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St Cwyfan – Church In The Sea

Church-In-The-SeaThe start of a very busy week for me today, just got back from Birmingham with Stormy, she’s been for her 2nd mating session with Echo the very handsome husky, his eyes are the opposite way round to Stormy’s, stunning. Tomorrow I have a fantastic commission, I’ll be up near Carnforth and Ingleton, cant wait.

Tuesday is ‘D’ Day for my shoulder, 2 ops in 1, Bankart Lesion Repair and Rotator Cuff Repair, I am very much NOT looking forward to this one, I’ll be out of action for approx 6-12 weeks depending on how bad it is when the surgeon gets started.  Will keep you posted, at least it will give me time to get on with the book and planning trips for year end and next spring/summer.

Today’s image is from  St Cwyfan and beautiful location on Anglesey, I’ll be heading back there in November for another shoot, I was lucky enough to have this stunning spot to myself and the sky didn’t disappoint.

have a great week all


Crystal Beachy Misty Thingy

Crystal-Beach Back in Yorkshire after a fabulous working holiday in North Wales, the weather played pretty  fair apart from the workshops when it persisted down all day every time! but when you’re given lemons and all that plus the company was great so made for enjoyable sessions.

having luck but bad luck….. 3 days from trading in our caravan for our brand new motorhome and I decide to take a wall out with the rear end in Wales….not a happy camper!, Caravan Numpty comes to mind I just didn’t think about my left turn when a guy blocked my usual exit with himself and his two dogs…….really grateful to Rhian and Alwyn whose wall I demolished, they were great and have offered to rebuild it without me having to pay, so I owe then a huge thank you plus a picture of their choice next time I’m down.

Hopefully all will go well tomorrow with the collection of the new van…I’ll report back


Another shot from North Wales with my trusty crystal ball, a beautiful sunset and or course that gorgeous sea