Hoglets Playing

Baby-Hedghogs Hedgehogs  – Why can’t they just share!


I know a very bad joke, almost as bad as me saying the picture has hoglets playing on and around the mill stone, does look a little like them do doesn’t it?.

So the weekend is almost here and the snow is slowly melting, must say the pups have loved it down in the fields, wished we’d got a sledge for them to pull.

This weekend we’re doing a shoot at Edale for Mountain Rescue, full team shoot plus individuals, should be fun with the location lighting kit, pictures to follow.

Jo’s off work, and she’s never off, just shows how bad this cold bug is. She’s been up all night again, felt a bit better yesterday then it hit her again. She has her big fluffy purple onesie with the hood up that has ears on….very cute apart from the coughing.

Have a great weekend all




  1. Glyn Burgess January 23, 2015 at 11:42 AM #

    T’is a bad joke mate even for your standards….tut. lol
    Good luck for the Edale shoot, and looking forward to the pics. Wrap up warm, think it will be a cold un. Mind you, they say ‘its never cold, you just got the wrong clothes on’.
    How long you both had this bug ? jeez, its holding on….Get better soon Jo…

    Have a good weekend bud


    • Adrian January 23, 2015 at 12:22 PM #

      cheers mate, was bad wasn’t it, can’t come up with better at such short notice or clean ones too. Yeah dropped cold but hopefully it will be sunny and bright for a change in Edale. We’ll have the right clothes on for this one too, there are 3 of us, me shooting and 2 lighting mates holding the B1’s.

      Steak for tea, yum yum, what you lot up to?

    • Adrian January 27, 2015 at 10:23 AM #

      cheers bro, all went well, weather was ok a little drizzle later on but we did good and all seemed pleased.
      Jo has the man flu or woman flu now which is 10 time worse than mine, she even had 3 days off work…I didn’t little soldier that I am.

      bad weather due again later in the week



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