this one is of South Stack lighthouse at sunset.

You’ll notice my trademark crystal pyramid but more importantly the misty smoke coming in from the right.  I have used this on countless shots and it also played a major role in the Ten shoot (pictures will be available after album launch, and sale to huge worldwide fan base), anyway my smoke machine is a Tiny CX and was supplied by if you ask for Ben he’ll help you out, mention me and you’ll get a discount.  Very friendly company and his advice and knowledge of the product is fantastic, he not only saved me money but from buying the completely wrong model… tube doesn’t tell you everything lol

busy week ahead with 2 more shoots booked and prints to organise for an office environment…..


have a great weekend all





Church In The Sea – Big Shoot Tomorrow


Click On Image For Hi Res Version

Quick update and shot tonight…….


Just got back from a great 2 week hols come shoot /work on Anglesey and I’m back there tomorrow for a shoot with Rock Band Ten, really excited as I have followed them for many years….real pleasure day for me, saying that its taken all yesterday and up to 4pm today to get all the kit ready and tested. Good to have the assistance and company of Chris Philips with me too tomorrow, a talented photographer expanding his repertoire.

Will post an update later but the shots will have to wait until after the albums release and subsequent sale by Ten on line.



Stormfront Approaching



A very foreboding sky at Glencoe, Scotland, a few mins later the heavens opened and that was shot over time, fortunately the motor-home was 10m behind me and I just strolled back for safety.

Will be heading to Wales Sunday for some serious catching up with my sea and landscape shooting, a few workshops to slot in too with some lovely new friends. here’s hoping for some nice but changeable weather, may even get some climbing in dogs , Jo permitting.

Will be updating the site as I go along whilst away and Thunder  will be announcing the winner of the Sunburst poppies image, so if you haven’t shared it yet on facebook with friends and family hurry up and do so to win the print. Link HERE


Competition Time

Castle-SunburstPlease share among your friends and family for a chance to win this print, winner will be drawn at random by Thunder the Husky

Yes thats right Thunder the Husky is the official Adrian Ashworth competition assistant, this way we are truly impartial unless someone gets to him with puppy bone treats, his fave!

Todays image is from Bamburgh in Northumberland and is of the poppy field at the side of the castle, you can make out the silhouetted battlements  and sunburst through its turrets. This is a limited edition version and will be on the website later for sale, I am limiting it to 100 copies only with the winner receiving the first direct from my sponsor Peak Imaging in Sheffield.


So don’t forget you need to share then leave a comment that you have shared, Thunder can only pick from those who have commented “Shared” on my FB page either my personal one Adrian Ashworth or my business page Adrian Ashworth

Winner will be picked once we have plenty of Shares, last months winner was Janet Vickers who received her print of the Island Queen, it was also her birthday so well done Janet x




The Old Ropery

Room-With-A-View-2A wonderful Monday to you all, the sun is shining here in Yorkshire.

My day has just been made all the better after having an enormous compliment from a friend , really made my day and I’m sure you will be wonderful at what ever you decide is a new career for you. Made me think actually if I can feel this good after a few small words, how would it be if me / you send someone a text email call them even and tell them they are something special, imaging what sort of day that would turn out to be for the lucky recipient. It’s so easy to be nice isnt it?

Anyway on with today’s image, Sandend Scotland again, a wider view of the old ropery or what’s left of it anyway, takes a bit to walk round to it and it’s a little tricky under foot but I’m sure you’ll agree worth the challenge!. Would have like to call back again soon as the heather was just coming into bloom and the  smell of the sea and heather together was beautiful.

Spent the weekend on a commission project again down in Northants, though we did get caught up on the way down for 45 minutes in the M1 closure, at least we were far luckier than the poor people in the accident, sometimes you have to sit back and relax, there are definitely worse things happening to others, be thankful for you health etc etc. Spent a super day with good company and enjoyed the beautiful weather in a n even more beautiful part of our country, thatched cottages and country inns, canal walks and river folk…..who could ask for more.

Spending today processing shots and catching up doggy walking, poor things only got 2 walkies yesterday and they get cranky if I don’t manage at least 3 so it’s make it up to the pooches afternoon, think I’m I’m forgiven just given them a donut to share, I know its not good for them but a treat once in a while is good.

Anyway on with the day, enjoy everyone


A Room With A View



The Old Ropery at Sandend – Aberdeenshire

Afternoon all, is it warm enough for you? fantastic for us, not so for our little furry friends, having 4 huskies at times can be a little difficult especially when you have to have to air con units blasting ice cold air out all night keeping you awake while they lay on their backs in cool luxury….wouldn’t have it any other way, but we could certainly use a nights sleep!

This shot from our little jaunt up to Scotland last week or is it 2 weeks, time flies for sure, we’ll be heading off again in a few weeks once I get my contracted work complete. Anyway this is I believe is the old Ropery at Red Haven very near Sandend Bay and the beautiful little village.

Fantastic caravan/Campsite hosted by a  lovely family who couldn’t do enough for us, a real treat to come across such a friendly place. we’ll be going back I’m sure, loads more to investigate.

Sunday will see me down at the Grand Union Canal in Northants doing some contract shots, I’ll be covering a few site and going back again next week for a portrait session there. All good and very exciting stuff, sorry I can’t elaborate further but its all contracted until 2015. Hope this weather holds out for me too.


Anyway have a great weekend all



Going Nowhere Fast

Island-Queen-Day-TimeRecce shot of the Island Queen at Tayinloan, Kintyre

As the title suggests it’s going nowhere fast apart from decaying into the oblivion of the sands.


A couple of new toys coming today, first a Lowepro Sport AW200 rucksack, so if you see a big lad with a bright orange rucksack and huge lens running up and down Woodhead this Sunday say hello and secondly which is my fave is the Sony STM10plug in mic for my Xperia Z2, hopefully this will eliminate the dreadful sound probs I had Saturday night  at the Tony Christie concert

have a wonderful weekend all



Before And After Photoshop

RawI printed off the final image for myself and my brother came round and saw it “photoshopped” he said, cheeky so and so. Anyway I thought I’d show the original and final image.

Now I admit to being a heavy user of filters it’s my speciality when training in my workshops, its all about completing the image as much as possible in the field, after all thats why you wanted to be a landscape photographer isn’t it?. My idea of hell is sitting in front of the Mac for endless hours processing bad pictures to make them look good…..”kill me now” comes to mind.

Here’s the RAW converted to WEB Jpeg

Raw-1 So now you have the original contact sheet and the RAW converted image, so let’s see the final shot again…..Island-Queen-2

You’ll see I have lifted the exposure, tone and the colour, all in all 5-10 mins work ONLY. any more and I would ditch the shot as a waste of time and that’s what it’s all about, being at location, one with nature whatever you want to call it, for me standing there listening to the sea watching the sun go down is priceless.


Have a great day



Groynes to Jura

Groynes-to-JuraNot sure if the title sounded rude or not…..let you decide but it is what it is Groynes pointing the way the mountainous range at Jura. Taken on yet another glorious day at Tayinloan Kintyre, what a place.

Update for the weekend, doing pictures for Dearne FM of the Tour De France, it very slightly touches the borders of Barnsley for some 8miles or 20 mins if we’re lucky, at least the procession first will last longer, so thats Sunday dealt  with, big pooch walk Saturday booked in for The Peaks.


Looking Out To Sea




A very sunny good morning to you all, woke up to a beautiful sunrise so took the pooches out bright and early, pre the usual hoards of dog walkers and school kids tramping the streets. Sets you up for the day ahead with clear and decisive thoughts, ahhhhh breath, lovely.

Tayinloan ha snow made it onto my list of fave places to shoot, pretty much guaranteed to have the place to yourself and lets face it “what a superb thing to photograph” it won’t be there for much more time as the sea carries out its own maritime dismantling of it tide by tide.

Still 2 places for the over night camp sunset shoot, PM me if you are interested, we haven’t sorted a date yet but it will be mutually agreed and probably be end July early August may then do a stop and shoot on the way back down along Loch Lomand.

New commission shoot for a top PR agency next week, so will be prepping kit ready for a full staff shoot and client location shoot, love this stuff.