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Sutton View

Sutton View


Yes i know, the composition isn’t spot on but when life gives you lemons, find someone who life gave vodka!

It was just after midday and the wind was nearly blowing me over the edge and believe me I was really only a few inches from meeting the big man himself, Jo called me back as she didn’t want to drive home on her own, all heart she is, NOT

Its one of those places where even though it’s quite busy especially a Sunday afternoon and so accessible for all ages you get a great sense of peacefulness. I did a sunset here last year but the weather was terrible, i think I will make a comeback real soon.

I have a couple more to upload later that show the vastness of the view, including a little bit of heather

The road up to it is very steep indeed, on our way back down a flatbed truck had lost it’s load of scaffolding planks and the guys were frantically trying to reload while onlookers thought “rather you than me mate” I certainly wouldn’t have stood at the back of an old truck parked on one of the steepest gradients in England, I googled it and apparently 120 HGV’s failed to get up it and some 400 required police assistance….not for the faint hearted.

Quiet day today, deliveries coming in, business insurance to sort and renew…thats a day job in its self and a couple of shots to sort for customers.

Back out tomorrow, in fact I think were going to do some cavern photography, should be fun

have a great day



Feeding The Ducks

Bakewell - Feeding The Ducks


Thought I’d start the week off with a light hearted image. This one an Asian family unwittingly pulled into my world of daftness. They were happily looking on as the birds swam past enjoying the beautiful Bakewell sunshine when I accosted them  and asked them to throw their bread in. “It’s dinner” they said, but I got them to trow it anyway, they were having sucha good laugh, really lovely to see such closeness and happiness in a family, dad stood out of shot giving the little girl direction from the left.

More to follow later

have a great day


Natural light with flash fill

Harmby Waterfall

Harmby Waterfall


















One from yesterday taken at Harmby in the Yorkshire Dales. It’s tucked away and well hidden in a little gill behind a house garden, beautiful little fall which gently carries on down stream

Shouldn’t  laugh but I handed Stormy to Jo and she pulled her straight over and Jo finished up on all fours in the mud, I never even noticed, if I had that would have been today’s picture.

We’re looking at Skye for 2 weeks so I can do a pretty in depth catalogue of shots, can anybody recommend a good site for a tourer caravan that’s basically on a shore line and close to most places? will be heading up there end Sept beginning Oct so shouldn’t be many midges left…I climbed Ben Nevis last year in June and was bitten from the  bottom to top and back down again…

More shots later, we’re having a relaxing day today, busy week ahead and my birthday Friday…doesn’t time fly, think we’re going to hit the coast for the day, it’s been a few weeks and I’m having withdrawal symptoms.


enjoy the bank holiday



Bakewell Church – All Saint’s

All Saint's Bakewell































Bakewell Church – All Saint’s Church in Bakewell, Derbyshire, England


Bakewell was mentioned in the Domeday book as having a church and 2 priests signifying its importance even then. In 1502 Bakewell was owned by the    Vernon family and passed on to the Manners family in 1567 when Dorothy Vernon married John Manners. Their son, Sir George Manners married Grace Pierrepont who in 1637 founded the grammer school, Lady Manners School. Monuments to the Vernon family can be found in the All Saints Parish Church which stands in a commanding position on the hillside where the town started.

Such a sad gravestone, a little girl only 9 months old, makes you think doesn’t it?,  it’s not a practice run, get out and enjoy yourselves.


We’re off to Leyburn to Cow Close Waterfall and then on to Sutton Bank if time allows, Stormy will enjoy the walk, hope my back holds up to it!


Have a great Sunday




Eyam Well Dressing

Eyam Well Dressing

Well , excuse the pun it’s that time of year again, the Peaks are awash with well dressings, the ritual for Eyam only started in 1951.

Eyam has several shops and tea rooms, plus one pub, the Miner’s Arms. This is dated 1630 and is the former meeting place of the Barmote Court, which dealt with lead mining disputes. It is also is reputed to be one of the most haunted buildings in Derbyshire, which would surely add interest to a night’s stay! Just outside the village is a public carpark and toilets with a small museum opposite. On the edge above the village there is a Youth Hostel.

Eyam has a well-dressing in late August.

managed to sneak a picture of the lady’s designing their dressing, think they look shocked enough.


will be heading out later to  Osmaston, a most beautiful village



So Hot and Heathered

Heatherama - Over Owler 4


It was so warm walking in The Peaks on Monday, phew, we marched for hours sweat pouring form every orifice! (I Know too much info….), I thought I better undo my overcoat top button , that was so much better, realising we were lost I quickly used the sun’s location to ascertain it was daytime, thank goodness,  those parking attendants at Surprise view hide and wait for just such weary travelers like myself lost and disorientated in The Peaks

The heather is in full bloom, gorgeous honey scented blossom…mmmhhhhh




Heatherama – Over Owler

Heatherama - Over Owler 9

Had a wonderful afternoon out yesterday, although I paid for it terribly last night with back spasms and cramp. We finished up at Over Owler in The Peaks and instead of the intended  Stormy weather shots I was presented with a beautiful sunny summers afternoon, it was very warm indeed. As usual Stormy got loads of attention..I think I’ll come back as a cute husky next time, theres something about having your tummy rubbed!  oohhh eerrr.

Anyway I couldn’t believe my eyes The Peaks were awash with the most beautiful purple heather and the smell of honey was intoxicating, made me hungry!, everywhere I turned the purple landscape stretched away giving an amazing contrast against the sunny blue afternoon sky.

Now I know we get used to seeing the sunrise and sunset shots  from professional photographers but I still find it refreshing to present a “clean light” shot, one where you don’t have to adjust your screen brightness etc etc, they tend to be more magazine friendly too plus you get to have longer in bed.

As the title suggests there are at least 9 of these shots, I’ll post more later, several will be on Visit Peak District site later this morning.


have a great day


God’s Valley – Llyn Gwynant Snowdonia

God's Valley

Happy Friday all


the weather is awful, drizzle and cold, the country is in turmoil with riots and youth gone wild!

But doesn’t it sooth your soul to see a sight like this, Llyn Gwynant in Snowdonia, the title says it all as God himself must have taken great care in designing this location even providing a carpark and ice cream van for you comfort and refreshment whilst taking your pictures….

It was a particularly  stormy day when we were there but nothing could stop you feeling that you are one step closer to the almighty than you were before you saw this sight. I must admit its always on my to do list when going to Snowdonia as is Bedgellert which is very close to this view.

Have a great hire car this week now, a Mercedes ML 350, I don’t mind now how long mine takes for repair as this is a beauty, shallow I know but its a stunning motor, may have to have a day at the coast on Sunday, Saturday is Stormy’s first day at doggy training classes, hope she doesn’t embarrass me too much, she’s into humping anything in site at the moment, must be her hormones and she’s very domineering with other dogs even big ones, I’d hate to see the site of some butch chav with his Stafffy as I try to pull a sex mad siberian husky off it’s back….the Staffy that

Have a great weekend



Sunset Footpath

Sunset Footpath

Is it Tuesday already, it’l be Friday before we know it…

pleased to say my car repairs are taking shape, it also now needs a new tow bar as well….this being the only thing that saved my life and that’s no joke. If you don’t need one I would still recommend having one fitted, you never know!


Just ordered my Tilt Shift lens, I couldn’t justify hiring one at £95 a time and I have several jobs coming up that will in some way pay towards it…hope Jo doesn’t find out, at least not until she has bought several pairs of shoes and kitchen bits…she’s usually ok with it as she knows I make it good but they are darned expensive.

Must still have 30-50 shots to process from Wales, it really was that good a week this last time, I’ll do more as and when but I have a few biggish jobs on now so need to complete these to keep me in the style I have come accustomed, may sound stupid but I would rather have a new lens than eat, well skip a few meals anyway..and looking at me I could stand to lose a few pounds or stones…before anyone says different like Glyn in Germany.


The shot

Canon 1ds MK II

EF16-35mm f/2.8L II USM

f/20, 27mm, ISO 100, 1.6s, 21.56 pm

Lee Filters, ND .6, ND Grad .9 and .6, hand held sunset filter


often asked about Photoshop and the processes I use, I only ever adjust I never add anything. The colours etc must all be there to start with

Correct horizon level

remove dust spots

adjust levels using curves to balance the light

adjust saturation but believe me this is minor maybe 10% extra only as the filters do the most of this, quite often I have to tone this down or just use auto settings in

the rest is dodge and burn, a little contrast to suit my taste and hopefully my customers.

Overall very little work, I would say 90% is done at sea as it were, I do enjoy the processing side but God I love the “being there”







Boat Pool Sunset Rocks

Boat Pool Rocks

oooohhhh I do hate it so when talentless vacuous weasel steal ideas from your your website and tries to undercut you on workshops and tuition especially when they are unqualified and don’t and can’t do photography professionally…roll on a code of conduct where you have to hold a teaching qualification as a trainer. The more diluted this market place gets with these weekend warrior  wannabe’s who give their 2nd rate work away for free the more harm it will do to credible professionals who care about the true and meaningful side of their art and nature.

I’m sure  the public will see through them and realise that price does reflect quality and people who spend their hard earned money on framed prints know that it has been produced again by qualified framer and not some wannabe in his bedroom with a Woolies special frame and a cheap inkjet printer….lol

If you think you are that good try it full time and learn how difficult it is as  professional to make a living when people like yourselves are out there, you’d soon have a change of heart I’m sure


Buyers beware, there really is a difference in quality and professionalism.

Rant over, oohh I feel so much better for that

Today’s shot is again from the Boat Pool, this time the tide had retreated and revealed more of the rocks and seaweed.  Love the clouds on this shot.


have a great Sunday