Don’t Worry It’ll Soon Be Summer

Embleton-Boulder-SunsetThought we all needed a bit of a summer image to warm us up a little.

The snow is falling outside and has been all night, we have 3-4 inches so far. The fur gang are playing in the garden and absolutely loving it, we’re just waiting for it to get light enough so we can head off out with the camera and get a few winter snaps.

One or two cars have made up up our steep slope of a road so hopefully my prints will arrive today so I can arrange shipping tomorrow.

I have almost finished my work for the Fellowship qualification of the BIPP, its proven to be very time consuming and very expensive, but it has taken me on a wonderful soul searching mission that will hopefully make me a better photographer, big thanks to Russell my mentor who has imparted some very sound advise and critique.

The ‘F’ grade qualification is attainable for distinguished and exceptional ability and creativity and as such is a big leap from my ABIPP which I attained in 2011 and although my work is of the same standard I find it  is now geared towards the commercial market.

My working profile is at the book printers in Woking, Surrey, my display prints are kindly being done by Peak Imaging so I should have everything completed and put together by the end of next week ready for the 10th Feb deadline submission, then it’s a nervous 4 week wait until I got to Ayelsbury for my assessment 10th March.

Im not being over confident as I’ve seen and heard people fail even at the LBIPP standard for one reason or another. All I can be confident of is providing my very best work in the most professional manner of presentation and hope for the best.

Ah well looks like daylight is here and the husky gang are ready for the playtime. Pictures to follow




  1. Glyn Burgess January 22, 2015 at 9:38 AM #

    Hi matey,
    Wow, my fingers are crossed for you bud. I can feel the anticipation already for you. I’m confident you will pull it off. Its obvious to me you are full of confidence because of how far you are willing to go to achieve your goals. Yes there are ups and downs along the way, but thats life, and your a big lad with four wolves, so I’m sure coping with it will be a breeze.

    You mentored me Adrian, granted by emails and the odd tex message when I was stuck ,but those answers were vital information I needed to work a camera and be in control of to pursue my goals. Now I can boast that I stood in front of German Politicians and take personal photo’s, stood up in front of a 150 strong Kindergarten and please many families with the results. I could go on…… My confidence is sky-high thanks to you ! So when you say ‘Im not being over confident’ …. You are! which is a good thing ! and now your smiling 😉 because its true.

    Just like me, you call a spade a spade, and when you get knocked down, you are straight back up again ! I’m sure you have thought of not getting the Fellowship this time. But you will keep trying until you do. Thats what makes you who you are, an awesome Photographer and a all round great bloke..

    Your mate


    • Adrian January 22, 2015 at 4:32 PM #

      Lo dude,
      wow, I feel a bromance blooming lol.
      very straight of the heart mate and very much appreciated, I find there are certain people in the world that you are linked to whether you like it or not an me and you are those, like you say get knocked down you get back up again, I am and always will be confident in giving my best to all or I wouldn’t do it to start with, just no point is there?
      You yourself have come on leaps and bounds both technically and creatively, remember we never stop moving forward there is no end goal just a belief that your next shot will be your best
      , I know its infuriating but thats the nature of the beast with us. You’ve done some great work over the last year and with the addition of being a tarn lad in deutschland I’d say thats pretty incredible. Keep it up mate, you know where I am.

      Now back to this darn book, come on dogs lets get fur a walk….get it fur!!!!

      I’ll get my coat



      • Glyn Burgess January 22, 2015 at 6:22 PM #

        Hey, a man’s gotta speak his mind now and again. I will always express my feelings and thoughts with truth, you know that. Now get that damn book finished!!


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