Monthly Archives: February 2013

Glen m’orangie

Hey it’s Friday, thank goodness!!!!

been such a busy week, non stop running around and getting no where. On the plus side I have had a few nice commissions come in which will add some interest to next weeks diary, I’ll post piccies as and when I do them, one of them is a very pretty gym instructor lady, looking forward to that one lol.

Today’s shot from Glencoe was screaming out orange and well the title just came from there. Just sold a copy straight away thanks Peter in Fife, hope it looks well on your living room wall.

Nice rest and walk day tomorrow with Jo and Stormy then Sunday I have a Mountain Rescue training exercise which looks like it will be a good one, camera at the ready as usual….


Have a great weekend


Sunset Storm

Start of a new week and I passed my Casualty Care exam re sit yesterday, really pleased about it, another string to the bow as it were.

Playing catch up with work too,  I have a good few months to make up for landscape wise so will be making tracks very soon for some new locations, think Stormy is ready for some long outings too. In the meantime we’re expecting the new caravan arriving soon so getting really excited about it though the bank balance is suffering a little as we keep buying new stuff to kit it out, it’s never ending.

Anyway it’s Stormy’s looking at me like its long walk time and the sun is shining so I better oblige



Holyhead Hay

A late summer evening at Holyhead standing in the freezing cold breeze, I know it may not look it but yes it was perishing. The wind picks up off the Irish sea and blasts round North Stack and straight into your face, still worth it though especially when it includes my trade mark crystal ball.

Out for a hot curry shortly hopefully that will sort the man flu and sore throat out, then I’m away at Hull tomorrow doing a shoot as long as the weather plays fair, a few conflicting reports on whats happening at the moment ranging from Armageddon to a light shower…..either way I’ll be out somewhere in it with Stormy.

Regarding Stormy, her first scan didn’t show anything but the vet that did it didn’t shave much fur off and Stormy wasn’t as cooperative as she could have been so she’s back there next Monday for the definitive scan, Jo’s going to shave her tums on Sunday and hopefully we’ll get the full picture as it were. She is eating well and I’d say more after the fact she didn’t eat for nearly 3 days, all good signs but it could be a phantom!….will report back Monday.

We spent Wednesday evening at HQ Woodhead MRT putting my pictures up in the Barn for functions, looks really nice, I’ll do some shots next week and post them, thanks to Phil and Les for helping get them up and straight.

I’ll be starting my spring/summer Peaks Photography training and be hosting it at the barn this year, info to follow soon.

Have a great weekend all