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Porth Y Post Sunset Rays

Porth-Y-PostIt’s Friday Yaaaay!


what a week of running round to get everything together for my Fellowship, checked and triple checked it’s now on its way to BIPP HQ a full week or so of the deadline for submission….I’m taking no chances with the weather and deliveries. It’s in the lap of the Gods as they say now, everything crossed.

Today’s picture from Porth Y Post, Anglesey. I’ll be heading there real soon, we deserve a rest and I certainly need to be in the sea again, puppies and Stormy need to run on a beach too so if only for them we’ll get off in a week or so.

Just been asked to do all this years event shoots for Barnsley Hospice which I have graciously accepted. They took great care of Richard my brother in law in his latter stages and battle with cancer so I can never really do enough for them.

Have a great weekend all



A Quiet Day


Ladybower Reservoir – Peaks

At last a quiet day, or should I speak too soon!.

Throwing it down outside with gale force winds…hmmm not the best way to spend a Wednesday I guess but here in my office with the fur kids and a classic Scorpions track on ‘maybe I maybe you’ who could ask for more.

Just waiting for the WireO versions of book to arrive so I can get all my info together for the BIPP Fellowship. Been a tough moth or so putting this together and we’re getting ready for a break in the HUMO (husky mobile), I feel a coast trip beckoning sooner rather than later. Should have all my assessment submission in the post for the 1st Feb then it’s the long wait until my assessment at BIPP HQ Aylesbury 10th March.

Ah well on with my stress free day, coffee calling me thinks



Edale MRT – An afternoon shoot with a group of unsung HEROES

Edale-1 Morning all

I was very honoured to do the new team shot of Edale Mountain Rescue at the weekend. A wonderful bunch of guys who selflessly give up their free time and in some cases work time to attend call outs in all weathers to assist people in trouble, whether they be hill walkers, climbers, mountain bikers or  assisting in searches for missing people, the elderly, water rescues and ferrying ambulance patients in adverse weather conditions…ALL DONE FOR FREE, at their own expense.

The shoot was near their HQ at Hope Cement works at Pindale Quarry, a popular place for 4×4 and motorbike scramblers, we had our fair share of the latter and with a little gentle coaxing they backed off a little so we could complete the shoot.

I had great assistance from Chris Philips who is now my assistant with the book and a joint venture for weddings 2016 and Wayne Haigh, long suffering mate. Both guys gave up their Sunday to help and Chris has just had a baby (Eva), gorgeous….so special thanks to him, he was cream crackered so hopefully he will have caught up with some much needed sleep in the afternoon.

It was the first proper outing for the Profoto lighting kit and I must say it didn’t disappoint, TTL with these babies was stunning, bang on every shot and when we did some rim lit individual shots it performed flawlessly,  I won’t embarrass the guys by posting their pictures, worth every penny and now my main kit.

Edale-2Edale MRT and all other teams are run by volunteers, I had the honour of being a team member and being with some amazing people. The teams are run solely by charitable funding and donations are always very much appreciated to keep the guys at the top of their game which in turn will help SAVE LIVES.

Please help by donating HERE

Weather conditions were reasonable in the quarry with a little light drizzle later on, big thanks go to all the team 30+ of you who managed to keep their eyes open at the same time whilst two dogs stared at me…NOT EASY believe me but we got there in the end.

God bless them all for their amazing work












Hoglets Playing

Baby-Hedghogs Hedgehogs  – Why can’t they just share!


I know a very bad joke, almost as bad as me saying the picture has hoglets playing on and around the mill stone, does look a little like them do doesn’t it?.

So the weekend is almost here and the snow is slowly melting, must say the pups have loved it down in the fields, wished we’d got a sledge for them to pull.

This weekend we’re doing a shoot at Edale for Mountain Rescue, full team shoot plus individuals, should be fun with the location lighting kit, pictures to follow.

Jo’s off work, and she’s never off, just shows how bad this cold bug is. She’s been up all night again, felt a bit better yesterday then it hit her again. She has her big fluffy purple onesie with the hood up that has ears on….very cute apart from the coughing.

Have a great weekend all



Don’t Worry It’ll Soon Be Summer

Embleton-Boulder-SunsetThought we all needed a bit of a summer image to warm us up a little.

The snow is falling outside and has been all night, we have 3-4 inches so far. The fur gang are playing in the garden and absolutely loving it, we’re just waiting for it to get light enough so we can head off out with the camera and get a few winter snaps.

One or two cars have made up up our steep slope of a road so hopefully my prints will arrive today so I can arrange shipping tomorrow.

I have almost finished my work for the Fellowship qualification of the BIPP, its proven to be very time consuming and very expensive, but it has taken me on a wonderful soul searching mission that will hopefully make me a better photographer, big thanks to Russell my mentor who has imparted some very sound advise and critique.

The ‘F’ grade qualification is attainable for distinguished and exceptional ability and creativity and as such is a big leap from my ABIPP which I attained in 2011 and although my work is of the same standard I find it  is now geared towards the commercial market.

My working profile is at the book printers in Woking, Surrey, my display prints are kindly being done by Peak Imaging so I should have everything completed and put together by the end of next week ready for the 10th Feb deadline submission, then it’s a nervous 4 week wait until I got to Ayelsbury for my assessment 10th March.

Im not being over confident as I’ve seen and heard people fail even at the LBIPP standard for one reason or another. All I can be confident of is providing my very best work in the most professional manner of presentation and hope for the best.

Ah well looks like daylight is here and the husky gang are ready for the playtime. Pictures to follow



Over Owler – Surprise View

Surprise-ViewHappy Monday Morning all…….here’s a shot from the Peak District


OK OK, so it’s your first day back at work since the Christmas and New Year break but let’s face it, how wonderful is this time of year with its crisp mornings and long sleepy nights, beautiful sunrises and snow capped peaks , see it’s not all bad is it?

Had a few more emails from folks over the weekend re my reason for pulling away from social media namely face book. It wasn’t a difficult decision as face book are selling my info and yours too to marketing companies and such for a profit, I also get really upset by the number of people posting negative subjects and animal abuse, I just wanted it to be a place to enjoy good humorous banter and maybe draw a little traffic to my website to brighten peoples day. But mainly was the amount of my work that was being taken and used on websites without asking….very naughty indeed, they obviously don’t understand the cost implications for just one of my shots, anyway hopefully now all images are tagged and I can monitor them across the web.

Great also that most of my FB friends the real ones that is have subscribed to my blog and have emailed me for chats so thats really lovely, thanks you guys, it’s nice to use the old fashioned way to stay in touch sometimes isn’t it?

On a plus note I have just discovered Little Chocolate Orange flavoured coffee, yes Chocolate Orange flavour, it’s absolutely gorgeous, so very wrong it’s so right, expensive but what a treat on a cold winters morning.

Very busy January now getting pictures and info ready for submission for my Fellowship in March.

Have a wonderful week


Elgol View

Elgol-6 Happy New Year everyone

a massive thank you to those who have supported my move away from social media, really was getting ridiculous, I had loads of images stolen and the daily supply of upsetting images displayed by certain people and groups was very disturbing, time and a place and I’m afraid it was just too much.

All marketing will be done through this site now,  I’m so pleased that trafic flow has quadrupled since the social media cut off and I haven’t even begun the campaign.

Today’s image is from Elgol,  Skye looking across to the Cuillins with a claw of sea overlapping the foreground rocks, really was a beautiful evening….more to follow.