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Going Nowhere Fast

Island-Queen-Day-TimeRecce shot of the Island Queen at Tayinloan, Kintyre

As the title suggests it’s going nowhere fast apart from decaying into the oblivion of the sands.


A couple of new toys coming today, first a Lowepro Sport AW200 rucksack, so if you see a big lad with a bright orange rucksack and huge lens running up and down Woodhead this Sunday say hello and secondly which is my fave is the Sony STM10plug in mic for my Xperia Z2, hopefully this will eliminate the dreadful sound probs I had Saturday night  at the Tony Christie concert

have a wonderful weekend all



Before And After Photoshop

RawI printed off the final image for myself and my brother came round and saw it “photoshopped” he said, cheeky so and so. Anyway I thought I’d show the original and final image.

Now I admit to being a heavy user of filters it’s my speciality when training in my workshops, its all about completing the image as much as possible in the field, after all thats why you wanted to be a landscape photographer isn’t it?. My idea of hell is sitting in front of the Mac for endless hours processing bad pictures to make them look good…..”kill me now” comes to mind.

Here’s the RAW converted to WEB Jpeg

Raw-1 So now you have the original contact sheet and the RAW converted image, so let’s see the final shot again…..Island-Queen-2

You’ll see I have lifted the exposure, tone and the colour, all in all 5-10 mins work ONLY. any more and I would ditch the shot as a waste of time and that’s what it’s all about, being at location, one with nature whatever you want to call it, for me standing there listening to the sea watching the sun go down is priceless.


Have a great day



Groynes to Jura

Groynes-to-JuraNot sure if the title sounded rude or not…..let you decide but it is what it is Groynes pointing the way the mountainous range at Jura. Taken on yet another glorious day at Tayinloan Kintyre, what a place.

Update for the weekend, doing pictures for Dearne FM of the Tour De France, it very slightly touches the borders of Barnsley for some 8miles or 20 mins if we’re lucky, at least the procession first will last longer, so thats Sunday dealt  with, big pooch walk Saturday booked in for The Peaks.


Looking Out To Sea




A very sunny good morning to you all, woke up to a beautiful sunrise so took the pooches out bright and early, pre the usual hoards of dog walkers and school kids tramping the streets. Sets you up for the day ahead with clear and decisive thoughts, ahhhhh breath, lovely.

Tayinloan ha snow made it onto my list of fave places to shoot, pretty much guaranteed to have the place to yourself and lets face it “what a superb thing to photograph” it won’t be there for much more time as the sea carries out its own maritime dismantling of it tide by tide.

Still 2 places for the over night camp sunset shoot, PM me if you are interested, we haven’t sorted a date yet but it will be mutually agreed and probably be end July early August may then do a stop and shoot on the way back down along Loch Lomand.

New commission shoot for a top PR agency next week, so will be prepping kit ready for a full staff shoot and client location shoot, love this stuff.




Deserted Island Queen

Island-Queen-4 Evening all, oohhh Dixon of Dock Green…….yes yes I know “who” I sort of remember it I think but then again I have listened to the David Tennant remakes on Radio 4 Extra, hope that settles that one…phew!! think i got away with it.


Anyhoo, todays is yes a portrait landscape, I don’t do many as they don’t sit well in the web page…only kidding, the mood and scene has to suit and the juxtaposition of the skyline and semi silhouetted wreck worked so well, had to be done.

Back up there in a couple of weeks and beyond, hopefully the weather will be kind to us again, failing that its the Northumberland run so I need to plan for both over then next week.

here’s to another eventful week, will be out in the Peaks later this week for a sunset.



Martian Seascape

Point-Sand-GreenYup it really was/is that green, couldn’t believe my eyes it was just like a scene from War of the Worlds. It stretched on way round the coast and is a stable diet supplement for the local deer and sheep who are seen regularly down by the waters edge having a late night snack, one for me to catch next time I’m up there.

Hope the weather picks up today or there will be some soggy bums tonight at Locke Park for “Picnic in the park” with Tony Christie, all in aid of Barnsley Hospice a fantastic charity.


Good luck to all helping and taking part.


Point Sands Lobster Pot

Lobster-Pot-1 Its Friday……..


happy weekend all, nice to see the rain has made a come back just in time for the outdoor gig shoot tomorrow night with Tony Christie, all in aid of Barnsley Hospice, what a great charity, praying it all goes well for them.

Today’s shot is of my salvaged lobster pot, only missing the front door. Its now sitting on my decking in case any stray lobsters walk by, must admit I’d love to try lobster but can’t bring myself to eat it, maybe if it was just the meat and no shell i may give it a go.

Dave on the trusty smoke machine helping out here yet again, wind direction playing a big part in these type of shots.

Hope you all have a great weekend, look forward to catching up with some togs this weekend.




Sunset Gravity Stones

Point-Sands-Standing-StonesIt may not look it but it was one of the most complicated shots i have taken, 3 filters and one hand held while Dave did the smoke machine for me….very pleased with the outcome though, gives great atmosphere and tranquillity …we were actually being bitten to death with swarms of midges. We had just missed 3 deer down at the waters edge which would have made a great silhouetted against that stunning skyline, I did see them later but they were at the wrong end of the beach with no backdrop and too far away…..can’t win em all.

Workshop booking are taking off now and 1 so far interested in the Kintyre camp over and Island Queen sunset shoot so that will be intimate lol still 2 places left in the car so hurry and book



Island Queen Sunset Rays

Island-Queen-3Second image of four of the Island Queen at Tayinloan, Kintyre. I will be going back soon to run a workshop there, it will be an overnight camp  next to or on the beach itself so if anyone has an interest in this sunset course let me know ASAP.

Remember I am qualified and insured to deliver the very best of photographic tuition. Use of filters  and especially composition will be the key elements of the sunset session.

Looking forward to this weekend, busy session with Picnic in the park, Locke Park. All in aid of Barnsley Hospice with guest performer Tony Christie and friends, should be a great evening, then Sunday hopefully we’re of to the Husky meet for a Sunday walk, the pups will love it I’m sure



Knockbrex Priapic Pillars

Knockbrex-SunMy humble offering for Summer Solstice 2014


Shot taken at Knockbrex where the Priapic Pillars stand guiding ships into the small hidden family harbour.

Had to do a sunset solstice for obvious reasons and yes I bitten to hell and back for my troubles, its a fair walk carrying all your kit and the beach has long since seen its best with rubbish everywhere, shame really as its a beautiful place with cattle grazing right down to the shore edge and bird life adorning the skies, a real treat

right time, right place but planned