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Up Above The Streets And Houses

RainbowWell I couldn’t resist with the title, think we all remember Rainbow don’t we?


This is another of my shots for my FBIPP qualification folio panel next week.

Yes I know you’re wondering why the sky is lighter inside the rainbow and darker on the outside, here’s the tech

“The lighter sky under a rainbow is created by the way that light is bent inside raindrops. The raindrops also focus the sunlight into an expanse of bright light that illuminates the sky under the rainbow’s arc”

Clever stuff eh? either way it creates a beautiful effect and I never tire of shooting rainbows when I get the chance.

Off shooting canals this afternoon in West Yorkshire, some really beautiful walks along the Aire Calder and then off to Birmingham at the weekend.




Fellow of the British Institute of Professional Photography

Lonely IceMorning all,

long day yesterday getting images ready for my Fellow of the British Institute of Professional Photography pre assessment on the 19th August, I’ve set aside 3 days to choose 40-50 images that will compile a broad spectrum of my genre and capabilities, I’ll be going for landscape and Commercial FBIPP.

The BIPP as a body provides not only great support to its members and associates but guidance and career advice in ways to move forward, there are courses available run by members who specialise in their chosen field and local sections for a more area specific approach to photography.

This is one of my images that will be included in my selection, use of negative space along with an almost monochrome appearance with a curtain backdrop of a waterfall, simple yes, technically moderate, kneeling in freezing water is never easy and you have to watch out for falling icicles from the falls above. It sells well as a canvas print. Let me know what you think, like / dislike whatever.