Heatherama – Over Owler

Heatherama - Over Owler 9

Had a wonderful afternoon out yesterday, although I paid for it terribly last night with back spasms and cramp. We finished up at Over Owler in The Peaks and instead of the intended  Stormy weather shots I was presented with a beautiful sunny summers afternoon, it was very warm indeed. As usual Stormy got loads of attention..I think I’ll come back as a cute husky next time, theres something about having your tummy rubbed!  oohhh eerrr.

Anyway I couldn’t believe my eyes The Peaks were awash with the most beautiful purple heather and the smell of honey was intoxicating, made me hungry!, everywhere I turned the purple landscape stretched away giving an amazing contrast against the sunny blue afternoon sky.

Now I know we get used to seeing the sunrise and sunset shots  from professional photographers but I still find it refreshing to present a “clean light” shot, one where you don’t have to adjust your screen brightness etc etc, they tend to be more magazine friendly too plus you get to have longer in bed.

As the title suggests there are at least 9 of these shots, I’ll post more later, several will be on Visit Peak District site later this morning.


have a great day


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