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With An Added Touch

Porth-Y-Post-Lens-FlareHappy Easter all

don’t be eating too much chocolate will you, wish I could, this darn diet forbids it lol, still the weight is coming off nicely so I’ll stick at it.

I don’t usually edit anything other than levels, saturation and dust spots on my shots but I thought this would look nice with a lens flare right of the horizon, edited flares can be a little too perfect as software generally can lose the emotional feel of reality but it makes for an interesting shot at least. Already sold a copy so I pleased with that.

Out with the Husky pack later, Stormy is doing well after being spayed, getting back to her old mischievous self, we’re so pleased she’s ok, was quite worried after she had it done as she went very quiet which just isn’t her,  anyhow she’s eating and having a little walk which is all good.


Porth Y Post Rays

Port-Y-Post-Rays  Evening all


hope you are all well and enjoying this brief spell of sunshine, must admit its a great change for us photographers to be able to plan ahead for a change, by that I mean next day lol…

Just got back from Wales where I did a workshop on my adopted home of Anglesey, was lovely to bump into friends there too, always made to feel welcome. One of my FB friends came through to meet us as well, what a wonderful surprise it was, especially as she is a wonderful caring lady and we bagged an invite for a BBQ in the summer, can’t wait.

Did this shot as a demo for my workshop and it was a pretty short lived sunset approx 15 mins, and I used 3 filters to demonstrate that the majority of my work is done at sea s it were. Photoshop is for tidying up and adjusting levels and removing the odd coke can!

Stormy has been spayed today and is back home from the vets looking extremely sorry for herself, she need lots of cuddles and the puppies are being cautious round her apart from Thunder who seems to be protecting her, he’s a little star.

Workshops available over the summer, check on-line for availability.


Bamburgh Castle Sunset

Bamburgh-Castle-Sunset Happy New Year  to all

it goes without saying I wish you much health and happiness so I’ll save all the sentiments etc etc.

Thought I’d start this year off with a little winter warmer from Northumberland more importantly Bamburgh Castle bathed in a glorious sunset shower.

 Bamburgh Castle has the power to draw you there time and again, I don’t think people realise just how impressive a site this is, it really is huge and can be seen all the way along the magnificent coastline.
Shooting of the book was delayed due to really bad weather in Snowdonia late December, we took advise from the Park trust and will attempt again this moth, in the meantime we’re off on a wild coastal shoot over the next 2 weeks while the high tides and wild winds whip up the seas.
Well the puppies are certainly wearing us thin, we haven’t managed a nights sleep since they landed, night feeds and screaming fights are the norm at 3am, you wake in a fit of terror as the blood curdling screams emanate from the  once lovely dining room, when you finally stumble downstairs you are greeted with a 3 onto 1 site of a mass of husky fur flashing left and right with lumps of the chosen victim for the night flying by. Then as fast as they started they separate disappear into corners of their sleeping area and collapse into a motionless sleep, this has now progressed to lasting an hour at a time so when you finally get back to bed circa 4am you cant get back to sleep until 5 mins before the 5:45am alarm goes off.
On a good side this will hopefully only last a few more months, we have decided to keep 2 pups, the little girlie (unnamed, we just can’t decide) and Thunder a bearlike brown eyed boy that seems to have taken a great shine to me and me to him.
I intend on posting some of the book images as we go along, I say we as I have an assistant and friend on this mission,  Barney Delaney an established and very good photographer in his own right has agreed to be my faithful sidekick on this adventure, this will see us in all weathers attempting to gather all the must have shots the UK has to offer, sponsorship has been made from Go Outdoors and Peak Images, many thanks guys, the project couldn’t be done without you.
Loads to follow.

Ynys Llanddwyn


Ynys Llanddwyn

Is now on the site for sale in various sizes, inbox me if you need canvass or foam board versions, all signed work. Max size is 8′ x 4′ foam board.     No 152



To The Point

to-the-point A very good Friday morning all.

Been a while since my last post, what with 2 operations, workload and planning the book for next year I’ve had little time for anything else. This week has seen me on 2 commissions and I have also sorted several prints for clients  abroad…at least there will be food on the table this week.

I’ve noticed recently that I am asked and expected to provide for free all my services form different walks of life, charities, friends and loads of companies saying “can we use, we’ll credit you with the shot”, “really, will you” I said “thats because its my work” where do people get off with this cheek? my kit and craft owe me in excess of £50k, it has to pay so unfortunately I have decided to call a halt to the freebie brigade.

No More

“can you just take your logo off ”

“we’ll credit you as photographer” etc etc

From now on anything with the Queens head on that inst a stamp and can buy other goods is all I’m going to accept.

New start for us now, on with the book, plans are being drawn on locations and costings being made, aiming for a Christmas 2014 launch, 2 books are hopefully going to be done, “Peak District” and my national collection.

Wish me as it’s a passion that will see me missing out on loads of other stuff for a year.


have a great weekend all



St Cwyfan – Church In The Sea

Church-In-The-SeaThe start of a very busy week for me today, just got back from Birmingham with Stormy, she’s been for her 2nd mating session with Echo the very handsome husky, his eyes are the opposite way round to Stormy’s, stunning. Tomorrow I have a fantastic commission, I’ll be up near Carnforth and Ingleton, cant wait.

Tuesday is ‘D’ Day for my shoulder, 2 ops in 1, Bankart Lesion Repair and Rotator Cuff Repair, I am very much NOT looking forward to this one, I’ll be out of action for approx 6-12 weeks depending on how bad it is when the surgeon gets started.  Will keep you posted, at least it will give me time to get on with the book and planning trips for year end and next spring/summer.

Today’s image is from  St Cwyfan and beautiful location on Anglesey, I’ll be heading back there in November for another shoot, I was lucky enough to have this stunning spot to myself and the sky didn’t disappoint.

have a great week all


Crystal Beachy Misty Thingy

Crystal-Beach Back in Yorkshire after a fabulous working holiday in North Wales, the weather played pretty  fair apart from the workshops when it persisted down all day every time! but when you’re given lemons and all that plus the company was great so made for enjoyable sessions.

having luck but bad luck….. 3 days from trading in our caravan for our brand new motorhome and I decide to take a wall out with the rear end in Wales….not a happy camper!, Caravan Numpty comes to mind I just didn’t think about my left turn when a guy blocked my usual exit with himself and his two dogs…….really grateful to Rhian and Alwyn whose wall I demolished, they were great and have offered to rebuild it without me having to pay, so I owe then a huge thank you plus a picture of their choice next time I’m down.

Hopefully all will go well tomorrow with the collection of the new van…I’ll report back


Another shot from North Wales with my trusty crystal ball, a beautiful sunset and or course that gorgeous sea



Storm Warning

Storm-EXPLOSION  Hi all


can’t wait as I’ll be stood here tomorrow for my summer workshops programme, North Wales and Anglesey at its best, 5 minutes later there was an almighty storm, just managed to pack up in time and cover my cameras. There’s a lot to be said for heading out just before a storm, you get the most dramatic skies and nature at it most magical.

3 workshops to run up in Snowdonia and Anglesey, really looking forward to making some new friends with lots in common, Team Ashworth is coming along nicely with a steadily growing gang. Thanks guys.

If you see me and Stormy on Anglesey, do come along and say hello, Stormy gives great kisses for treats.

We have with PWCGwynedd on the 7th September a great Jet Ski event from Blackthorn Farm, really looking forward to catching up with the guys and doing the shots for the website, hope the weather delivers guys…..I’ll be the idiot stood chest deep in the sea while you fly past me!


great song attached, goes nicely with the image. Pink Floyd – Marooned






Rhosneigr-July-13-3Forgive the title but its about all I could come up with, when I open it up to full size I can just remember how majestic and glorified the scene was, it was ll to brief a moment but one now captured and it will stay with me for a long time.

Hoping you all have a great weekend



Mistical Beach

Northumberland-8Monday again, where does the weekend go?

well let me tell you  when you’re laid up with a dodgy knee it feels like 2 months, so frustrating I only hope in a couple of weeks that it will be better, still suffering from anesthetic hangover too, comes in waves of sickness not much fun!.

Jo has been awesome, I only hope I could be a tenth as good at caring if ever she was ill…..x

Still the long term looks good and really needed it doing, I just have to take it steady and let nature take its course  and not be silly, easier said than done for me.

Today’s little delight is from the Northumberland coast, this was late at night 22:15 and the sunset didn’t quit for another hour, in fact we couldn’t get the car back into the camp site and had to carry all our gear through a silent sleeping tents,……. worth every minute though I think you’ll agree.

Put some attached music with this one as I remember I had it on whilst standing in the sea doing the shot, just seems to go with it some how, its by Neal Schon, Song “Caruso” very fine guitar player from Journey and Bad English, two great bands, will have to learn this one I think. anyway controls are underneath so enjoy if you like cool guitar.